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Buy Dark Souls III Souls Cheap & Safe Online Store 

Dark Souls 3 Soul Delivery Tips

1:This trading method needs to get into Multiplayer Mode.
2:Enable in multiplayer settings password (We'll tell you the password)
3:Go to the High Wall of Lothric 
4:Use the “White Sign Soapstone” beside the Light bonfire 
4:Waiting for summon
5:Please, contact our online customer service after placing an order.

Dark Souls 3 Soul

About Dark Souls 3 Souls

Just like any other game out there, Dark Souls 3 come with an in-game currency used to purchase various things. Well, these currencies are referred to as Souls and are used to purchase or upgrade equipment while also enhancing your character through attributes. 

You can get these Dark Souls 3 Souls by killing enemies, getting specific consumable items, also found on dead bodies, and large amounts gained by killing bosses. They are usable in two locations;

Use Locations

  • Using the Dark soul 3 Soul to get items from merchants in the game. The merchants sell you weapons, consumables, and extra stuff in exchange for these souls.

  • Using them to level up the character by going over to the fan-favorite Fire Keeper. If you don’t know where she is, head to the Firelink Shrine and you will find her beside it.

Death Drop

The gained souls in game aren’t permanent. If you die while holding the souls, they drop at that same position. It can either be a difficult spot, multiple enemies surrounding, the edge of a cliff, a boss site, and so on. 

In case one couldn’t recover them the second time and die, they will disappear “Forever”. Without these souls, you basically can’t make your character strong, and believe me, it makes things exceptionally difficult.

Our MMOPIXEL Dark Souls 3 Soul gives you an effortless and time-saving platform to get the Souls. You wouldn’t have to skip the fun part of the game in farming runes or dying again and again in the process. Simply head over to our website and get the souls in a reliable way.

Why need to Buy Dark Souls 3 Souls?

As we already mentioned that Dark Souls 3 Soul drop when you die. There are even scenarios where you can’t get back your souls because of a strange location. This is quite unforgiving, especially for new players.

The in-game mechanics aren’t that easy to grasp because there aren’t guides in game. Killing bosses or finding farming locations isn’t something an amateur or beginner can do in this game either. Even professionals get into trouble collecting souls in the game to upgrade their character.

One thing that pops up as a solution is buying them. Yes, this is the best way out there for you to try. You can spend your real money to gain in-game currency for Dark Souls 3. 

You can find some websites that sell the Dark souls 3 soul on the internet but believe us you won’t feel safe while giving your personal information. Our MMOPIXEL souls are exceptionally safe to purchase and there isn’t even need to make an account.

Why choose MMOPIXEL.COM to buy Dark Souls 3 Souls?

As we already mentioned that there are a lot of sellers out there but you are not sure about buying online out of fear of getting scammed, hacked, or even no comfortable customer policy to back you up later on. 

Our MMOPIXEL website comes with the safest infrastructure to buy Dark Souls 3 Soul from. Besides this, you will find the cheapest rates and a comfortable place here unlike any other out there.

In case you are new to the game mechanics, we will guide you through each step of buying Dark Souls 3 Soul. Besides, our team looks after every purchase made on the website and is available for you in case something goes wrong.

Website Features

  • 24-Hour Guarantee: We guarantee you shipping within 24 hour. There are specific steps that take time and are out of our control but a purchase is instant.

  • Return Policy: In case you want to return the order becuase of some issue we also provide you with a refund policy. As soon as you cancel your order, the amount will be refunded to you from our professional team. The return policy from our end works before the order is delivered. Once it gets to you, then we can’t apply the return policy.

  • Customer Satisfaction: We have been in the business for quite some and we know exactly what we are doing here. We have a professional farming team and international suppliers (manual farms) team. Therefore, we don’t deal like amateurs or newbies, rather everything is professional. Nothing to worry about here, the customer always comes first for us.

  • Lower Price Guarantee: Buying Dark Souls 3 Souls can be exceptionally expensive. We respect the efforts of our customer behind their hard earned cash and here as  MMOPIXEL you will find the most reasonable prices.

How to buy Dark Souls 3 Souls

Buying Dark Souls 3 Soul is hassle less now with our MMOPIXEL website. There is no need to make an account to buy the Dark Souls 3 Soul, rather if you want to keep a history of your purchase only then do you require an ID here on our website.

You simply need to head down to our MMOPIXEL website and select the number of souls you want to purchase. Then, select the server from the console (Xbox or PS). Finalize by adding to the cart and purchasing the soul. Our online support is always here to help you out in case of any difficulty. Simple as that!

How to sell Dark Souls 3 Soul?

You can also become a seller here on MMOPIXEL but there are few things we need from you. Make sure your Dark Souls 3 Souls are both legal and safe, as they can harm our environment as well as make problem for buyer. In case you have Souls in your account and want to sell for real money in return, you can go to our website or even contact our live support. 

Our Email: [email protected]

How to Farm Dark Souls 3 Soul

In case you don’t want to buy Dark Souls 3 Souls from us, you can Farm them to earn stacks. Keep in mind they aren’t effortless as require a lot of time, patience, specific items, and locations to become effective. 

So, farming is the process in Dark Souls 3 where you kill enemies that drop more souls than usual and repeat the process. By repeating the same process again and again you will have stacks of souls available to use.

Farming Items

There are items in the game that provide you with more soul gain after killing enemies like; 

  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

  • Shield of Want

  • Mendicant’s Staff

  • Symbol of Avarice

Farming Locations

There are various locations for farming that allow you to kill enemies in return for extra souls as compared to other places. By going through these locations again and again you will have more quantity of souls in your hand.

Top of the Grand Archives

Considered the best location to farm for Souls in Dark Souls 3. On the top of Grand Archives, there is a roof with three winged knights. Killing each of them will pass you around 30k souls. If you have the Farming items in your hand, you will have around 100k souls in your hand.

Anor Londo Entrance

One of the most effective Farming Locations you can find in Dark Souls 3. At the Entrance of Anor Londo besides the Frozen Games and near the bonfire, you will find two enemies on the stair top. Killing them or backstabbing will give you quite a lot of souls.

Archdragon Peak

If you don’t want to use Bonfire and endlessly farm the souls in Dark Souls 3, you can kill the Drakeblood Knight in Archdragon Peak. Killing it will give you around 4k souls ber kill but there is no need to use the bonfire.

Lothric Castle

There is a Knight on the right of the Lothric Castle Bonfire. Killing will give you a good amount of Souls. It is easy and effective to do if you are a beginner. Per run, you will have around 6k souls and in no time you can take around 100k souls.

Farming Boss Souls

One of the most efficient methods of Farming and gaining souls in Dark Souls 3 is through the boss rush of every mandatory boss. It takes around 2 hours to do and right after continuing into the NG+. the souls you get after killing bosses can be sold for additional souls. 

“If you don’t want to get into all this hassle, you can Buy the Dark Souls 3 Soul from our website MMOPIXEL.COM without worrying about scams or higher prices. We respect the privacy of our customers and their valuable time. In case of any issue or inconvenience, feel free to contact our support on Email: [email protected]