5 tips for Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming chapter Greymoor


Bethesda has released a new trailer showcasing their highly anticipated DLC expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor!With most of the world sitting at home in self-isolation, and the upcoming Greymoor expansion looming over the horizon, more and more people have decided to explore the absolute wealth of content spread across Second Era Tamriel. Zenimax Online Studios has shared five ways which you can do to prepare for Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming chapter, Greymoor, on May 26.

Let’s start with the first tip:

First up, the team suggest playing Harrowstorm and the Greymoor Prologue quest. Harrowstorm released as DLC earlier this year in February and included two dungeons: Icereach and Unhallowed Grave. This actually sets up Greymoor.

The Greymoor Prologue takes you to Blackreach along with Lyris Titanborn as you embark on an expedition. This prologue actually leads directly into the opening quest of the Greymoor Chapter, so this should help. Oh and it’s free by using the “Prologue Quest: The Coven Conspiracy” quest starter in the Crown Store.

The team suggests you create a Nord and “goth them up.” Nords enjoy some passive bonuses to stamina, health, and other resistances right out of the gate. As for the goth part, the team suggests ornaments, emotes, and hairstyles to get yourself in the mood.

Additionally, you can become a vampire or werewolf, or encounter vampires in Rivenspire. You can do the former by letting a vampire player bite you, or letting a bloodfiend bite you. These are found in Bangkorai, Reaper’s March, or The Rift.

For Rivenspire, this zone is found in the northern part of High Rock. The story there will see you trying to unite two warring houses to gain the trust of a vampire clan. Finally, the team suggests you simply explore Eastern Skyrim. Since Greymoor will flesh out Skyrim even more, exploring the eastern half should be a good teaser.

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