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Elden Ring DLC Strongest Build - Best Pest Thread Spears Incantation Build in Shadow of the Erdtree

Hello, fellow Tarnished! Get ready to unleash your full potential with our ultimate guide to the strongest build in the Elden Ring DLC. Whether you're a seasoned player or just diving into the Shadow of the Erdtree, this Pest Thread Spears Build is tailored to help you dominate the game with the best incantation build available.

This build is designed to turn you into a powerhouse, capable of taking down the toughest bosses and enemies with ease. We're excited to share all the secrets and strategies to make you the most formidable Tarnished in the Lands Between.

So, grab your weapon, prepare your spells, and let's dive into what makes this build so incredibly powerful and how you can replicate it to become unstoppable!

Elden Ring DLC Strongest Build Guide: Pest Thread Spears Incantation

Elden Ring DLC Strongest Build Guide: Pest Control Thread Incantation

In the latest Elden Ring DLC, the standout incantation for unleashing devastating offensive power is none other than Pest Thread Spears. This upgraded version of the original Pest Threads found in the base game is nothing short of extraordinary.

Picture two lines of sheer destructive force that relentlessly track your adversaries, piercing through them multiple times with deadly accuracy. Whether facing towering behemoths or nimble adversaries, Pest Thread Spears deliver relentless barrages of damage that leave no foe unscathed.

Why Pest Thread Spears?

● Insane Tracking: These spears possess unparalleled tracking capabilities, ensuring they stay locked onto your target, delivering devastating blows with each pass.

● Massive Damage: Ideal for dispatching both large bosses and smaller enemies alike, Pest Thread Spears inflict significant damage per hit, making them a formidable choice in any encounter.

● Physical Damage: Dealing physical damage with ranged spells can be challenging to enhance, but thanks to new tools introduced in the DLC, maximizing the potency of Pest Thread Spears has become more accessible.

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Elden Ring DLC Strongest Build: The MAD Setup

The pinnacle of power in the Elden Ring DLC comes with the MAD (Massive Attack Damage) setup, designed for those who thrive on high risk and high reward gameplay. This build embodies a daring "me-or-the-boss" approach, where victory often hinges on overwhelming force.

Buffs and Tools

● New Quadruple Madness Buff: This build leverages the newly introduced quadruple Madness buff to amplify the potency of our physical damage-dealing incantations. By harnessing this unprecedented buff, we ensure our attacks reach peak destructive potential, turning even the mightiest foes into mere shadows of their former selves.

● Howl of Shabriri: Essential for initiating Madness, Howl of Shabriri plays a pivotal role in our strategy. By invoking this incantation, we ignite the frenzy that fuels our power surge, paving the way for devastating assaults that leave adversaries reeling in the wake of our onslaught.

Build Stats and Equipment

Build Stats and Equipment for Elden Ring DLC Strongest Build - Best Pest Control Thread Incantation Build in Shadow of the Erdtree

Stat Distribution

For optimal performance of this Best Pest Thread Spears Incantation Build in Elden Ring DLC at level 150, prioritize the following stat allocation:

● Vigor: Aim for 60 points in Vigor to ensure robust health and survivability in intense battles.

● Mind: Maintain 25 points in Mind to support full buffs and sustain enough Focus Points (FP) for extended boss encounters.

● Endurance: Allocate between 20 to 25 points in Endurance for comfortable mobility, ensuring you can execute medium rolls and manage stamina effectively during combat.

● Strength: Keep Strength at 8 points, sufficient for wielding a dagger or light one-handed weapon effectively.

● Dexterity: Maintain 12 points in Dexterity to meet the minimum requirements for weapon proficiency.

● Faith: Maximize Faith with 80 points to significantly enhance the power of your incantations, making them formidable tools in your arsenal.

● Arcane: Distribute any remaining points according to personal preference or tactical needs.

Essential Gear

● Weapon: Opt for a dagger or light one-handed weapon equipped with the Endure Ash of War. This setup not only provides versatile combat options but also ensures resilience in the face of enemy attacks.

● Seal: Utilize the Erdtree Seal to amplify your Faith-focused abilities, enhancing the effectiveness of your incantations.


● Black Dumpling Helmet: Enhances damage output when triggered by Madness, synergizing perfectly with the build's high-risk, high-reward strategy.

● Rakshasa's Armor: Provides additional damage bonuses, further bolstering your offensive capabilities against tough adversaries.


● Dragon Crest: Offers defensive benefits, adding a crucial layer of protection during intense battles.

● Flock Canvas Talisman: Strengthens incantations across the board, ensuring your spells inflict maximum damage and control on the battlefield.

