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Best Warhammer Build in New World

The new players can use any weapon they want in an MMORPG without classes. New World players can freely incorporate a hammer into their Mages and Rogues builds. Any character may be a force to be reckoned with while using the DPS while swinging this huge Hammer around. It has some tremendous crushing damage. Classes carrying a war hammer include Fighters, Warriors, Mountaineers, Barbarians, and Gladiators, to name a few. In the heat of battle, the mere presence of a Warhammer is intimidating to an adversary. Its users have a reputation for being brutal and dealing enormous amounts of damage, whether single targets, AOE stuns, or knockbacks.

This also holds for hammer-build combat in New World. The Warhammer offers tense crowd control and staggering damage that can destroy an enemy's morale. Various active and passive skills are available in both mastery skill trees, allowing you to customize your fighting style. 

However, the powerful war hammer can also serve as the centerpiece of a party defense or melee DPS build. The kind of harm this weapon can cause would be appreciated by Privateers, Mercenaries, Paladins, and other more skilled combatants.

Read on as we examine it in this Hammer Build Guide if you intend to use this potent two-handed Hammer.

Obtaining a War-hammer

Huge, massive, and scary, the Warhammer is loved by most. Even at the lowest levels, characters can obtain this menacing weapon in several ways.

  • Drops: You can take a battle hammer from a dead enemy, particularly a humanoid one. Another choice is to locate one in a Hidden Stash that was retrieved via mining or cutting down trees.

  • Crafting: A forge can be used to create the most basic war hammer utilizing a few straightforward components that are pretty much simple to find. For a straightforward preparation, only wood, leather, and iron are needed; however, epic or uncommon war hammers need more pricey and uncommon components.

  • Rewards from Quests: Better rewards are given for higher-level quests; however, payment for accomplishing lower-level tasks may also include one of the Common qualities.

New World Warhammer

In this case, obtaining various in-game objects like a hammer can be tedious. Therefore, we advise you to use some real-life money and purchase some New World Coins to get the desired weapon faster.

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Warhammer complementing attribute

The fact that the war-hammer scales only on a character's Strength points says something about the nature of the weapon. No other weapon in New World compared in size to the battleaxe; it is the only other weapon that increases the strength attribute. The only other priority required for such a build would be Constitution for the additional hit points. Taking on such a combination would be a terrifying melee DPS build.

When a character has fewer available attribute points early in the game, this build will make leveling easier and faster. Adding points to a third attribute score at high levels would be simpler.

A character with just a 'Strength and Composition' build has many additional Attribute points to utilize in fewer scores, but keep in mind that this combination has the drawback of restricting ranged weaponry available to a character. The hatchet and spear provide some alternatives but scale with dexterity as well.

It is essential for the overall clarity of the build that we become familiar with the hammer masteries in New World before delving into the hammer build guide. Warhammer has two unique skill trees, just like the other weapons in the game: Crowd Crusher and Juggernaut.

New World Warhammer - Crowd Crusher

Crowd Crusher Skill Tree

Crowd Crusher is the go-to skill tree for New World hammer aficionados in the current meta. Your three primary skills are located on the Crowd Crusher skill tree:

Clear Out

Clear Out Your adversaries have you surrounded, leaving you with little to no room to retaliate. How do you behave? To clear space, the Clear Out ability swings the Hammer quickly and deals 115% weapon damage while knocking back enemies 4-meters.

Your defenses will be strengthened by Clear Out upgrades, which goes well with the Hammer build's emphasis on offense. For instance, every time you use Clear Out, Power Cleaner passive grants you and your allies fortify (10% defensive bonus).

Path of Destiny

A devastating blow to the ground starts a wave that does 115% weapon damage to any opponents it comes into contact with. a simple nuclear explosion.

Seismic Waves, its upgrade, knocks your adversaries unconscious.

The following isolated passives are unlocked with great anticipation:

  • Aftershock: For 4 seconds after successfully using the Crowd Crusher ability on a target, they are slowed by 20%.

  • Concussive Impact: 15% damage dealt to targets while Warhammer debuffs are active.

  • Prevailing Spirit: After using a Crowd Crusher ability, restore 35% of the damage you dealt as health.

  • Outnumbered: When there are more adversaries than there are allies, damage absorption is 10% stronger when outnumbered.


Your most dependable and potent AOE damaging ability will be Shockwave. Your character will pound the ground with the Hammer when the designated hotkey is pressed, causing an earthquake with a 3-meter radius. Enemies captured within the radius will be dealt 80% weapon damage and be stunned for 2 seconds. Shockwave's improvements increase its impact, for instance, by reducing damage from Frailty and extending its 3-meter range to 4-meters thanks to the Meteoric Crater buff.

