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Best New World Rapier Builds for PvP and PvE

The user of the Rapier, a one-handed weapon of skill and grace, chooses when to attack their enemies and when to flee like a shadow. The Rapier fits itself to an aggressive type of play that will have you triggering abilities frequently because of its low cooldowns. Both in PvP and PvE, this weapon excels at dealing a tonne of damage to a single target.

Blood and Grace: Rapier Skill Trees

You have a choice between two skill trees for the Rapier: do you prefer more technical gaming, or do you prefer to make people bleed? The Grace tree emphasizes agility and counters, making for an intriguing (and quite challenging) gameplay experience. However, the Blood skill tree mainly emphasizes DOTs to deliver damage and has several valuable skills that work well with condition effects.

The two rapier skill trees essentially give the gamer an option. The decision is whether you prefer slightly more sophisticated gaming or prefer to simply make your opponents bleed! The Blood skill tree has several strong abilities that work well with status conditions and strongly emphasizes DOTs for dealing damage. The Grace tree emphasizes agility and counters more, which makes for intriguing (and initially somewhat challenging) gameplay.

New World Blood and Grace

Best Rapier skills


Slash so rapidly that you can increase your blade's range to 5 meters. This attack applies a bleed that will deal 85% weapon damage over 12 seconds while also doing 50.0% blunt weapon damage. This refreshes previous apps up to three times.

Flourish and Finish

Flourish launches a strike that pushes back foes. After Flourish, pressing 'Light Attack' will automatically perform 'Finish' to continue using this skill. When Finish strikes a victim, all Rapier bleeds are consumed, instantly causing 110.0% of the target's damage.


Put yourself in a posed position and launch five fast thrust assaults, each of which deals more significant damage. Anytime can be used to cancel Flurry.

New World Flurry

Best Rapier passives

What aids in widening the damage on the Rapier are the passives. Therefore, we advise making sure you have the Unerring, Heavy Puncture, and Engarde passives if you plan to use this weapon as your main DPS in the build we're advising.

These, coupled with the skills mentioned above, will aid in severely reducing the initial health of foes by heavily utilizing Bleed and additional damage.

Heavy Puncture

A bleeding enemy will have their Rapier bleeds last 2.0 seconds longer if they get a brutal attack. This will also hold for subsequent stacks of the same bleed that stretch the entire stack.


Targets hit by a Rapier bleed will take 5.0% extra damage.


When your victim has more health than 50%, deal 10.0% additional damage.


  • Quite mobile with Evade and Fleche.

  • Using Riposte, one can prevent harm.

  • Strong damage to a single target.

  • Long reach for simple assaults.

  • Strong Against Beast and Corrupted Type Enemies.


  • Melee.

  • Area-of-effect is absent.

  • Vulnerable against enemies of the Angry Earth and Lost types.

Best Rapier Builds for New World

Fire Staff and Rapier Build

This strong damage construct is one of the swiftest and most agile things on the battleground. Due to its tremendous capacity to deflect strikes, this construct thrives when battling against an overwhelming opponent and rewards quick thinking and decision-making. The damage weapon of choice, the Rapier, delivers quick, forceful backstabs. Before approaching a target for the kill, the fire staff is mainly used for movement and burning the victim with no apparent limitations and a high skill ceiling.

The Rapier, which grows off intelligence and dexterity, deals significant damage with this build. The 150 points in dexterity make up a substantial portion of the build's defensive gameplay and effectiveness for damage. For the crucial damage mitigation in endgame PvP, the 150 points in the constitution are a need. For the mana endurance, this build should have 200 Intelligence points; however, doing so would necessitate gear with a very near gear score of 600. 

New World Fire Staff and Rapier Build

Explanation of Gear

Equipment Load (Medium)

I believe that the ideal gear load for the build is medium armor. This provides us with the best of both worlds:

  • A respectable amount of armor.

  • A strong dodge (of which we get three).

  • A 10% increase in damage and healing.

  • A 10% lengthening of the duration of our crowd control abilities.


The scaling substantially decreases beyond the max intelligence perk (300); thus, we run a variety of set types to enable you to reach it without experiencing too much overflow. Health is given precedence when additional intelligence is not required to help strengthen the defenses. As long as your IQ is as nearly 300 as it can be, given everything else in your constitution, you are free to combine and contrast the sets as you choose.


Resilience is frequently one of the strongest PvP perks for giving you a ton of critical damage tolerance and preventing you from being overwhelmed. Health is typically the most pleasing amulet perk for jewelry to increase your maximum HP. Our Earring Perk uses Refreshing Toast to enable you to use the potions more frequently, greatly enhancing our HP/MP sustain. Last but not least, we choose Hearty for Light/Heavy setups to give us more maximum endurance to work with, while Keen Awareness is used for Medium Builds to increase Crit Chance. Finally, we chose our weapon perks to enhance the benefits of our build!


Diamond gems are used in the armor for this arrangement. With a commendable dispersion of damage reduction for both physical and magical weapons, this will provide us bonuses for physical damage reduction and elemental damage absorption. With our Rapier, aquamarine is utilized to scale the primary intellect stat, and with our fire staff bar, emerald is employed to assist in the execution of enemies.

You may have to spend a huge amount of gold coins to buy the gear and upgrades. However, there might be a situation when you fall short of the Gold Coins; in such case, you can easily purchase them for real money from our website.

If you need gold coins you can buy New World Coins at our website MMO Pixel at an unbeatable price.

 Rapier and Musket Build

The Rapier and Musket are an excellent duo, providing great range, damage over time, and a tonne of resilience. When opposed to utilizing a bow, muzzle constructions are less mobile but have a slightly higher damage cap. Getting accurate headshots using the musket is necessary to deal that extra damage. While it will take time to get used to, when you can consistently strike them, you unleash a lot of extra damage! Additionally, both weapons have additional damage-over-time abilities, giving the build a significant level of DoT pressure.

New World Rapier Build

Explanation of Gear

Equipment Load (Medium)

I believe that the ideal gear load for the build is medium armor. This provides us with the best of both worlds:

  • A respectable amount of armor.

  • A strong dodge (of which we get three).

  • A 10% increase in damage and healing.

  • A 10% lengthening of the duration of our crowd control abilities.


Since the scaling drastically decreases after the max dexterity perk (300), we use various set types to help us reach it without experiencing too much overflow. Health is given precedence whenever additional dexterity is not required to aid in strengthening our defensive abilities. As long as your dexterity is as nearly 300 as possible with the rest of the constitution, you are free to mix and match the sets as you choose.


We chose an armor set with a combination of Diamond and Malachite gems for this configuration. A good spread of damage reduction for the game's various adversary types will increase elemental damage absorption and physical damage reduction. Additionally, both weapons use emerald gems to aid in our rapid execution of foes!

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