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Welcome to buy MMOPIXEL New World Gold, we are a professional team with more than 10 years of work experience. All the coins we sell are handmade and carefully selected by our professional team. Sufficient inventory allows us to provide fast delivery while maintaining very competitive prices. Our professional team makes sure all transactions are smoothly performed. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us via live chat or e-mail.

Gaming News
New Ranking System in New World 2023

ByHimanshu|April 1, 2023

A leaderboard system is currently being developed by Amazon Game Studios for integration in New World, subject to, of course, proper testing. Following almost two years without leaderboards, the concern on everybody's mind is why is there a need for it now.

Popular Legendary Drops To Farm in New World 2023

ByHimanshu|March 10, 2023

Legendary is now the biggest treasure rarity tier, and most of the items fall into this category. However, a lot of new players, are unsure about where to acquire the best treasure and how can they obtain Legendary goods in the New World.

How Combat Works in New World

ByHimanshu|February 13, 2023

New World is an exciting game where you can witness great adventure and thrilling battles. The battles are tough and not impossible to win. If you want to stand out during the battles, you got to have a basic understanding of the New World Combat.

How Progression Works in New World

ByHimanshu|February 10, 2023

The character progression in New World has three key elements. As you gain experience through gameplay, you will reach the necessary XP to level up your character.

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