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Best Ways to Make Money in Elite: Dangerous

The space-faring game Elite: Dangerous from Frontier Developments is horrendously large. It is a massively multiplayer online game set in a depiction of the Milky Way galaxy that is as accurate as possible. It has more than 400 billion star systems, many of which have several planets. Players are sometimes more perplexed and confused by how to spend their time once they are inside the game than they are by its sheer enormity.

In Elite Dangerous, earning requires completing missions in exploration, mining, trading, and passenger categories. You can begin accepting Passenger missions if you have achieved these four abilities. You will be able to pick up every rock with ease if you practice. If you're still confused about how to maximize your earnings in Elite Dangerous, have a look at the techniques listed below.

Explore the game first

You must investigate if you want to understand the details of the Elite Dangerous money-making method. The first level of exploration is the overall system, and the second level is the analysis of the various components that make up the system. We'll examine each of these stages in this article and what they mean for your financial success. And after you've finished the first level, you'll spend a lot of time on the second stage. Bounty hunting is a great way to earn money in Elite Dangerous if you don't mind taking personal risks. With a Kill Warrant scanner attached, you begin with a simple ship and proceed to populous systems. Anarchy systems should be avoided since they are full of bounty hunters. This is a fantastic approach to generating income without attracting experts' attention.

  • Get in a spacecraft with a big fuel scoop and great jump range. Choose a location before setting out into the night. Make sure you are equipped with a surface scanner.

  • Use your discovery scanner to horn a new system when you enter it. Then check your FSS for any intriguing Earth-like, highly metallic, water- or ammonia-containing worlds.

  • When you're prepared to rejoin society, go to any station and convert your exploration data into Universal Cartographics to receive your much-deserving salary.

Elite: Dangerous Game Credits Guide

Mining is King!

In Elite Dangerous, there are various ways to earn money:

  1. Mining, which has a maximum hourly money yield of 100 million.
  2. This line of work exposes you to stunning galaxies. You can earn money by using specialized equipment on a ship that can mine gold. Selling items is the final strategy.
  3. There are a lot of quests accessible.

Elite Dangerous allows you to both amuse yourself and earn money. In Elite Dangerous, mining is a side job that can bring in cash. You can outfit your spacecraft with mining lasers and a refinery if you want to get the most out of your resources. You must also increase the cargo capacity of your ship to mine. Lasers used in mining are useful for aiming at fragments of shattered rock. Finally, you can sell your valuable metals on the black market once you've produced a couple. More travel and ship modifications are necessary for the first two techniques, but they are well worth it.

  • Get in your spacecraft and equip a pulse wave analyzer, a direct surface scanner, a seismic charge launcher, an abrasion blaster, collector limpets, and prospector limpets.

  • To make this work, you must first locate a suitable method. For this form of mining, the location is vitally essential; otherwise, you will not profit. Find a planet with pure icy rings if you can.

  • Map the planet with your DSS to find any hotspots for void opal. You should navigate to those locations to the exit supercruise.

  • Use your pulse wave analyzer to determine which asteroids have deposits in their cores before entering them.

  • As soon as you locate an asteroid worth mining, aim for the fissure and fire your seismic charges.

  • Launch your collector limpets at this point and gather all of those delicious minerals.

  • Find a station that is buying at a high price in the end.

The processes stated above and the ones yet to come can be time-consuming. If you want to get some credits and make some purchases quickly, you can buy them from a website using real money.

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Elite: Dangerous Gameplay

Passenger Missions

In Elite Dangerous Money Making 2022, passenger missions will earn you a lot of REP. Passengers might ask for various items throughout a mission, including commodities or the killing of the pursuer. If you're a novice player, you might be tempted to take passenger missions at all costs. Fortunately, there are techniques to prevent this, such as reducing the number of missions you take. One of the quickest and simplest methods to gain money is to complete passenger assignments. Unlike most other income sources, you can do it while in a bubble and makeup 100 million an hour. You'll also get to go to lovely locations while learning about humanity's galactic expansion. However, ensure your ship has passenger rooms, a direct surface scanner, and a respectable jump range before you begin.

Be aware that the passengers we will be transporting back and forth are unlawful before we begin. Therefore, if you are scanned, that is a serious issue. Fortunately, you won't likely undergo any scanning while performing this process.

  • Create a route for the Robigo system in the Galaxy Map to reach the Robigo Mines. Choose Robigo Mines as your destination if you've already visited there or purchased the map data. You must be on a small or medium ship because a large ship cannot be landed at an outpost. Go to the Passenger Lounge after opening the services menu.

  • Set Sothis on a course: Select Sothis in your galaxy map by opening it. Sothis A 5 - particularly the Sirius Atmospherics beacon on the planet's opposite side is your destination. The beacon will not appear in your navigation panel until you are within 1,000 light seconds of the location the first time.

  • Try to complete as many sightseeing adventures as possible: Don't be duped when you initially see missions offering tens of millions of dollars. These are frequently used by travelers who want to travel thousands of lightyears into space. We're searching for ones that can fit in the cottages we have set up and are around the 5 mil mark or less. On the right side of the mission board, the goal destination should be your primary focus. Search for "Sirius Atmospherics" and a reference to a sightseeing excursion.

  • Check Sirius Atmospheres, then head back to Robigo Mines: When you are close to the beacon and have locked on your approach, exit supercruise and start aiming for it. When the job is finished, you will receive messages. Once more, set Robigo Mines as your destination and leave.

  • Arrive in Robigo Mines to complete the missions: Things are straightforward here. To turn in your missions, just land in Robigo Mines. You will receive a lot of money for your meager work. Repeat by adding more fuel.

Elite: Dangerous Missions

Start Trading Goods

Trading unusual goods is one of the most fruitful methods to earn decent money in Elite Dangerous. As these commodities are removed from their original systems, their value rises. Try selling them 130 to 150 lightyears away from where you are now to get the most money. Trading rare commodities in this way can earn you a million in an hour. However, you should be aware that you can only purchase tiny amounts of these.

You should look for rare commodities at a lesser cost because they are only found at a few stations throughout the game. Rare goods are the best way to make a lot of money in the game because they are the most sought-after in the real world. Always remember that selling rare goods far from their origin station will cause their price to rise dramatically. Before leaving, you should check the selling prices. Keep in mind that fuel is an additional expense.

Hunt Bounties

By engaging in bounty hunting in Elite Dangerous, you may earn a tonne of money in just one hour. You can accomplish this without a simple ship. Instead, you can employ Kill Warrant scanners and improve your ship's modules. The bounty vouchers you acquire can be used for better ships and modules. While a high-end spacecraft is not necessary for bounty hunters, they need to be proficient enough to pose a threat. Accepting bounty-hunting missions from various station factions is another way to make money in Elite Dangerous. However, additional faction contributions are not necessarily the result of this strategy. In addition, searching across star systems for the desired spacecraft takes a lengthy time. This strategy can be risky because police vessels aren't always available to assist it. If you are a beginning player, this technique of earning money is not advised.

  • Locate a system with a respectable populace and planets with rings. Only in rings can you locate Resource Extraction Sites, which will eventually transform into your playground.

  • After that, proceed to a nearby system with convenient stations.

  • Head to your RES after ensuring your spacecraft is equipped with a Kill Warrant Scanner.

  • Scan the largest ships to make sure they are a mission target and wanted.

  • After completing your missions, take your RES to a station in the system.

  • Bring your missions and Interstellar Factors back to the station now. On the mission board, turn in your mission. To turn in the bounties you gathered using your Kill Warrant Scanner, speak with Interstellar Factors at this point.

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