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A Guide to Creating Custom Team in NBA 2K23

As a passionate gamer of NBA 2K23, you know that building a successful team is key to dominating the virtual court. But why settle for a pre-existing squad when you can craft your own custom team? The thrill of creating a dominant roster and leading it to championship glory is undoubtedly the best. In the MyTeam mode, you have the opportunity to build the ultimate squad by collecting trading cards and constructing a lineup that could make any coach envious. From modern stars like Devin Booker to all-time greats like Michael Jordan, the sky's the limit when building your dream team. This guide will share tips on creating the ultimate custom team, from selecting the right players to customizing their appearance and abilities. Get ready to assemble your dream lineup and take the court by storm, fellow gamers. 

Creating a custom team in NBA 2K23 is a two-step process. You can either build your roster from the ground up or make adjustments to an existing team. In this guide, I will take you through both methods and help you become a master of fast travel in the virtual city of NBA 2K23. Get ready to take control and lead your team to victory!

Creating and Editing Custom Teams in NBA 2K23

Playing with the correct team may make all the difference on the real or virtual court. You know it, too, because you've played NBA 2K23 for a while. If you're just starting out, you'll pick it up rather quickly. The game's MyLeague feature lets you do just that, whether you want to put up an elite lineup or simply play as your favorite team. Here is a step-by-step explanation for NBA 2K23's custom teams creation and editing.

Creating and Editing Custom Teams in NBA 2K23

Choose a league

You start the procedure by going to the game's MyLeague menu. You must next choose between creating your own unique league, adding six expansion teams, or sticking with the current NBA team from the three league options shown to you.

Choose your team in step two

After deciding on a league, it's time to choose your team. You can download and modify a player-created team, edit a pre-built team, or build your own team from scratch.

Establish a Team Identity

Give your custom team a home city and a home arena to represent when you've finished creating them. Additionally, you can design unique uniforms, which is a crucial step in developing the brand. You can also upload unique logos for your teams in NBA 2K23.

Complete and perform

Creating and editing a custom team may take several hours depending on your needs. So, before playing, take your time and make sure you're satisfied with the outcome. Finally, NBA 2K23 custom squad building and editing can be a time-consuming yet rewarding. By following these instructions, you can build a team that represents your vision and playing style, and you can play against other players on the virtual court.

Creating a custom team is not just about selecting players and giving them a home city. It's about giving your team a unique identity, and that's where MT Points come in. MT Points, or MyTeam Points, are the in-game currency you earn through playing MyTeam modes or purchasing with real money. They play a crucial role in customizing your team, allowing you to acquire new players, upgrade their skills and attributes, and design custom uniforms and logos.

Use MT Points to build a truly dominant and unforgettable custom team. From snagging the latest superstars to creating a distinctive style, MT Points enable you to make your team stand out in the virtual world of NBA 2K23. So, don't underestimate the power of MT Points in your custom team creation journey. Start earning or purchasing them today and take your team to new heights. Here we provide a simple way to buy them directly and invest your precious time in Building Custom Squads.

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NBA 2K23 Custom Team

Editing Pre-Created Teams in NBA 2K23

First, go to Features. Instead of starting in MyLeague, the first step in this procedure is to navigate to the Features section of the game. Choose the Create a Roster option from here.

Select Your Roster Type in Step 2. You have a variety of options for the roster type you want to work with once you're at the roster creation section. Select the roster that best meets your needs from among the 2K rostersuser-created rosters, and injury-free rosters.

Look through and change players. It's time to begin editing your team after selecting your roster type. Select the guys you want to keep and swap out the ones you don't by looking through the roster of players. To further customize your team to your needs, you can even add custom players.

Play and Save. Save your modified roster after you're satisfied with your team, then return to the main menu page. Navigate to PlayNow from here to find and pick your freshly formed team.

Share and download in step five. Sharing your personalized teams with other players is one of the best features of editing rosters in NBA 2K23. You can also download and test out other player-made squads. Making new gaming pals and getting creative ideas are both made easy by using this feature.

Finally, editing pre-made teams in NBA 2K23 is a fantastic method to speed up the team-building process and get your desired team on the virtual field sooner. With the correct resources and a little imagination, you can quickly assemble a team that is competitive and suited to your playstyle. So enter the Features section now to begin updating your roster!


you now have all the tools and knowledge you need to create your dream team. From selecting a league to customizing players, uniforms, and logos, the process of creating a custom team is truly rewarding. But it doesn't end here. Keep practicing and earning MT Points, and your team will continue to grow and evolve. You never know where your custom team might take you in the vast world of NBA 2K23. So, don't stop at just creating your team. Embrace the journey and let your imagination run wild. Who knows, your custom team might just become the next dynasty in the virtual world of NBA 2K23. Remember, the possibilities are endless, and the journey is yours to shape. Happy customizing!

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