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ESO Blood moon Set Build Guide


Loved the Werewolf (Race) in ESO? Well, here we have a Set specifically used by this race. Yes, we are talking about the Blood moon Set. This set came with the changes to Werewolf, which was a major update. Soon after many gamers started using this set because of its usability.

Here is the Blood moon Set Build Guide we are going to discuss this set, guide you on how to work with this set, and also tell you about using it in different scenarios. So, let's get started with this amazing build guide.

About the Blood moon Set and Race Selection

A major update came by the name of Wolfhunter which brought this amazing set in ESO. This update was related to the Werewolves, making them great for DPS builds.

So, to get this set, you will have to get the DLC (Wolfhunter) and roll over to the March of Sacrifices Dungeon. The sad thing here is that getting this set is rather hard. You can’t trade the parts from other ESO gamers, and nor can you purchase them from a Vendor.

The Armor is always a Medium, but you can change things up a bit for Jewelry, Weapons, and Shields. Still, there is total randomness for traits and you will have to put an effort into ESO to make this set exactly as you like.

There is also a special effect associated with this Set called Blood Mood. Below is the Working of this set, we will discuss it in detail.

Working with the Blood moon Set


So, as we already mentioned that the Blood Moon Set comes with that special Effect referred to as Blood Moon. This enhances your attacks (Light) to around thirty percent, while you also have an enhanced speed of attacks to around fifty percent more. The duration of this effect isn’t that long, and probably around 5 seconds or so.

The great thing about this attack is that it refreshed after you deal critical damage to enemies. You have to deal with the critical five times with attacks (Light) to enhance the time of this attack.

The way this ability works is important to learn. First of all, this is a stack-type buff, meaning you get only 1 stack after it is activated by a critical strike. Every critical then puts a 1+ stack on the effect and increases the time and has more seconds.

After you gathered 5 stacks, you will get a buff that enhances your speed and light attack damage, as said in the About section of this Build Guide.

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Race Selection

Being a great set for Stamina DPS builds, the best race associated with Blood Moon Set is Werewolves. It is like they are made for each other and have exactly matching stats.

Guide for in-game Scenarios


Same as always, this guide is divided into two sections; The PvP Scenario and then the PvE Scenario. This makes the guide very easy to understand and follow.

PvP Scenario

Being a Melee-focused set, it is hard to notice that it isn’t great for PvP Build. The reason is that this set focuses on the effect and you have to stack 5 to get the buff. The amount of time you have with these stacks is low and most player opponents will waste these stacks.

One thing that saves it for the PvP Scenario is that this set works like a charm for enemies with damage blocking Shield, rather than targets with blocking. You can use it to defeat enemies more effectively.

Various sets work incredible with Blood Moon like;

  • Velidreth
  • Mighty Chudan
  • Selene’s

Furthermore, you can pick one of the following sets as well for PvP purposes;

Shacklebreaker (provides more Magicka)

  • Briarheart (enhances damage)
  • Viper’s Sting (Poison Damage)
  • Essence Thief (Enhanced healing)
  • Salvation (More Werewolf time)
  • Mechanical Acuity (Burst Damage)

PvE Scenario

This set is specifically for players who love to play as Werewolf in-game and want to enhance that race to something incredible in ESO. Furthermore, this set works like a charm for the PvE scenario because you have allies with you to keep the enemies in place.

The sets for the PvE scenarios are;

  • Molang Kena
  • Monster Helm Set
  • The buffs you need to focus on are;
  • Infectious Claws
  • Brutality (Major)

The last thing is that you should focus on mostly DPS because when you are in the Blood Moon State, you need to do the most damage you can in a few seconds. If you can pull this off, there is nothing that can stand in your way.

Final Verdict for Blood Moon Set Build Guide

For this build you need stamina and for that reason, your best bet is Stamina Potions. You can also go for the Savagery and Brutality (Major Both) to pull this off. The only thing that Werewolf Race suffers is Savagery and you need to get it from external sources.

After getting these things you will have Critical Strike Chance enhanced, while you need to focus more on the DPS side as well. This whole build works on the Blood Moon; therefore, this build is best for the PvE scenario. You can also use it for the PvP scenario because of the damage it deals.

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