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FFXIV Dawntrail Everkeep Extreme Trail (Zoraal Ja) Guide

Welcome, brave adventurers, to the ultimate challenge awaiting you in Eorzea! Get ready for the FFXIV Dawntrail Everkeep Extreme Trail Guide, your essential companion to mastering the daunting trials of Zoraal Ja Extreme. Whether you're in pursuit of coveted rewards or eager to face off against formidable adversaries, this guide is your key to triumph. Dive deep into expert strategies and tactical insights that will empower you to conquer every challenge that awaits. Are you prepared to prove your skill and claim victory? Let's embark on this epic journey together!

Preparing for the Encounter

Before you face the challenges ahead, ensure you've unlocked the epic encounter with Zoraal Ja Extreme. Visit the Wandering Minstrel in Tuliyollal after completing the main scenario quest to gain access.

Conquering this formidable foe promises great rewards: collect exclusive music tracks, earn a sought-after mount, and acquire potent item level 710 accessories.

Each triumph also grants valuable totems, which you can save for future exchanges and even greater rewards. Gear up and prepare to embark on this thrilling adventure!

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Phase 1: Mastering the Basics

FFXIV Dawntrail Everkeep Extreme Trail (Zoraal Ja) Guide = Phase 1

Phase 1 sets the foundation for your battle against Zoraal Ja, focusing on fundamental mechanics that require precise timing and coordination. This phase tests your ability to react quickly to Zoraal Ja's devastating attacks while maintaining strategic positioning.


Actualize is Zoraal Ja's first move, unleashing a devastating raid-wide assault that demands immediate attention from your healers and defensive specialists. This attack hits the entire party with substantial damage, emphasizing the need for quick response and preparation.

● Brace for Impact: Prepare for the onslaught of massive raid-wide damage.

● Healer Alert: Ensure your healers are ready to respond swiftly to mitigate the damage.

Actualize: Brace for the onslaught of massive raid-wide damage. Stay vigilant and ensure your healers are ready to respond swiftly!

Multidirectional Divide

Following Actualize, Zoraal Ja initiates Multidirectional Divide, a mechanic that divides the battlefield with line AoEs, marking safe and perilous zones. This requires keen observation and quick movement to avoid standing in marked areas and evade incoming assaults.

● Ground Awareness: Watch for emerging lines on the ground indicating incoming attacks.

● Zone Navigation: Move swiftly to safe zones to dodge incoming AoEs effectively.

Multidirectional Divide: Observe the ground for emerging lines that signal impending attacks. Avoid standing in these marked areas to evade incoming assaults.

Backward Half / Forward Half

Zoraal Ja executes Backward Half or Forward Half, swift blade maneuvers that create safe zones within the arena. Pay close attention to the glowing path of Zoraal Ja's sword to position yourself strategically and avoid danger zones effectively.

● Positioning Strategy: Position yourself opposite to Zoraal Ja's sword swing to steer clear of harm's reach.

● Line AoE Awareness: Dodge the subsequent line AoEs with precise movements to avoid taking damage.

Backward Half / Forward Half: Position yourself opposite to Zoraal Ja's sword swing to steer clear of harm's reach. Stay nimble and dodge the ensuing line of AoEs with precision!

Detailed Breakdown:

1. Reacting to Actualize:

○ Prepare defensive cooldowns and healing abilities to mitigate the raid-wide damage.

○ Communicate with your team to coordinate responses to subsequent mechanics.

2. Navigating Multidirectional Divide:

○ Maintain awareness of your surroundings to avoid standing in marked areas.

○ Move quickly and decisively to safe zones as indicated by the line AoEs.

3. Strategic Positioning for Blade Maneuvers:

○ Watch for visual cues indicating the direction of Zoraal Ja's sword swings.

○ Position yourself opposite to the sword's path to stay out of harm's way.

4. Team Coordination:

○ Maintain clear communication to ensure everyone understands their roles and positioning.

○ Support each other by calling out safe spots and coordinating movement.

Key Tips:

● Stay Alert: Remain vigilant throughout Phase 1 to anticipate and react to Zoraal Ja's attacks effectively.

