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About Lord Nine

Lord Nine, an immersive MMORPG, draws players into a beautifully crafted alternative Earth. Launched by South Korea's renowned game corporation Smile Gate, the game has swiftly amassed a dedicated following. Rife with strategic gameplay, turn-based combat, and a rich mercenary system, players quest to find the lost city of Atlantis while navigating a world steeped in myth, history, and fantasy.

What is Lord Nine Gold?

Lord Nine Gold is the primary in-game currency in Lord Nine. It plays an indispensable role, enabling players to purchase items, recruit and enhance mercenaries, trade with others, improve equipment, and join diverse in-game activities. Players can accumulate Lord Nine Gold through numerous methods, including completing quests, defeating enemies, trading items with NPCs or fellow players, and participating in special in-game events. This provides for a dynamic, player-driven economy where gold can be freely traded between players.

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