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Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster Guide

Beastmaster is an excellent job of Charming the monsters, yet, not much used as a massive playstyle. But can’t deny that the Beastmaster makes impressive damaging moves using the pet. Also, it works as a decent tank. But, again, the strength and weaknesses of the party or solo playing differ for the Beastmaster. So, this guide has all the details about FFXI Beastmaster and the gameplay tips for skilling you up in this trait.

About Beastmaster 

Beastmaster is all about carrying armor in one hand and a pet in the other hand then, causing heavy damage to the opponent. Races of Beastmaster like Hume go right with two stats Intelligence and Charisma. Its strength and agility support the player in playing solo. Tarutaru has the highest MP supply as well as the highest intelligence. Elvaan also possesses great strength and dexterity with the highest Charisma and manages the low Magic Skill. Mithra covers the deficiency of Elvaan. Having decent intelligence for Tame manages the lack of Charisma. The Galka Race meets great HP and vitality even to defend but has comparatively less Charisma.

Being the best solo playstyle, the class can also be played without a pet or as a damage dealer, though having a pet makes it more affecting.

Final Fatasy XI Beastmaster

How to unlock Beastmaster?

There are multiple cut-scenes one needs to go through to get the Beastmaster. After reaching level 30, you’ll get the portal quest. It starts from the Lower Jeuno, G-11. There you’ll find a cut-scene of a house and, after that, Shallot in Upper Jeuno, Chocobo stables will give the required information to proceed ahead. After that, on Qufim Island, some flowers or the crops secured by Kraken will be examined. 

When you are done with the checking, using silent oil, you can sneak out of that place to Jeuno. Lastly, with the last cut-scene, you will be leveled up as Beastmaster. By the quest, you’ll be able to collect some Gil (The in-game economy) and a beast whistle. In the gameplay, the killing license through the main quest offers 1100 Gil on each run with some conditions and can be regenerated for 1000 Gils.

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Equipping Beastmaster

Beastmaster needs to change the gear equipment during a fight to cause enough damage, so the versatile gear selection should be there with chosen weapons. It generally holds a one-handed Axes or a Scythes with the monster. And for the gears, Charisma is most needed to resist damaging attacks. 

Although level-wise, different Axes and Scythes are provided in the game, you can still use the old Axe and the moves if you are most efficient. Yet, the combination of Armor for the head, body, legs, and shield should be considered. The major equipment other than pets is Brass Axe, Maple Shield, Battleaxe Platoon Axe, Zaghnal, etc.

There is Artifact gear that provides a boost to the skills of a player. From level 45 to 60, the equipment develops every 2 levels. It goes through 3 major quests that are AF1, AF2, and Af3.

Final Fatasy XI Beastmaster Guide

AF1 (Wings of Gold)

It starts at level 40 with Barbaroi Axe. The quest is aimed to get the chest key by defeating Wallwatchers, Torturers, and Spirekeepers at Delkfutt’s Tower. Then, again returning to Jeuno for the chest that will give the Barbaroi Axe.

AF2 (Scattered into Shadow)

It starts at level 50, where you talk to Brutus for the next quest, and you will be given a key element to place at three ponds of Fei’Yin. Then, you will level up by completing the cut-scenes and killing the ghosts. Then the quest completion will finally give you the Beast Gaiters from the chest.

AF3 (A New Dawn)

You must travel from upper Jeuno to Batallia Downs, killing opponents and carrying the monsters. By level 60, a key would have been achieved to open the chest and get the reward of Beast Trousers.

Pets for Beastmaster

Pets are also called beasts or monsters that work as side equipment for the Beastmaster. These pets don’t attack until they are ordered to. There are two types of pets: a charm pet and a jug pet, where the charm pets are more vital. Pets belong to various families like rabbits, crabs, sheep, flytraps, tigers, mandragora, etc. The charms help to gain XP, and killing with the charmed pet gives a 30% penalty to the Beastmaster. In the case of jug pets, the ability does not follow the levels. Therefore, the jugs of lower levels can perform better than the higher ones. The only perk is the higher-level jug pets have some extra powers.

Leveling up Beastmaster

Leveling up the Beastmaster includes completing quests, hunting, and defeating the opponent. Then, the payer must go through the tasks to grow. Yes, the process can be more straightforward with advanced equipment and monsters.

Level 0-20

From the beginning, it is recommended to use charming because it will help to avoid heavy damage. From level 5, the charm is unlocked, and you can use it with your things. However, applying it to the monsters is most beneficial. For some point, if you don’t want to use the charm, the west side can be handled without it. The weapon choice for the early should be an Axe and a shield.

Charming the worms is considered a bad idea and a waste of energy as they will not listen to the master and cause no benefit. The pets can be used from level 15. Even if you are solo, you should keep going and have more fights and quests completed.

Level 20 to 40

The Valkurm is unlocked from level 20, and throughout the game, you will pass through so many locations like Qufim and Yuhtunga. Parties will be there because soloing is more likely to benefit in case of pets. From level 23 to 30, some beast features like adding weapons to the pets and calling the beasts will be added. The summoned beasts are comparatively weaker but can be helpful in low situations. From level 30 to 40, carrying an entirely charming pet is more recommended.

Level 40 to 75

Stronger opponents will show up with the increment of level. You’ll get into the battles with your upgraded pets with the regular quests. Level 45 will give Snari, and you can transfer your enmity to call pets. And obviously, this will make your solo playing easier. The AF gear upgrade is also a part of these levels. This will give an extra 10% HP and Charm. Lastly, when you are done collecting all the pets and the armors, the gameplay from levels 60 to 75 will have a great experience though soloing may cause a bit of difficulty.

Final Fatasy XI Beastmaster LEvelling

Additional tips

Beastmaster gets most of the bonus from killing. The solo playing has the role of taming the pets, and at parties, the game can be played with the choicest sub jobs. Self-destructing creatures with less than 50% experience will be destructed with the survival bomb for the Beastmaster. To save this, the Beastmaster can increase the experience with a 30% penalty for having a pet. For soloing, White Mage can be the best party playing, and Ninja can be a great choice of Subjobs.

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