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Aion: Upheaval

Aion: Upheaval the upcoming expansion, which will launch at June 17th.

The Dragon Lord Beritra has continued to amass great power, his goal in the ensuing chaos was to destroy the seals hiding the lost continent where the Dragon Lord Ereshkigal was imprisoned.

As his armies continue their advance, the landscape will be forever changed! The lands surrounding the seals; Tiamaranta, Sarpan, Danaria and Katalam have all collapsed into the ocean, changing the face of Atreia once again.

Aion: Upheaval the upcoming expansion will bring with it new zones which named Cygnea and Enshar. A darkness hangs over these risen lands, casting a shadow over each meeting of grain and blade. Filled with aquatically inclined creatures, dotted with sand-swept dunes, spindly forests, and treacherous bogs, these lost lands hold secrets best left forgotten. Also bring with new questlines and new gear.
Players will once again find themselves challenged to improve their characters and find the Dragon Lord and bring the battle to him on their terms. Daevas should prepare themselves for their greatest challenge and stop Beritra once and for all.
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