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Best Money Making Professions - Classic WoW Guide

World of Warcraft Classic came with a storm of fantastic gameplay and something players worldwide craved - just an astonishing amount of normalcy. With so many updates and additions to World of Warcraft, it wasn’t the same after some time.

Thankfully, Blizzard came to their senses and decided that maybe it’s a good thing that people want to play this game “vanilla” style. So, they decided to add each classic edition of their baby, starting with the primary game.

And so, with the hype coming up, we’ve decided to take another look at the only classic World of Warcraft experience from top to bottom and create some exciting guides for you.

In this one, we’ll discuss what kind of Professions can get you the most gold in the World of Warcraft Classic.

It’s been some time since the first game's release, so it’s only fair that we’d look back at it and look fresh at all the money-making schemes available in one of the most popular games in history.

Here is a guide on some of the best professions to make gold in World of Warcraft Classic. Let’s jump in!


What is Gold in World of Warcraft Classic?

But first - let’s start with some introductions. Let’s first explain this World of Warcraft gold that everyone’s crazy about.



Well, it’s the most critical resource in the game. As in real life, it allows you to get stuff that can help you get other property. Unlike life - its primary weapons, armor, or some visual changing elements. Also, getting enough gold to pay multiple trainers across the World of Warcraft is essential so that you won’t be left out after all.



What else? Well, you’ll need to travel. And it was not cheap. Every transportation costs money, so if you need to get somewhere, you’ll need a dime or two.



If you think you can get some shortcut and use your real-life money to get what you need - think again. It’s just that World of Warcraft Classic has no going around the gold problem. You can’t just go to the Blizzard store and get the money you need.

Obviously, Gold traders like MMOPIXEL can make your journey easier, but this guide is on how to get it using Professions, not money. However, if you want to skip the grinding part, you’re more than welcome to use our services. We’re happy to help!


Farming Gold

And with that in mind, let’s start the whole farming thing, shall we? It can be tedious to make gold, but it’s satisfying in the end.

What are some of the best ways to do it? You can go the traditional route and just go ahead and do the quests. It will take you on a path of gathering lots and lots of useless stuff and like three other things that can be helpful in some ways.

It’s not the best way to accomplish it, but it will get you the results, although - not all you need and not all the time you’ll need them. So it has its ups and downs, after all. You’ll lack the money to get the best stuff and always be a little upset and have to grind to get the best items.

What is the best alternative, then? Well, have you heard about Professions?


Making Gold - Professions

Like everyday life - the best way to get money is to start your own business and cut the middle man. It’s the same thing here - if you want to get some cash, you’ll have to invest in some promising Professions that can help you with that.

There are many WoW classic Professions for you to check out so that you can enchant gear with the most expensive items on the market and gain supreme power over your enemies!

It’s a job in the game, so you’ll need to put some effort in, but we can assure you - it will pay off!


How to Become a “Professional”?

Before you can get into Professions, you’ll need to become a professional. To do so, you’ll need to find a mentor to teach you a Profession of choice. Whether it’s one of the crafting professions, gathering profession, or any other gold investment you’ve desired - you’ll need to learn it from someone. Also - you’ll need to be at least level 5 to do so.

How to do it? Well, you’ll need to go to any major city and find an NPC with a Profession that is right for you. It will cost you though, so be prepared for that.

With that in mind, let’s get into the professions themselves!


Crafting Professions

There are many of those, and most of them are really great for making money. You can level up most of them by just crafting items here and there. Unlike any other profession, you can repeat it repeatedly and sell everything you don’t need at the Auction House. Let’s get into some details, then.



Easy pick, one of the best professions to choose. If you’re all in for the damage and use leather as your armor - it’s a no-brainer. Not only will it get you a lot of money at the AH, but also - you will be able to get some cool additions to your own armor, and you won’t need to buy it on the market. It’s really a win-win situation! Leatherworking profession is one of the most popular in the game for a reason!



Tailoring is another clothes-making profession that can get you a lot of money in World of Warcraft Classic. You can create different types of materials and cloaks. As you may have presumed, it works best with classes that use that element as part of their armor, so if you’re a caster, you should consider this one.



Another equipment-creating profession is blacksmithing. You can do a lot with it. Indeed, it is also one of the most popular among production professions. With Blacksmithing, you can create powerful weapons and armor that a mere mortal cannot pierce. It can also grant you a decent profit, so keep a close eye on this.



Engineering is natural resting as it allows you to create different things. Bombs, gadgets, bullets, and everything in between - if you’re an engineer - you’ll get some crazy stuff for you and your teammates. The best classes to use this profession are those with long-range weapons which can reach their targets from up far. It pays off in the end, for sure. The engineering profession may not be the most popular, but it gets the job done.



Enchanting is all about…destruction. But in a good way! If you’re an enchanter, you’ll have to destroy the rare item to get the materials to, for example, enchant the weapon and make it extremely powerful. It scales a lot, but it’s not used for gold making as you can’t make materials that other people can equip.



