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ESO Necromancer Tank Build Guide

Necromancers are usually looking for something to buff their Damage and here we have a perfect solution. In this article, we are going to discuss the Necromancer Stamina DPS Build that focuses Primarily on Damage.

Being an all-out DPS Build, you need to have someone with you for survivability. For that reason, this build is great for the PvE combat as you can deal enormous damage to your group.

Furthermore, you don’t always deal direct enhanced damage, rather you are based on the health of your enemies. The build has a division of DPS for enemies with over 50 percent health and under 50 percent health.

Background for Necromancer Stamina DPS Build

This Build is mainly based on the Necromancer Class that has a combination of Dual wield and Bow Abilities. For the Stamina DPS, you need to have the Bow Abilities on the Back bar and Dual Wield Abilities on the Front Bar.

Another great thing about this build is that it is very versatile, meaning you can go for the type of damage you are looking for. Your main goal here is to provide the enemies with DPS using the Poison Effect and the Disease Effect.

To make this Build work, you will have to use the set of abilities and skills according to the health of enemies based on more than or less than 50 percent health.

For enemies with more than fifty percent health, you won’t have to use the Whirling Blades unless their distance is less. A light attack for the most of time before using any ability, while a heavy attack is when you need some stamina.

For the Enemies with less than 50 percent, you should only add the Whirling Blades into the mix.

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Race Selection for Necromancer Stamina DPS Build

You can go for any Race that enhances your Stamina. In our aspect, you can go for the;

Khajiit Race: This Race provides you with a 10 percent enhancement to your Healing and Critical Damage. While, you also have that 2k enhanced Stamina, 950 stamina restoration after 5 seconds for damage (direct), and a reduction in ability cost to around 8 percent.

Redguard Race: This race gives you the Stamina, Reduction, and Restoration of Khajiit class, but you don’t get that Critical and Healing factor here.

In case you don’t want to go for these two races, you can go for the Imperial Race as it also has somewhat similar gains.

Point Division for Necromancer Stamina DPS Build

For this Necromancer Stamina DPS Build, you don’t have to worry about the Magicka at all. Your main focus should be that Stamina the most, as you are a Necromancer. Health isn’t that important here as you have your teammates to help you up in PVE.

In another case, you might want to go single sometimes, so you will have to pump that Health up some degrees. Still, you aren’t that strong to tank things up, as it is a Stamina DPS build, not a tank one.




45 to 50



15 to 20




Abilities For Necromancer Stamina DPS Build

When it comes to abilities, your Front bar should be a mix of Necromancer and Dual Wield. Keeping that in mind, you do DPS based on the Poison DoT and Bleed DoT, alongside the direct damage. So, the choices of Abilities are as follows;

Front bar Abilities


Detonating Siphon

For 12 Seconds you deal DoT after consuming an explosive corpse

Siphon Morphed


Rending Slashes

Apply a Bleed Effect that is applied for around nine seconds. It does DoT Bleed and also lowers the speed of movement to around 40 percent.

Twin Slashes Morphed


Blighted Blastbones

The conjured skeleton explodes and inflicts disease damage while running at enemies. Further, this ability affects the healing and damage of enemies.

Blastbones Morphed


Whirling Blades

A medium DPS damage but is enhanced when enemies are below the 50 percent health mark. This attack is great for multiple enemies because of being an AOE attack.

Whirlwind Morphed


Venom Skull

A poison effect ability that also deals direct damage to enemies. Every third cast of this ability enhances damage to around 20 percent of the enemy.

Flame Skull Morphed

Back bar Abilities


Skeleton Archer

Conjures an Archer made of Skeletons that isn’t that good with damage but great for a partner.

Skeletal Mage Morphed


Endless Hail

For 10 seconds, this ability deals constant damage to enemies, while an upgradation further enhances its duration and minimized the cost.

Volley Morphed


Rearming Trap

A physical damage trap that also resets on its own. After the damage is done to enemies, you get a critical damage buff of around 10 percent.

Trap Beast Morphed


Poison Injection

Enemies with health lower than 50 percent get 100 percent more damage from this Poison DoT ability

Poison Arrow Morphed


Barbed Trap

For 18 seconds you deal around 30k minimum more damage with this DoT ability. Further, you get critical damage for around 18 seconds as well.

Trap Beast Morphed


Summoner’s Armor

(Exchangeable for other Healing or Damaging Abilities)

To add more survivability to the mix, this ability enhances your armor alongside Resolve (Major) and Ward (Major)


Ultimate Abilities

Pestilent Colossus: A constantly usable Ultimate that does high damage to enemies. With this ultimate, you can inflict the enemies with Disease effect (DPS) and then put a vulnerability after each attack for around 3 seconds.

Flawless Dawn breaker: For the DPS Builds you will mostly see this Ultimate and here in the Necromancer Stamina DPS Build, we also have it. This Ultimate will enhance your damage of the Weapon and works best as a passive.

Champion Skills for Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build

Points for your Champion Skills are really limited, so you will have to be careful here. For the Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build, you need to have around;

Points Distribution for Thief Skills


Shadow Ward

















Points Distribution for Fighter Skills


Quick Recovery



Spell Shield









Thick Skinned



Elemental Defender


Points Distribution for Mage Skills











Master At Arms



Precise Strikes


Equipment for Necromancer Stamina DPS Build



As a Necromancer, you will only be using a Bow here and our recommendations are;

Maelstrom Bow: For the Bow, you need to have the Maelstrom because it enhances the Ability “Endless Hail”. Further, on the Back bar side, Bows are exceptionally well for putting that Poison DPS on enemies because of their abilities.


For a Necromancer Stamina DPS Build, you also need to have a Stamina-based set to help you pull off abilities to kill enemies

Basic Armor


Hunding’s Rage

Night Mother’s Embrace

Late Game Armor

Flanking Strategist

Scavenging Demise

Archer’s Mind

Pillar of Nirn

Deadly Strike

Trial Armor

Poisonous Serpent

Arms of Relequen

Road of Alkosh

Tooth of Lokkestizz

Quick Serpent

Monster Armor





Weapon Damage Glyph: It enhances the overall damage of your weapon

Precise Traits: Enhancement of weapon damage and also critical

Stamina Glyph (Divine Trait): For the Armor, you need to get this Glyph along with the trait of Divine and in return, you will get better stamina.


Bloodthirsty: This trait enhances execution phase damage for bosses. In this phase, bosses are truly the deadliest and the Bloodthirsty enhances your damage considerably.

Weapon Damage Glyph: It enhances the overall damage of your weapon

Final Verdict for Necromancer Stamina DPS Build

There is a lot of fun in playing the Necromancer DPS Builds as they are versatile, have high damage abilities, and are stronger in comparison to the Magicks substitutes. Necromancer Stamina DPS Build is a high damage build but lacks durability. For this reason, it is a recommended PvE Build in which you have your allies to back to cover you up.

You can also go Solo in this build if you have enough resistance and healing by your side. While you can get by a change of abilities to Summoner Armor, Resolving Vigor, and so on.

Last but not least, your main concern should be working with the two rotations of enemies with more than 50 percent health and enemies with less than 50 percent health. The division of abilities and playstyle should be according to this division.

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