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Elder Scrolls Online: Five Things to Take to Elsweyr

Today,we sharing with you the tamriel is growing again -- at st from a player’s perspective -- as it heads to the home of the Khajiit, Elsweyr。

I’ve played ESO on and off over the years, but with WoW always drawing me back in, it’s never been a longterm thing. However, something about Elsweyr has me really intrigued and excited. I love the fact that we get to see the homeland of the Khajiit. I love that dragons are making a comeback in Tamriel. And I love, love, LOVE the addition of the Necromancer class.
I’ve always been impressed me with Zenimax and ESO’s story. It is always so carefully woven that even the most mundane quests feel impactful for any given area. The quests text is always interesting and often moving as well. The characters you meet along the way remind me of people I could possibly meet anywhere in the “real world”. They are, at times, funny, threatening, sympathetic and much more spanning the spectrum of emotional connections.
As I think about Elsweyr and the cat-like Khajiit, I wonder what the random Tamriel adventurer would want to pack for the trip. I’ve come up with a few fun ideas.
A Large Box & Moon Sugar
Let’s face it: What cat can resist the power of an empty box? YouTube is filled with videos of even the largest predatory felines hopping into refrigerator crates and I’m sure there are more than a few of you cat owners who can attest to the allure of a discarded Amazon box.

If the wily adventurer sprinkles in a bit of moon sugar, it might be seen as the perfect trap for the more nefarious Khajiit that might be found lurking about in dark corners. We’d also like to test the theory that even undead cats might be attracted to boxes as well.
Unbreakable Drinking Vessels
As most cat owners can attest, there’s nothing as irresistible than a glass placed on the edge of a table or countertop. One tiny shove from a furry foot can send these breakable objects hurtling to the floor below where they shatter and make walking across the floor a treacherous journey for those without shoes.
As the intrepid adventurer heads to Elsweyr, it may be prudent to remember to include non-breakable drinking cups to avoid such incidents. One has to wonder what Khajiit barkeeps use in their establishments?
A Ball of Yarn
Cat toys are a must for the wise traveler heading into Elsweyr, but one that serves a dual purpose, such as a ball of yarn, may be even more welcome. Toss it forth among groups of enemies and it may be that they will happily scamper away to clear the road long enough to get through.
But if the local inhabitants seem to lack interest in chasing the proffered ball of yarn, it can be used to create an epic cloak or perhaps a pair of socks to ward off the sand that will assuredly sift into one’s boots as they travel sandy pathways.
When packing for a trip to the desert, the number one thing that should be tossed into the knapsack is sunscreen. After all, it’s likely that travelers will be tromping through vast, sandy stretches of terrain under a baking sun. So one would want to be prepared to ward off the ravages of the day including sunburn
A Large Hat & Shades
Lastly, no trip to a warm and sunny climate is complete without the addition of a large straw hat. It’s vital to one’s well-being to keep the rays of the sun from their faces to avoid an accelerated aging process, sunburn or the blinding glare of the sun itself. Add in a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses and you’re good to go in Elsweyr.

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