● Quick Responses: Swiftly adjust your tactics based on the evolving battlefield conditions.

● Team Synergy: Foster strong teamwork to navigate through the initial challenges and set the stage for success in subsequent phases.

By mastering the basics of Phase 1, you'll build a solid foundation for tackling the more complex challenges that await in your battle against Zoraal Ja. Keep your focus sharp, adapt to changing circumstances, and work together with your team to achieve victory in this intense encounter.

Phase 2: Tactics and Teamwork

FFXIV Dawntrail Everkeep Extreme Trail (Zoraal Ja) Guide - Phase 2

As the battle with Zoraal Ja intensifies, this is where your teamwork and strategic coordination truly come into play. Welcome to Phase 2, where the stakes are higher, and every move counts.

Zoraal Ja introduces a crucial phase known as the Regicidal Rage. During this phase, Tank Busters are tethered to the tanks, meaning that tanks will need to be particularly vigilant. This is a pivotal moment in the fight, and your team must coordinate effectively to spread out and manage these tethers while remaining vigilant against ongoing ground attacks.

Regicidal Rage:

● Tanks, secure those tethers: As soon as Regicidal Rage begins, tanks will notice that they are tethered to Tank Busters. This means that you need to position yourselves strategically apart from each other to manage the damage effectively.

● Positioning is key: Proper positioning will not only minimize the damage taken but also ensure that the rest of the party remains safe.

● Everyone else, be on high alert: While tanks are managing their tethers, the rest of the party must be on the lookout for additional ground assaults. These ground attacks can come quickly and can be devastating if not avoided.

Next up, prepare for the impending Dawn of an Age. This phase adds another layer of complexity by contracting the arena and introducing crucial visual cues from the surrounding platforms. These platforms are your lifeline, providing vital clues for upcoming maneuvers such as Vollok and Sync. These maneuvers are essential for evading the intricate sword patterns that Zoraal Ja unleashes.

Dawn of an Age:

● Arena Contraction: As Dawn of an Age begins, you'll notice that the arena starts to shrink. This means you have less space to maneuver, making it even more important to stay alert and nimble.

● Visual Cues from Platforms: The platforms around the arena will start displaying visual cues. These cues are crucial as they give hints about the upcoming attacks and where the AoEs (Area of Effects) will land.

● Swift Dodges: The key to surviving this phase is to anticipate where the attacks will be based on the platform indications and dodge swiftly. This will require quick reflexes and keen observation.

By paying close attention to the visual cues and maintaining your coordination, you can navigate through this phase with precision. Remember, communication is vital. Keep talking to your teammates, call out the cues, and ensure everyone is aware of their surroundings.

In summary, Phase 2 is all about tactics and teamwork. From managing Regicidal Rage to navigating Dawn of an Age, every move, and every decision matters. Stay sharp, stay coordinated, and prepare for the next phase of this epic battle!

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Phase 3: Adapting to Challenges

FFXIV Dawntrail Everkeep Extreme Trail (Zoraal Ja) Guide - Phase 3

Phase 3 of the encounter introduces challenges that demand swift adaptation and precise positioning. This phase will test your ability to react quickly and work as a cohesive team. The mechanics here are dynamic and evolving, requiring you to be constantly on your toes.

Greater Gateway

Greater Gateway links outer platforms with tethers, each imparting distinct effects. The platforms aren’t just static obstacles; they influence the battle by changing the behavior of the swords positioned on them. These swords unleash evolving AoE patterns based on their tether types.

● Stay Vigilant: Constantly monitor the platform tethers.

● Adjust Positioning: Move strategically to evade shifting AoE patterns.

● Evolving Patterns: Be prepared for the AoE patterns to change and adapt quickly.

Greater Gateway: Stay vigilant about platform tethers and adjust your positioning to evade shifting AoE patterns effectively.

Blade Warp

Adding another layer of complexity, Blade Warp alters sword properties as they traverse across tethers. This mechanic is dynamic, changing the attack ranges and behaviors of the swords. To survive, you must be agile and swift, ready to adjust your movements at a moment’s notice.

● Watch Attentively: Keep a close eye on the swords as they warp across tethers.

