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Elden Ring Faith Build Paladin Guide - How to Build a Lightning Lancer (Level 100 Guide)

Don’t know what to do next with your Paladin Build? Well, don’t worry because here we have Lightning Lancer Level 100 Guide for players who want to pump their paladin character to the next level.

In Elden Ring, the more you keep your distance from the enemies, the easier it will get for you. The Lightning Lancer comes with the same thing in mind because you are using a long-range Spear type of weapon, lightning buff, and a great shield to obliterate your enemies.

Being an evolution of Paladin templar build, you are pretty much good to go with the Lighting Lancer on your Level 100 journey. So, without any further delay, let’s talk about the things that make up a Lighting Lancer Build in Elden Ring.

How to Build an Elden Ring Lighting Lancer

Making the Lightning Lancer isn’t that difficult considering you already have a grasp over Paladin Build. You just need a Spear, Heavy Shield, Lighting Buffs, Spells, Armor, and Talisman to get you started with this build.

Lighting Lancer Weapon

Treespear: For this build specifically you need to have a spear. Our suggestion is mainly the Treespear and you can find it in the Liurnia of the Lakes.

So, what’s the reason for picking Treespear? First of all, the requirements for this spear are very suitable. You only require 15 on Strength and 22 on Dexterity. Being a Faith build you already have around 18 on that side of the attribute.

Secondly, the Attribute scaling of this weapon is good with Strength and Faith, while best with Dexterity. So, for the late medium to the late game scenario, you will be pretty strong in terms of damage.

You are making a Lighting Lancer, so the weapon you hold should be buffed. Treespear can be buffed along with both holy and physical damage.

Heavy Golen Greatshield: We recommend Heavy Golden Grestshield for this build but it isn’t a must. You can go for other shields of your choice but keep in mind it is a level 100 build. Your shield should be heavy and can defend you against heavy damage.

Lighting Lancer Spells

To buff your sweet Treespear, you need to have either the Ash of War: Sacred Order, or you can also go for the Electrify Armament. The choice here is yours!

Blessing’s Boon: Besides the Electrification spells, you need to have something to heal yourself. Blessing’s Boon will allow your character to have slow regeneration on use.

Golden Vow: This is a damage-enhancing spell that increases your damage to around 15 percent or so. While that is not all, it also enhances your defense for around 5 percent which is incredible for a spell.

Lighting Spear: The heart and soul of this whole build, Lighting Spear is one of the best ranged lighting spells in the game. It is quick, deals incredible damage to enemies and you can also charge it for a point of impact attack.

Lighting Lancer Seals

For this Faith Build specifically, you need to have a seal to apply spells and buffs to your weapons. There is a handful of them out there but for the Lighting Lancer you can choose from;

Clawmark Seal: This Seal scales on both faith and strength, while the good part is it scales on B with these attributes at level 16.

Gravel Stone Seal: The Gravel Stone Seal comes with an S scaling for Faith while compromising on the Strength with D scaling. Furthermore, this seal here also enhances your Dragon Cult Spells which is always a plus point.

It depends on your attribute selection. if you want more Faith Scaling you can go for the Clawmark Seal or you want a balance between Strenght/Faith with Clawmark Seal.

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Lighting Lancer Armor


Leyndell Knight Set: You don’t have to wander around in search of missing pieces or anything. For the Lighting Lancer Build, you require the Leyndell Knight Set. The pieces you will find in this set are;

Leyndell Knight Greaves

Leyndell Knight Helm

Leyndell Knight Armor

Leyndell Knight Gauntlets

Fashion is also essential in a build and the reason for picking this set is truly the looks. It isn’t like the set is not good or anything. It is both defensive and provides effortless movement in-game.

Lighting Lancer Talisman

To enhance the abilities, damage or spells of your build talisman are essential. For Elden Ring Lighting Lancer Build you require various talismans like;

Spear Talisman: Used to enhance the counter-attacks of Thrusting Weapons

Green Turtle Talisman: It Raises the recovery speed of your stamina

Starcourge Heirloom Talisman: This talisman raises the strength attribute of your character

Curved Sword Talisman: It enhances the block counter damage of your build.

Lighting Scorpion Charm: Increasing the damage of lighting effects on your weapons by around 10 percent.

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Lighting Lancer


Lighting Lancer Build is attribute hungry. Most of your damage spells and play style revolve around the way you put your points into the attributes. At level 100 your character is buffed up with attribute points.

Your main focus should be Faith, Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, and Vigor. The reason for being focused on Faith is becuase of your buffs and spells that depend totally on Faith.

While to wear armor and carry a spectacular spear, you need to put points into Strength and Dexterity. Alongside this, your skillset for weapon and shield defense requires stamina and so we put some points into Endurance as well.

Furthermore, you can also go for Mind becuase in the late games you do require mana for spamming spells like Lightning Spear.

Attribute Points

























Lighting Lancer Final Verdict

Lighting Lancer works on the strategy of keeping your distance from the enemies and attacking them at the same time. It is a highly damaging build while also letting you go defensive when needs are. You do require a set of specific attribute points and equipment for this build.

This build works on the infrastructure of Faith Paladins Build but for a much higher level. You can even make this build work out for the late game. To make things simpler for you, we compiled this Elden Ring Lighting Lancer Build that works on Faith.


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