It’s really what you’ve seen in Harry Potter movies. You get the ingredients; you create potions, potions restore your health/mana, or do some other crazy stuff. Alchemy recipes can be found around the World of Warcraft, so you can easily craft potions. Additionally, you can transmute materials daily if you’re a master, so it’s a great profession all around!


Gathering Professions

Here it’s not about what you can make but what you can find. It takes some more time to get the stuff you want, but it costs much less as you just get things from various sources, not using them to create something else. Let’s dive deeper into gathering professions.



The most obvious one, for sure. Skinning lets you get some skins and other “resources” from monsters you kill. You just need to get a skinning knife to do so, and you can start your journey. A single skin may not be worth much, but it adds up in the end for sure!



This one lets you “see” the materials on the ground that no one else can see. On the other hand, those can be worth a lot on the market. The only thing you need is to get a mining pick, and you can start getting those stacks of crystals!



It’s the most straightforward thing in the world. You go around the world and gather plants and flowers. The two gathering professions mentioned before can seem like a lot of money making, but herbalism has some hard cash for you!


Secondary Professions

If you don’t know where to put something, you put it here. The Secondary Professions basket with all the necessary information on them!



As you probably know, fishing is an activity where you go to the place where the water is, and you pull out fish from it with a stick and a wire on it. It’s straightforward, and you don’t have much skill to do it, and it stacks up, so keep that in mind!



It’s similar to Skinning, but it differs in what you do with the stuff you get. Here - you eat it. It’s a great profession if you’re a part of a bigger group, as those feasts you can create on some higher levels can be something else!


First Aid


Everyone needs a sound healer, so why can’t it be you? Well, it’s probably not the best thing to earn a lot of money in the game, but it allows you to get healthy whenever you need it and help your teammates!


Best Professions for Gold Farming

Well, there are a few of those, for sure. You don’t want to spend more money than you get, so although crafting seems tempting, it’s not the most profitable thing in the world.

As it turns out, it’s also not the apparent types you’d think of, like Alchemy or something.

In the end, farming gold is all about quantity, not quality, so it’s best to get the professions that can quickly scale. And the best ones to do so are Herbalism, Mining, and Fishing.

Surprised? Well, don’t be! You can get severe stacks if you know where to go and get some high value for your money’s worth. Killing enemies can be challenging, and you will never get enough arcane crystals to get some potions or enchantments. If you care about earring gold and time playing - those three can get you there the fastest!


Tips for Gold Farming

But - that’s not all! There are some tips on how to get the best worth for the money invested in the process. Different professions can have other ways to accomplish that, but it’s some general knowledge on how to get the best value.


Farm with Different Characters

With great farming comes great tricking of the system. And here is how you do it. You get a guy that is all about agriculture. And we mean it seriously, they pick up flowers, gather some crystals, and overall get everything done for you as your “main” guy just focuses on being awesome.


Farm at Popular Servers

Go where the action is! You can get your items sold quicker and for better prices as the market is much more competitive. And someone will buy it for sure!


Use Add-ons!

To get everywhere faster, use add-ons that can improve your gameplay significantly. Add-ons have been a part of the World of Warcraft experience since the beginning, and they are not coming away soon.

They’re easy to use and can improve your gameplay as you go. So, with that in mind, let’s go over some of the most popular add-ons at the Auction House!

(Keep in mind that all those addons are compatible with the World of Warcraft Classic game, so we can’t guarantee that it will work with other types of World of Warcraft!).



One of the most basic and most used ones as well. You can quickly get your gold profit up! It’s detailed info about the item you can get from quests or on the market. It’s an excellent skill that most professional or semi-professional gold makers in World of Warcraft use to their advantage.



If you’re about functionality - Auctionator can get you far! It’s a sorting mechanism that allows you to get different items stacked based on price and availability. You can also post many things at the same time. If you’re all about that hard-earned cash, you should also use this one.

 Last but not least, if you want to reach the maximum level quickly, develop the best race and participate in PvP and PvE as the best warrior of Azeroth, then you need to acquire the WotLK Classic Gold for Sale we have on MMOPixel. Get your Gold and purchase all the resources you need to achieve victory! 

Profession Money Making in World of Warcraft - Conclusion

Making money in World of Warcraft can be easy, complex, or borderline impossible if you are willing not to do it the right way.

Of course, it’s not like that in the case of every single class/expansion or playstyle, but we feel we’ve covered enough ground for you to get some advantages and disadvantages in making money with Professions. WoW Classic is an incredible place to get gold fast, and it’s complex, so in the end - you do you.

If you have any questions on how to make money with professions or just want to shout out your youtube channel - feel free to let us know. We’d be more than happy to get your feedback as it is, after all, a community-based website, so it’s always great to know what you guys think.

If you have any questions related to other World of Warcraft or gaming-related stuff - let us know! We are here to help, so every request you make shall be ours, not a demand but a good course of action for future endeavors.

Anyways, if you’d also be so grateful to share this article with your friends and colleagues - it would be awesome. Every little bit of awareness helps out, so if you could assist us this way, we’d be extremely grateful!

Until next time - stay safe!

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