Juggernaut Skill Tree

We'll now discuss the appropriate Juggernaut Skill Tree skills and passives. Juggernaut's skill sets revolve around punishing and armor-piercing powers. First, we'll discuss the popular skills in Aeternum for being both PVE and PVP suitable.

Mighty Gavel

Closer distance Leap with ferocity on your target, knocking them to the ground and causing 160% weapon damage. When enhanced, the ability can gain even more benefits. Summary Judgement (20% more damage done by Mighty Gavel against enemies with 30% health), Impact Fracture (25% more stamina damage done by Mighty Gavel), Expedite (30% faster movement speed after using Mighty Gavel), and Justice for All (200% weapon damage secondary attack) will all become available.

Armor Breaker

A powerful swing does 140% weapon damage and pierces 35% of the target's armor. Lasting Trauma is one of the abilities' unlocked bonuses. It is a great accessory that grants the target Rend, which reduces damage absorption by 15% for 10 seconds. The place to start while exploring the Juggernaut skill tree.

Isolated Important Passives

  • Exhaustive Attack: Each Warhammer ability now applies Exhaust, a new attack type. This results in a 5-second, 15% reduction in the target's stamina regeneration. Users with non-heavy armor who rely heavily on avoiding strikes can be defeated by the exhausting attack (which consumes stamina).

  • Hammer Time: After using a powerful assault, the user is given Empower. Allows him or her to do 20 percent more damage for 4 seconds.

  • Power through Pain: Useful in instances where you continuously take damage. However, all it takes is one second for you to retaliate by dealing an additional 35% more damage.

  • Contemption: Contemption might lessen the likelihood of this occurring because it increases the heavy attack damage of hammer users by 15% when used against opponents with less than 30% health.

New World Warhammer Details

The War Hammer's Finest Complementary Weapons

Warhammer, Sword, and Shield

This is the development we discussed in our tank construct guide. It makes sense to combine the Sword's powerful defensive capabilities with the War Hammer's hefty CC, especially when using the shield's Defender tree.

Warhammer and the Bow

Some players have been testing out this PVP structure throughout the closed beta. It's challenging to use because it combines tank responsibilities with a more extraordinarily elusive or duelist style of play. In addition, you want to scale primarily based on Strength. This does imply that your bow will be weak, but at the moment, you're only using it as a mobility tool.

Warhammer and the Great Axe

Even though players found the Hammer's hitbox a little buggy, this feature remained highly popular during the open beta. This weapon combo will be exceptional for both PVP and PVE when the issue is fixed for New World's full release.

Some Additional Tips

Warhammer Gems to Consider

Your build and goals will significantly impact the kind of gem you should use in your War Hammer. For taunting, a carnelian gem could be preferable if you run as a tank. Malachite may need to do more damage to targets with Crowd Control status effects if you're using it for DPS-PvP. You will probably choose Opal for the highest uptime if you choose DPS-PvE. Because the damage gain you'll get from the Opal is constant, it is always a wise pick.

Carnelian: Tanking in PVE would result in +X% increased threat from taunt abilities.

Warhammer Strengths and Weaknesses

You will be dealing Strike damage when using a War Hammer. This is best used against ancient creatures because they will be the ones who will be most impacted. Varangian and Corrupted are immune to Strike. Strike also deals more harm to The Lost.

  • Ancients: Strike attacks cause 20% MORE damage to them

  • The Lost: Strike attacks cause 10% MORE damage to them.

  • Corrupted: Strike attacks do 15% LESS damage to you.

  • Varangian: Strike attacks deal 15% LESS damage to him.

Guide to New World Warhammer

Warhammer Perks

Sundering Shockwave is a powerful weapon ability perk that adds 19% more damage to any subsequent weapon abilities and your Warhammer heavy strike. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged to apply this extremely potent debuff on your opponents during PvP.

Repulsing Clear Out is a fun weapon ability perk that allows the Warhammer to throw adversaries back a good distance, but it's only helpful for builds that want to open up space rather than close gaps. In addition to weapon ability perks, players may acquire a plethora of general perks or add to their equipment that will influence their weapons in PvP.


So far, this has been the fundamental structure of the best Hammer Build in New World. In terms of the proper distribution of attribute points, the use of various weapons in conjunction with the Warhammer, and other factors, experts in the game are still experimenting with Hammer builds. Unquestionably, the default customizations of hammer builds will change due to the next patches and updates.

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