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Diablo IV Guide to Best Farming Spots for Legendary Items

Loot is the most important and engaging part of any game and Diablo IV gives you access to a variety of items of different types and rarity. Items and gears play an important role in Diablo IV where you have to go through a list of things to choose from to maximize your overall stats.

A high and improved set of gear helps you deal with more enemies and attacks making your position stand strong completing all the challenges and missions. In Diablo IV, you get three main and broad archetypes which are Weapons, Armor, and Jewelleries. The better the item or gear you wear, the better your performance on the battlefield becomes.

Every item in Diablo IV has some item power associated with it that helps you in making your build better and defeat enemies easily. There are mainly four types of items rarity available in Diablo IV and each item has some affix modifiers except for the common items. Items based on types of rarities are Common, Magic, Rare, and Legendary. 

This guide is mainly focused on Legendary items and what are some of the best ways to obtain legendary items through farming spots. As legendary items are quite unique having the highest modification and advancements so it becomes quite hard to gain them easily because they are not available in abundant everywhere. Some of the best locations for farming legendary items and how you can obtain them are discussed below.

What Actually are Legendary Items?

Legendaries items are also known as legendries having unique stats and the item power providing you 4 affixes modifiers. They can be upgraded up to five times and with every increase in the item power, you get your gears enhanced with improved base stats. They are powerful pieces of equipment offering you special bonuses, stats, and attributes giving you an edge over common items. 

Diablo IV Legendary Items

How to Find Legendary Items?

As it is already discussed in detail above legendary items are rare and it is quite hard to find them so there are some unique places and ways you can farm high-end legendary items in Diablo IV. Some of the ways and tips & tricks are discussed below to help you farm legendary items. However, it is important to note that the drop rates for the legendries in Diablo Iv have been reduced a little. Drops in Diablo IV play a vital role in farming and gathering items so you can farm these items very easily if you keep an eye on the drops after every activity that you perform.

Fighting Against the World Bosses

Diablo IV is filled with different kinds of bosses having dangerous strengths and destruction abilities and they can’t be defeated very easily by a single player so you need to group with some of the other best players having high stats to defeat the world boss.

You can find a world boss in every location and region and to defeat each boss, you’ll need a set of skills, abilities, stats, and strategies. In the fractured peaks of the icy region, you’ll encounter Ashava who is a world boss having poisonous attacks and two forearm blades that make it capable of swiping a large number of players fighting against him.

It can harm you with poisonous attacks and decrease your health over time. Ashava has strong boney arms that make his attacks more dangerous and harder to deal with. In short, Ashava is a massive beast and cannot be taken down easily without proper planning and strategies. Also, in order to defeat Ashava, you are required to have a minimum level of 25.

Ashava drops legendary items and by defeating him you can farm many legendary items. Ashava and other world bosses have a high drop rate of rare items that you can use for your own benefit in the game. Make sure you’re well prepared before fighting against the world bosses.

Playing Dungeons

Playing dungeons is another way of farming legendaries in Diablo Iv that you can play to collect as many as items you want. In simple words, dungeons are a type of location that you can explore where you’ll be encountered many bosses and a group of monsters to defeat. Dungeons also feature some random events that you can take participation in.

There is nothing called as “Limit” in dungeons because they’ve got no limit however keep in mind that as you go further by defeating each monster, the difficulty will also get increased as well and it will take more time, strength, and energy to defeat each corresponding monster or enemy.

Dungeons are instanced PvE combat areas where you can explore as much as you want by defeating monsters and looting items that get dropped. You have to complete a set of objectives to reach the final boss of that particular dungeon.

Some of the locations where you can find dungeons are Caldera Gate, Nostrava Deepwood, Forbidden City, Mercy’s Reach, Kor Dragan Barracks, Light’s Watch, Tormented Ruins, Lost Archives, and many more that you can easily find and locate in the Diablo Iv world map.

Diablo IV Dungeons

Farming World Events

There are also various world events running around and they keep changing once you complete the event. You can complete events by finishing a few challenges, tasks, and missions and get access to loot for legendary items. Explore as much as you want and keep completing the world events. In world events, you usually have to kill a few number of enemies and finish them off within a given time to get rewarding legendary loot. The same event can also be repeated until it is changed and you can participate it in again.

Once you complete an event, it will take a few minutes for the events to respawn again so that you can participate and finish them again. You’ll also be rewarded with even greater rewards once you reach to a mastery level in completing events. Events are a challenging way to test your skills, stats, and abilities. Participate in the events and loot legendary items while keeping patience.

Purveyor of Curiosities

Purveyor Of Curiosities is a luck-based approach to farm legendary items where you can purchase items from Purveyor Of Curiosities. It is an NPC vendor that offers you different gambling styles to obtain different types of items and gears. You can obols to make a purchase from the random slot where items are generated randomly. 

It is not that hard to find Purveyor Of Curiosities, you can find it in every main town lying in a particular zone. As mentioned above, you will be needed obols for making a purchase and obols are purple coins that are located in your inventory along with gold and red dust. However, it is very important to keep in mind that gambling can only be done in Purveyor using only obols so there’s no other currency is accepted.

You can obtain obols by completing events and try your luck in gambling if you want. Sometimes it takes too much time to get a legendary item but sometimes if you are lucky, then you can very easily get rewarded with a legendary item.

Additional Tips & Tricks for the Better Farming of Legendary Items

  • Knowing the locations isn’t enough to farm a good number of legendary items isn’t enough so you’ll be needed to have a better strategy and plan on how you will access each of the locations and farm carefully.

  • Keep exploring the world and don’t be just rigid to the above-mentioned locations for farming legendary items. The more you explore, the more you get closer to finding legendaries.

  • Have patience. You might not be able to farm all the legendary items at once because they are rare and that makes their probability of being found quite hard for the players but if you keep patience and move forward slowly then you might end up having a good number of legendary items.

  • Always be prepared. Prepare comes before the battle.

  • Work in a group to defeat the world bosses because they are hard to defeat alone. The best part about defeating the world bosses is that every member of the group gets an opportunity to farm legendary items.

  • Don’t rush with anything.

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You get a vast variety of items in Diablo IV and the rarer they get the harder it becomes to farm and collect them. As you move from common to legendary, the rarity increases and the probability of finding them decreases but that doesn’t mean you can’t farm legendary items. There are some locations and specific approaches you can take to farm them. As the item is rare so the difficulty of obtaining them will be more than the common ones.

The above-mentioned guide will help you in farming legendary items from particular locations using specific strategies and plans. If you’re a beginner to Diablo IV, you might find it quite hard and challenging to obtain legendary items but exploration and experimentation is the key and you’ll gradually get habituated to every location and method of farming. All the best!

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