● Godfrey Icon: Boosts the power of charged attacks, complementing your aggressive playstyle with added burst damage potential.

● Aged One’s Exaltation: Grants a substantial 20% damage increase when Madness conditions are met, amplifying your offensive prowess at critical moments.

Wondrous Physick Mix

Enhance resilience and combat effectiveness of Elden Ring DLC Strongest Build with:

● Bloodsucking Cracked Tear: Increases all damage output by 20%, albeit at the cost of draining health over time. This sacrifice is well worth the significant boost to your offensive capabilities.

● Opaline Hard Tear: Provides essential defensive benefits, fortifying your character against enemy assaults and ensuring longevity in prolonged engagements.

Gameplay Strategy

Boss Fighting Strategy - Elden Ring DLC Strongest Build

Boss Fights


Prepare yourself for the boss encounter with meticulous planning:

● Cast Golden Vow to enhance your offensive capabilities right from the start.

● Equip the Maddening Hand and trigger the Howl of Shabriri repeatedly to induce Madness, maximizing your physical damage potential.

● Use an FP Flask to replenish your Focus Points, crucial for sustaining your onslaught.

● Drink your Wondrous Physick to bolster your resilience and prepare for the imminent battle.

● Swiftly swap to your Endure Dagger, a crucial tool for enduring enemy assaults while maintaining your offensive pressure.


Enter the boss arena with confidence and execute your strategy effectively:

● Immediately unleash a barrage of Pest Threads, capitalizing on their unparalleled tracking and devastating impact.

● Utilize the Endure Dagger strategically to absorb incoming attacks, ensuring you remain steadfast while casting additional Threads.

● Adapt your approach dynamically, choosing between charged and uncharged Threads based on the boss's openings and vulnerabilities.

● Maintain relentless pressure, leveraging your buffs and equipment synergies to dominate the encounter swiftly and decisively.

Exploring and Normal Enemies

Normal Enemies Fighting Strategy with Best Pest Control Thread Incantation Build in Shadow of the Erdtree

When facing regular enemies and exploring the world:

● Optimize your approach by skipping the elaborate Madness setup, reserving it exclusively for pivotal boss confrontations.

● Instead, employ Flame Grant Me Strength and Golden Vow to empower your attacks and navigate encounters efficiently.

● Deploy Pest Threads liberally, often opting for uncharged casts to conserve resources while swiftly dispatching lesser foes.

● Leverage the incantation's exceptional tracking and range to maintain control of engagements, ensuring minimal risk and maximum efficiency in clearing paths and securing loot.

How to Get the Key Items for Elden Ring Pest Thread Spears Build

Pest Thread Spears

To obtain the powerful Pest Thread Spears, journey to the Ruah Ruins:

● Begin at the Church of the Bud main entrance grace.

● Descend down the stairs and proceed through the rot corridor.

● Keep a keen eye out for a corpse along the way where the Pest Thread Spears await.

Madding Hand

Secure the Madding Hand, a crucial component of your arsenal:

● Commence your search from the Woodland Trail Grace.

● Traverse towards the midpoint between the Grace and the Church Ruins.

● Confront and defeat the NPC wielding the Madding Hand to claim it for your own use.

Aged One’s Exaltation

Obtain the Aged One’s Exaltation talisman to bolster your abilities:

● Near the Church, face the challenge of an invulnerable NPC.

● Skillfully parry their attacks to gain an advantage and defeat them, acquiring the talisman as your reward.

Rakshasa's Armor

Equip yourself with the formidable Rakshasa's Armor set:

● Start your journey from the Recluse’s River upstream grace.

● Follow the path that leads you to the Eastern Nameless Mausoleum.

● Within this sacred place, you'll find the Rakshasa's Armor set waiting to be claimed.

Bloodsucking Cracked Tear

Harness the power of the Bloodsucking Cracked Tear through this method:

● Locate the formidable furnace golem within the Ruins of Unte.

● Engage and defeat this powerful foe to acquire the Bloodsucking Cracked Tear, enhancing your combat prowess significantly.


With this build, you’re equipped with the Most Powerful Build in Elden Ring DLC. The combination of Pest Thread Spears and strategic buffs makes this the Best Build in Elden Ring DLC. Imagine stepping into the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC with this incredible setup—obliterating bosses and enemies alike with ease. The Pest Thread Spears will cut through even the toughest foes, and with the right buffs, your power will be unstoppable. This truly is the Elden Ring DLC Strongest Build.

For more guides and tips, stay tuned and keep exploring the world of Elden Ring! Happy gaming!

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