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Elden Ring: Best Starting Class for All Playstyles

Many new players have the opportunity to play Elden Rings, and this has left an important question on their minds - which are the best starting classes in the game? The Lands Between offers each starting class every item available within the game.

Newcomers to the genre may think this is an essential question as they start in the Lands Between. In Elden Ring, players have an opportunity to play the class they prefer rather than being limited to the class they choose in the beginning.

However, starting classes can significantly impact every player's experience during the first few hours of a playthrough. Apart from this, you can also improve your starting class using the Runes currency in the game. Various sources are available that you can use to purchase Runes.

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1. Vagabond

This class is one of the best for melee players due to its high starting Vigor at 15 and the lowest starting Arcane stat at seven. It is because melee players don't need the lowest attributes. Players looking to get up in their opponents' faces with melee combat will find this class a good starting point.

Vagabond comes equipped with a longsword and halberd at first, boasting a melee-based stat investment of 14 Strength and 13 Dexterity. It, therefore, provides players with the choice of either a short or long-range weapon.

Besides the heater shield, this game has a 100% physical guard shield, providing excellent protection at the beginning and end. The heater shield can block all physical damage from melee and ranged-based weapons. It enables gamers to protect themselves from melee and ranged-based damage.

2. Amurai

In terms of Endurance scores, the Samurai has the highest score out of all the starting classes. This kit is one of the best ones to choose from for the beginner. Samurais have a high physical defense due to the armor set Land of Reeds and Red Thorn Roundshield.

The ability to absorb hits while in the face of an enemy makes it an excellent option for melee players. A Longbow and Uchigatana are available for the class's offense.

Due to the usable move set and blood loss secondary effect of the katana, many players will benefit from starting with a potent weapon like the Uchigatana. The Samurai's great starting kit is made even better with the addition of the Longbow, which allows him to snipe enemies from afar.

3. Hero

All other classes are inferior to the Hero, in terms of strength, with a stat of 16. Aside from the battleaxe being the best starting weapon and wild strikes as the best starting artifact, melee users can deal high levels of damage to a wide range of different targets.

A leather shield and armor set comes included with this class. Combined with its starting Endurance and Vigor, this class provides an excellent health pool and stamina bar.

4. Warrior

A good option for those who want to strike quickly with a weapon, this Dexterity-based class gives you two scimitars, to begin with. Warriors are the only starting classes that can use the dual-wielding weapon system that is new to Elden Ring.

The Warrior has a medium physical stat profile due to the blue cloth armor and riveted wooden round shield he comes equipped with.

If you are interested in Dexterity weapons, you should start your journey with the Warrior primarily because it has the highest beginning Dexterity stat out of all the starting classes.

5. Prisoner

The Prisoner is unique in terms of starting classes because it combines several different classes into one. Although it doesn't have the highest stat, the Prisoner is a more defensive Astrologer because of its combined Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence stats.

This class comes with the Iron Mask and Prisoner's armor. An excellent stab weapon, the Estoc, comes equipped with a Glintstone Staff for sorcery casting.

Prisoner starts with the Magic Glintstone Blade. Within a set amount of time, a magic sword appears above the player, focusing on their target. Using this spell with the primary hand weapon is a great combo.

6. Confessor

Similar to the Bandit, the Confessor is also a type of assassin. Neither its stats are among the highest nor lowest, although its starting total level is the highest at 10. Strength and Dexterity are just below Faith as the class's highest stats.

You receive both the entire set of armor for the Confessor and a Blue Crest Heater Shield, preventing physical damage from all directions. It is a very welcome shield for beginners. The broadsword, an incantation weapon, and the finger seal are also available at the start of the game.

The starting incantations are Assassin's Approach, which gives the user a silent movement mode, and Urgent Heal, which offers a quick healing spell. With this starting class, players can engage in stealth or in-your-face combat while having heals at their disposal.

7. Astrologer

Players can use magic-based combat early in life as the Astrologer, an intelligence-based class. The intelligence stat is 16 at the base, the highest of any class.

As the least physically powerful starting class, they receive the following equipment: shortswords, Astrologer's staffs, Scripture wooden shields, and Astrologer's robes.

Although the main damage output is the Glintstone Pebble and Arc from range, players must still be cautious, as Astrologer starts with a very low health pool. The Astrologer is a good starting point for anyone looking to specialize in sorcery, and Intelligence should come next.

8. Bandit

As a beginning class, the Bandit is more similar to an assassin. Even though the Great Knife may not seem like the most desirable starting weapon, players can take care of various foes using its secondary effect.

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