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ESO Icy Conjurer Set Build Guide


In ESO players not only get defense from their armor set but also get certain effects and buffs. Here we have an Icy Conjurer Set Build Guide in which we have all the details on this set along with its effects, what to do with it, and finally divided its usability into PvP/PvE scenarios to make things easier to catch. Without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

About Icy Conjurer Set and Race Selection

Icy Conjurer Set was added to the game with Wrathstone DLC and you can only get that in the Frostvault Dungeon. This set is a light armor set and comes with random traits.

Furthermore, Jewelry you get with this set is Magicka (Recovery) and Arcane Traits. Lastly, the enhancements you can get with this set are Magicka (Absorb) and Magicka (Max).

It isn’t written on the stone that you can’t change them because using the Transmutation you can shuffle things around according to your own needs.

When you have four Legendary Piece Equipped there is a buff of Spell Penetration, Magicka, and Spell Damage. On the Five-pieces equipped, you get a chance to call upon wraith dealing massive damage over time.


The best race you can pick for this Set is none other than Warden. The reason for picking this race is its passive ability. The Piercing Cold allows you to enhance the damage done by frost and other magics by around 6 percent. When you combine that with the Effect of this set, you get a whopping 25 to 30k damage over the duration.

Working with Icy Conjurer Set


When you meet some conditions of the set, certain effects appear and it is also referred to as Proccing in ESO. There are various things each set can do and are beneficial in certain conditions.

When you are thinking about Proccing, check the cooldown duration as well and how frequently you can use it. In the case of the Icy Conjurer Set, the cooldown is extensive. So, keep that in mind while Proccing the Icy Conjurer Set.

So, the first thing you will notice is the Ice Wrath that appears when you use the Status effect (Minor). The time duration for this ability is only 4 seconds but the cooldown is extensive, being more than 10 seconds.

When you put points into the Champion Skills (Elemental Expert/Thaumaturge) the damage reaches around 25k for Tooltip.

To Proc this set, there are only Status effects (Minor) like Fracture (Minor), Maim (Minor), and so on. You can’t apply the effect using that Puncture Sweep debuff or any other Major one.

You can effortlessly watch the Effect of this Set because of that Ice Wealth which comes after debuffing (Minor) on the enemy. There isn’t AoE here, rather it is a ranged one target effect that follows the target.

Alongside the effect, you can use abilities with this set that truly make a difference. One of the abilities is Elemental Drain because it puts that Breach (Major) reducing the resistance of spell for enemies and gets you back some Magicka. So, it is a good combination to use because your set Effect will have more damage on enemies.

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Guide for in-game Scenarios


To make things easier for you, we divided the in-game scenario into PvE and PvP. Furthermore, they are in detail below.

PvP Scenario

The icy Conjurer Set is ought to be great in the PvP situations because of the Icy Wraith Effect of this set. Yes, other players can dodge this attack easily, but only in the long-range. When you are pressurizing the enemy on short to medium range, they can’t do anything.

Icy Conjurer Set is based on the Frost Damage/Effects so it works like a charm with others like Caluurion Legacy and also that Zaan. Another famous one is Winterborn because of its slowing chance and enormous percentage to deal buffed damage. You can match them with this set’s Effect to put your enemies to sleep

PvE Scenario

In the PvE Scenario, the set doesn’t shine that much in contrast to PvP because of its limitations to Magicka Attribute. You need to use this set on the DPS builds, specifically the Magicka DPS ones. You have to use debuff abilities on enemies to trigger its effect.

Furthermore, the limitations of sets with Icy Conjurer are in great amount. You can use the ones with buffs for Magicka or other sets with special effects and in other cases something that boosts your damage. Below, we have some recommendations for you

Sets with Effects (Proc)

Mantle of Siroria

Flame Blossom

Mad Tinkerer

All of the sets also deal in damage while the last two have Elemental Expert-based Tooltip damage. If you increase the Elemental Expert, the tooltip damage will also increase. The first one doesn’t do that, but its DPS is exceptional.

Sets with Magicka

Worm’s Raiment

Shroud of Lich

Vestments of the Warlock

All of the mentioned sets have exceptional Magicka buffs and there are your Magicka management issues.

Sets with DPS

Mother’s Sorrow

Law of Julianos

These sets can help you increase that Magicka, Damage, and then that sweet Critical damage as well.

Monster Sets (Proc)


Valkym Skora



All of these are the Monster Sets that combine incredibly with your Icy Conjurer Effect (Proc).

Final Verdict of Icy Conjurer Set

After testing Icy Conjurer Alongside other great Sets, we can assure you that it stacks with the best in the game. Everything about this set is incredible, ranging from that bonus, and versatility to its combination with other equipment.

In the PvP scenario it truly shines because of the Effect damage it deals with (Ice Wraith) and its combination with other debuff abilities. You can also use it for other scenarios like PvE or soloing in the game because of how versatile this set truly is. We got every detail here in the Icy Conjurer Set Build Guide to help you out.

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