● Stay Nimble: Be prepared to move quickly and avoid the altered attack ranges.

● Dynamic Changes: Adapt promptly to the changing attack patterns to avoid unnecessary damage.

Blade Warp: Watch attentively as swords modify their attack ranges while warping! Stay nimble and respond promptly to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Detailed Breakdown:

1. Understanding Tether Effects:

○ Recognize the type of tether connected to each platform.

○ Identify how the tether influences the sword’s behavior and AoE pattern.

2. Positioning Strategy:

○ Position yourself in safe zones away from evolving AoE patterns.

○ Communicate with your team to ensure everyone is aware of safe spots.

3. Reacting to Blade Warp:

○ Pay attention to the warping swords and their new attack ranges.

○ Stay mobile and adjust your positioning to evade the altered attacks.

4. Team Coordination:

○ Ensure the team stays in constant communication.

○ Share information about safe zones and upcoming AoEs.

○ Support each other by calling out moves and potential hazards.

Key Tips:

● Stay Observant: Always be on the lookout for changes in the environment and attack patterns.

● React Swiftly: Quick reactions can mean the difference between life and death in this phase.

● Communicate: Keep the lines of communication open with your team to navigate this phase successfully.

Phase 4: Final Trials and Triumph

FFXIV Dawntrail Everkeep Extreme Trail (Zoraal Ja) Guide - Phase 4

As you near the end of the battle, Zoraal Ja will bring out his most challenging moves yet. This phase will test every ounce of your skill, teamwork, and determination. The stakes are higher, and the pressure is immense, but with the right strategy, you can emerge victorious.

Projection of Triumph

Projection of Triumph summons multiple swords across the arena. These swords are not merely for show; as beams pass over them, they trigger dangerous AoE effects.

This mechanic transforms the battlefield into a chaotic maze of hazards, where every step could be your last. To survive, you must stay agile and alert, constantly monitoring the arena for the beams and the AoEs they trigger.

Quick reflexes and sharp awareness are your best allies here.

● Stay Agile: When beams pass over the swords, AoEs will trigger.

● Monitor the Arena: Keep an eye on the beams and AoEs.

● Move Swiftly: Dodge the incoming attacks to survive this chaotic phase.

Projection of Triumph: Be agile! When beams pass over the swords, AoEs will trigger. Keep an eye on the arena, move swiftly, and dodge the incoming attacks to survive this chaotic phase!

Duty's Edge and Burning Chains

Next, brace yourself for Duty's Edge and Burning Chains. These mechanics are a true test of your team’s coordination and resilience.

1. Duty's Edge

○ Deals significant damage to the entire party.

○ Have all your healing and defensive abilities ready.

○ Healers must keep everyone alive through the onslaught.

2. Burning Chains

○ Links players together.

○ Requires precise coordination.

○ Move in unison to minimize damage and avoid harmful status effects.

Duty's Edge and Burning Chains: Stick together and heal through the onslaught. Coordinate your movements carefully to manage the chains and minimize damage and harmful status effects.

Final Push

In this final phase, every player's actions count. The intensity of the battle will push you to your limits, but it’s crucial to remain focused and use your abilities wisely.

● Effective Communication: Ensure everyone is on the same page and ready to respond to each challenge.

● Stay Determined: Keep your resolve strong and fight with everything you have.

● Teamwork: The key to victory lies not just in individual skill, but in how well you work together as a unit.

Enrage - Last Everkeep Extreme Zoraal Ja’s Phase

Enrage - Last Everkeep Extreme Zoraal Ja’s Phase

As the battle nears its climax, brace for Zoraal Ja's Enrage phase. This is the final test of your skills and endurance. Zoraal Ja will unleash his most powerful attacks, giving you only a short window to bring him down.

Enrage: It's all or nothing now! Focus your efforts, use every skill and resource you have, and finish strong to claim victory against Zoraal Ja Extreme.


Congratulations on mastering the challenges of Zoraal Ja - FFXIV Dawntrail Everkeep Extreme Trail! Follow the phases step by step to gain victory over the infamous Zoraal Ja, and get various rewards.

Check out more FFXIV guides, and if you have a specific request, let us know in the comments section down below.

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