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Myth of Empires Coins delivery method is face-to-face trade. We will meet you at a specific meeting point in the game to proceed to the delivery. You need to stay online when you pick up your order.

Buying MoE Copper Coins Delivery Method at MMOPIXEL

First, please choose the right server you play with, then choose how many coins you will purchase and fulfill the order blank. 
Second, pay for your order and check your order information again, especially your character name. If you find you leave the wrong information in your order, please contact our live support instantly. Our 24/7 professional agent will help you all day.
Usually, we will meet your character in the game. Therefore, you need to stay online. And you will receive a delivery notification after your order is completed, so you can always know it in time. 

About Myth of Empires Copper Coins 

As with any survival game, you will collect materials from grass, branches, and raw meat to copper and clay ores so that you can slowly build houses and thus build your empire. However, one important feature of MoE is that the multiplayer mode. If you play the game alone rather than with friends, the game feels very different.
One of the first tasks to get you started building your empire is building houses. This will introduce you to the different wooden structures you have to make, such as foundations, walls, and territorial banners, which are necessary to prevent them from rotting in two days. You will also learn to make a simple sheet that can be transported from one area to another.
MoE Copper Coins at MMOPIXEL allows you to get in-game currency easily and avoid time and effort wasted. You can enjoy the game and do the fun stuff in MoE instead of farming the coins constantly. With Myth of Empires Gold, you can custom-tailor your world to your likings and create a unique experience for you and your players to enjoy.

About Myth of Empires

Myth Of Empires is an online multiplayer role-playing survival game developed by Angela Game. Reborn in the war-torn old Eastern continent, you will do everything you can to rise from zero to hero in this open sandbox world. 
Survive in harsh environments, build homes, rally armies, and defeat the enemy on the battlefield. You can win accolades in a variety of ways. In addition, you can team up with your friends and rampage through a vast number of battlefields to build your own glorious empire. Now, Myth of Empires Early Access has officially launched now on Steam. This is the moment to brave the elements, find your own guild, conquer your enemies, and build your own empire.
At the beginning of the game, you will get a tutorial on crafting different items and gathering resources. One of the most challenging quests will be to craft a wooden shield, and for that, you need to obtain coarse hide by killing animals.
After killing animals, you need to attack them with an ax to extract resources from their bodies. These resources include raw meat, bone, coarse and fine skins. The task is difficult because your level is low, and most of the animals you encounter are around levels 13-18. This is why you need help from us.

Gaming News
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Myth of Empires Character Classes Races Modes

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Myth of empires tips and trick for beginner
Myth of empires tips and trick for beginner

ByAnna|January 16, 2022

Angela Game and Anti delay have released Myth of Empires Early Access, an open-world and sandbox survival RPG. To create and expand your own empire, you must build everything from your equipment to several structures, workstations, and buildings.

How to Level Up Fast in Myth of Empires - Complete Guide
How to Level Up Fast in Myth of Empires - Complete Guide

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Great service and rapid delivery. Recommend it.

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Was sceptic at first, but after buying the second time Mmopixel didnt dissapoint at all. Quick delivery (in my case both my orders within 15 minutes) and no doubt safe and reliable. Will defenitely support them again.