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Best New World Bow Builds for PvP and PvE

Bows are the ultimate weapons in the New World to cover the long-distance damages. Both PvP and PvE gameplay show their strength by using high-duration DoT effects. Besides, the bow weapon is equipped with unique techniques and a fast-loading speed. Though you must master the skills to hit the target in an arc shot, bows focus on the heavy damage side. 

Here, we will briefly learn more about different bows and the builds for PvP and PvE. Also, the guide to use those for effective playstyle.

Bow abilities and skills

The bow is a completely DPS weapon and damages a single target. So, some prime abilities need to be focused on while playing.

Evade Shot: This shot makes the player jump 5 meters backward, and while hitting the target, it deals with 125% of damage. The cooldown is 15 seconds and works well for the PvP and PvE gameplay. The enemies are shot from a quite good range to be safe.

Splinter Shot: This feature splits the arrow into three arrows to target in a projectile motion. It covers a long range of 10 meters. Also, the arrows deal with weapon damage up to 50%. 22 seconds of cooldown is a fair length for the bow.

Rain of ArrowsThe player can shoot multiple arrows to cause enough damage to the enemy. This AoE ability deals with 150% damage. It covers a distance of 7 meters. In PvP and PvE, it can be used with other playstyles to work uniquely.

Rapid ShotThis shot shoots three arrows with different damage-dealing sets. The first two shots deal with 100% damage, and the last one deals with 125% damage. So, each arrow causes continuous damage to the target. The cooldown is 14 seconds and is considered the shortest one.

Poison ShotThis shot AoE ranges 3 meters and deals with 50% of weapon damage. This can also work up to 26 seconds of poisoning the target.

These abilities also have sub-skills according to the use of the bows. As it is categorized into Skirmisher Tree and Hunter Tree, the skills fall under the respective tree. 

Strengths and weaknesses


  • The main strength of the weapon is that it covers a long distance to shoot the target from a safer place.

  • It has a higher AoE range.

  • It acts as a damaging weapon for the Corrupted and Beast foes.

  • The mobility is much for Dodge, Weave, and Archer's Speed.


  • The bow weapon needs practice to perfectly aim the target to shoot at an arc.

  • In the New World ecosystem, gravity affects the arrows.

  • As it shoots a single target, the player may face trouble controlling the crowd.

  • The Angry Earth and Lost Enemies make the bow attack less effective.  

New World Bow

New World Bows and Combinations

The bows have skills categorized to do enough damage and control the crowd. There are many bows with different availability and skills. These bows can be crafted in the station or bought from the marketplace. Also, the skills of different level bows can be acquired through regular success and may cost differently. However, crafting is a basic and most used way to get a bow for players of any level, but getting them in exchange for Gold Coins is the easiest way. If you are falling short of the Gold Coins, you can purchase them from our website.

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The weapon combination of bow fits well with Hatchet, Ice Gaunlet, and Life Staff. These weapons mostly cover the weaknesses of the bow and control the crowd. The Hatchet is a strong weapon to make the player survive in a hard situation built with the bow. Ice Gaunlet scales perfectly for the bow. Then, Life Staff ranges a long path with focus.

Bow and Spear Build

The bow and spear build are used in both PvP and PvE circumstances. These weapons go well with each other and make a strong build as they individually cause potential damage.

To gain much in this build, the tips are that the player needs to use skills like poison shots and Rain of arrows and utilize the cooldown wisely. Once the enemy is shot hard, the player can reduce the distance to cause more damage through the build and light attack, which will buy time to regain health and finally shoot the enemy down in the fight.

Equipment of decent armors makes the game easy. The damage of 10% and increased time of 10% gives the best build use. The maximum dexterity perk goes to 300. And in its free time, the body improves its defensive capabilities.

Perks: They build cops perfectly to hit the single targets, and the DPS builds the most. From a long distance also, the target gets hit. Then, the health damage and causing the enemy damage is maintained well. It empowers the splinter shots with 10 seconds of weapon damage by an increased 4%. In the case of vault kick, it turned to an increased 2% of damage in 5 sec. 

The highest focus is on Dexterity which scores 195+. Others are evenly managed with a lesser score.

Bow and Rapier DoT PvE Build

The DoT build focuses on causing maximum damage from the beginning. The Rapier is used after using splinter shots and a rain of arrows to maintain a firm position of the player. This build is so flexible to rely on. It gives the chance to gain maximum points and improvise their skills. 

The right use of the shots will make 10 to 20% of the damage for 20 seconds and can deal with 200% of weapon damage. Then the Rain of the arrow will buy a time of 12 seconds. For a long-range target, the health restoration will be done easily. the damage will rise to 20% when the enemies are not hurt for 10 seconds. And the use of skills like headshot and surprise attack will lead to success.

Its strengths are that it causes rapid damage and has great AoE skills. The active skills it uses are Rain of arrow, Tondo, Poison shot, Evade, Splinter shot, and Flourish and Finish. The Evade is used to make the situation easier to escape. 

Perks: It has got perks of Keen, Keen tondo, Keen awareness, and Refreshing move. Keen makes the increase in rate up to 3% to deal with the damage. Keen tondo increases up to 2%. 3% increase for the Keen awareness, and the cooldown decreases by 1% for the refreshing move.

Here also Dexterity is focused on the most.

New World - Skirmisher and Hunter

Bow and Rapier PvP Build

This build causes high burst and AoE damage for the PvP zones. Lightweight armors are a great choice for this build. The chest needs to be of medium weight to have great resistance and sound speed movement. As a result, it leads to a gain of 2500+ damage. Here, the Rapier helps gain more agility. 

Here, the bow is the primary damaging weapon, and the Rapier aids the health. The player must defeat the opponent's skills defensively using the weapon skills. The combined use of the weapons is required in this build. The Rain of Arrows is useful for causing massive AoE damage to the enemy. The backline and healers of the enemies also need to be considered to apply any attack.

The swiftness, controlled breathing, light edge, and desperation are the things that need to be focused on. The active skills are Evade, Splinter shot, rapid shot, and Fleche. 

Perks: Keen is a great perk for this build with the bow. Others are Sundering Riposte, Empowering Splinter Shot, and Exhilarate lV.

Here Dexterity is up to 175, and Constitution is 25+. 

New World - Berserker and Throwing

Bow and Hatchet PvE Build

It is one of the best leveling builds. With AoE damage effects, the DPS build empowers the build. Here the Hatchet helps to keep mobility high in the fight. Hatchet is a great weapon for all PvE builds. The Berserk tree is a strength here.

Here also, light armors are the best choice to pick. Hatchet is the main armor to cause damage; the bow is used to dive the fight. To gain success, most points need to be used on the skills. On the hunt, Uninterruptible Berserk, Dispatch, Crippling Strike, and Aggressive Approaches are the skills needed to be mastered. The damage leads to 20% when the enemies have any debuffs. The aggressive approach will increase the speed to 20% for 20 seconds. In the same way, Berserk will increase damage by 20% for 12 seconds.

For the bows, the best shots will be Evade shot, dealing with 125% weapon damage; the poison shot, causing 10% weapon damage per second for 10 seconds; and the penetrating shot, which deals with 150% of weapon damage. 

Here the Dexterity is focused on with 150+ score and others with 5+.

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