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Site news10 Most Popular Myth of Empires Discord List

By Martin|January 22, 2022|36 Views,0 Comments

We list the current popular myth of empires discords here so that you can find and join the guilds which you need to and play games with your friends to get more fun in the game.

Game newsNew World Devs Focusing On Bug Fixes Instead in February

By Anna|January 21, 2022|23 Views,0 Comments

Bug fixes are currently a big priority for Amazon, which is why the game's February update won't include any new content.

Game newsFFXIV:How to transfer character from one Home World to another

By Anna|January 18, 2022|52 Views,0 Comments

If you’re looking to transfer your characters to a new Home World, you’ll have to take a few in-game steps before starting the process. In short, anything that ties the character to a specific World must be cut before they become eligible for a transfer.

Game newsESO Beginner Guide 2022

By Anna|January 16, 2022|52 Views,0 Comments

The Elder Scrolls Online is a world without limits, meaning you can play how you want to play. There's an epic main story that's sure to grab your attention.

Game newsMyth of empires tips and trick for beginner

By Anna|January 16, 2022|41 Views,0 Comments

Angela Game and Anti delay have released Myth of Empires Early Access, an open-world and sandbox survival RPG. To create and expand your own empire, you must build everything from your equipment to several structures, workstations, and buildings.

Game newsGreat news for New World players

By Anna|January 11, 2022|49 Views,0 Comments

The Winter event has now been extended two weeks to January 25, so players have until the end of the month to get those presents. As Amazon reminds players, this isn’t just a general extension, but it’s also a chance for players to grab all the various event-only rewards. “You might not see them again,” the developer warns.

Game newsHow to Level Up Fast in Myth of Empires - Complete Guide

By Anna|January 10, 2022|55 Views,0 Comments

The game Myth of Empires is currently available, and it is becoming increasingly popular. To get the most out of the game, you'll need to level up your character. We'll go through how to level up quickly in Myth of Empires in this article.

Game newsEverything you need to know about Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Patch 6.05

By Anna|January 7, 2022|65 Views,0 Comments

Players are heading back to Final Fantasy XIV after the holiday season to explore the new content that was introduced alongside Patch 6.05.

Game newsThe BEST Way to Farm COPPER COINS! Myth of Empires

By Anna|January 7, 2022|60 Views,0 Comments

The main money in Myth of Empires is Copper Coins. You may donate to the imperial court to keep your structures from deteriorating, pay taxes to be protected, and invest in Blessings, among other things.

Game newsHow to quickly level up your armoring profession in New World

By Anna|January 4, 2022|76 Views,0 Comments

There are 200 levels you need to work your way through in the armoring profession.