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Final Fantasy XI Red Mage Guide

Out of the six base vocations in FFXI, Red Mage is among the game's most adaptable professions. They are masters of enfeebling magic, but they can also simultaneously excel at various other skills, including melee damage, elemental magic damage, healing magic, and party assistance. You might not be able to outperform positions focusing on those other fields, but you can still be a strong contender. A Red Mage's spell repertoire consists of black and white magic spells that can be used for various purposes, such as sleep, haste, and cures. Swords and daggers are the most effective weapons for the role, while it can also employ other weapons to varying levels of effectiveness and utility.

With so many equipments at their disposal, Red Mages are extremely skilled soloists who don't need much assistance.

Race and job combinations

Please be aware that while choosing a job, race should be the last consideration. Everything that is being said is greatly exaggerated. In many cases, a simple equipment can help compensate for a race's minor stat deficiency. Each race also receives "Race Specific Equipment," or "RSE," which increases its stats to the same level as or higher than those of other races.

FFXI Red Mage


Here, the jack of all crafts meets his match. Due to its versatility, the Red Mage requires a lot of stats to be satisfied. Hume doesn't give in at all, especially in intelligence, mind, and MP, where it counts the most. On the other hand, Hume doesn't lack anything, not even with the less essential stats like HP, strength, dexterity, and agility. Humes look great with the Lv. 60 artifact cap as well. Best of all, if you have largely excellent race-specific gear for it. A winning job-race mix.


The Elvaan race is exceedingly religious and hence intelligent. For Red Mages, the mind is a handy stat because it dramatically increases the effectiveness of the White Magic-based cures, enfeebles, and impacts like Stoneskin. Other gear can easily compensate for Elvaan's lack of MP and IQ. You won't struggle to stay alive with all of your HP and vitality, either. And because of your enhanced strength stat, soloing will go more quickly.


Tarutaru will benefit significantly from having the most excellent MP and intellect in the Vana'diel universe. Your job skill Convert won't have any unnecessary HP because of the lesser HP that comes naturally and the greater MP pool. In terms of MP, you can easily outlast any other Red Mage. The Black Magic enfeebles and nukes will be more effective if you have intelligence. The Tarutaru Red Mage's lack of intellect is the only drawback, although there is plenty of equipment to make up for it.


Also, a Mithra Red Mage is a solid choice. Mithra plays very much like Humes, albeit a little less intelligently. The cats also benefit from their average intelligence and abundant dexterity and agility, which enable them to go it alone and level up. You cannot go incorrect with Mithra, just like you cannot with any other race. This race's incredible race-specific body gear is even superior to the artifact handpieces at Lv. 54 is one of its best features. It compensates for the slightly inferior thinking and raises the already high MP.


With a large hit-point pool and intense vitality levels, the giant brutes have a strong mind, mediocre intelligence, and the highest survivability of all races. Even their agility is respectable. Galka Red Mages' small MP reserves are their only drawback. However, there is never a game equipment shortage that increases MP. By Lv. 33, Galka is at ease with probably higher MP than Tarutaru, thanks to your complete race-specific equipment and a set of Astral Rings. Astral Rings won't deplete Galka's HP to the point that one-hit KO is the best part.

Job Abilities

Chainspell (Lvl 1)

Your initial power for one hour. When activated, all magic you perform for 60 seconds will be instantaneous (also known as Quick Magic) and require no recasting. The recast times of any spells cast before employing Chainspell will not be reset. When wearing a Duelist's Tabard +2 or better, the duration can be increased by 20 seconds.

Convert (Lvl 40)

Through this skill, you will be able to restore your MP by switching your present HP and MP in a 1:1 ratio. Use Stoneskin or use it in a safer area away from conflict. Merits can shorten recast times, while the Mythic weapon Murgleis can increase the HP to MP ratio.

Composure (Lvl 50)

For the succeeding two hours, all spells that boost self-targeting and have a typical duration of fewer than thirty minutes have their duration tripled at the expense of a 25% improvement on all subsequent casts of magic. A bonus for accuracy is also provided. When you zone, it vanishes despite its absurdly lengthy duration, but any spells previously cast on you retain their longer durations until they didn't also wear off. Composure's bonus from Estoqueur's Armor Set +2 (or greater) allows her to extend the magic duration of allies by 10% for each item she equips. With higher percentages, some items, such as the Vitiation Tabard +3 and the Atrophy Gloves +3, surpass this set benefit.

Saboteur (Lvl 83)

At level 83, Red Mages can acquire it. It boosts the effectiveness of magic and the length and impact of enfeebling magic. Additionally, it makes an Immunobreak more likely. It lasts for 60 seconds and can be cast again every 3 minutes.

Spontaneity (Lvl 95)

Red Mages in Final Fantasy XI can learn the job skill spontaneity (level 95). It lasts for 60 seconds and can be recreated once every ten minutes. It also cuts the recharge time of the previously used spell in half and decreases the cast duration of the target's subsequent spell to zero. However, it does not cancel out Manawell's effects.

Stymie (Lvl 96)

Another 1-hour skill of a Red Mage. If your victim has no complete immunity that would cause a "Resist!" message, your subsequent enfeebling magic spell will certainly land. 60 seconds or till a magic spell that renders someone helpless is cast.

Shield and weapon

Simply locate an excellent short sword and a solid shield. As long as you have something to benefit your shield talent, the shield isn't too crucial. Even though your finest weapon talent isn't a Rank A at the lower levels, you can still strike hard and cause decent damage. But as the stages go, you'll gradually find that you begin to miss far too frequently and don't harm those "ITs" nearly enough. Then, so that you may switch as necessary, you might want to retain both an excellent sword and a decent club.

FFXI Red Mage Guide

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  • Can wield their weapon and both Black Magic and White Magic. Red mages with the proper gear can also engage in melee combat; however, doing so in public is debatable.

  • The best enhancing and enfeebling magic.

  • Ability to Dispel enemy buffs.

  • Red Mages can defeat many foes by themselves thanks to Phalanx and Stoneskin.

  • One of just two professions that can employ enspells.

  • Much faster casting times are possible using Fast Cast.

  • They acquire Refresh at level 41, which grants them 3 MP every 3 seconds for a maximum of 150 MP. The Red Mage can start acting as a Healer in a team thanks to this spell, which grants them almost limitless MP.

  • Given adequate patience and time, Red Mage can solo many challenging creatures, even the "elemental" Avatars, due to possessing the maximum Enhancing and Enfeebling talents.

  • One of just two professions that can employ enspells.

  • One of just two professions that can employ enspells.

  • One of just two professions that can employ enspells.


  • The effectiveness of magic and melee skills is inferior to that of highly skilled jobs.

  • Typically plays a healer job in greater level EXP parties and an assist role in EXP groups.

  • Red Mages recover MP more slowly than other mage classes before level 40.


Due to their ability to fill the void between Black and White Mages and their unique set of different skills, Red Mages are extremely useful. They can deal respectable damage with swords thanks to their proficiency, albeit not to an astonishing extent. But where they excel is in augmenting and enfeebling, where they may increase the talents of their allies and themselves and inflict crippling status diseases on the opposition.

FFXI Red Mage Gameplay

Red Mage Legend

The hilly region of Gyr Abania is situated on the eastern border of Abalathia's Spine.

When a blazing star led them away from the dangerous floodwaters of the Sixth Umbral Calamity, mankind sought refuge in these upper lands. Refugees from the magical civilizations of Amdapor and Mhach were among the surviving who had collected from near and far.

These vowed rivals abandoned their black-and-white robes and buried their past for the benefit of the present. The ruins of their arts served as the foundation for a new discipline, and the initial red mages emerged carrying rapiers to combat the advancing tides of destruction.

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