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Final Fantasy XIV Gearing Guide

If you've ever played an RPG, you know that a sizable selection of equipment and weaponry is available. Each of them is superior to the others. The statistics keep rising, and thousands of damaged units start to appear. Having said that, a basic and functional build necessitates a few certain pieces of equipment. As you prepare to go on raids during the endgame and acquire the awards from higher tiers, it's much the same in FFXIV. We will be covering available gear sets in our FFXIV guide so that you know what to shoot for.

There is no scarcity of gear in RPG games. The moment you get a hold of the game, you find new armor at every opportunity, and FFXIV is no different. We currently have a range of armor parts and weapons with various item levels.

FFXIV Gearing

Moonward Weapons & Armor

First, according to our FFXIV Gear guide, Endwalker marked the introduction of the Moonward equipment, the first tier of endgame gear. It has an item level of 570, and players initially utilized it to be ready for the expansion's first round of the Extreme Trials. In their trials, Zodiark and Hydaelyn provided the expansion a small glimpse of the endgame. Moonward is among the most excellent option with a 560-level item requirement.

With Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism, you can pay Cihanti for the Moonward equipment. One can obtain these Tomestones by completing the following trials, quests, and dungeons.


  • The Dead Ends

  • The Stigma Dreamscape

  • Smileton


  • The Final Day

  • The Minstrel's Ballad Zodiark's Fall and Hydaelyn's Call


  • The First Circle

  • The Second Circle

  • The Third Circle

  • The Fourth Circle

Divine Light Weapons

Since the Endwalker was released, these particular weapons have been accessible in-game as trial rewards during the endgame. In addition, one Umbral Totem is given to players who complete The Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call as a prize. This loot comprises a Mount, an orchestration roll material, a random Item Level 580 weapon, a crafting material, and a weapon coffer.

The weapon coffer and the weapons in them are guaranteed drops; however, the rarity of the last three items varies. Additionally, 10 Umbral Totems and Divine Light Weapons can be exchanged of your choosing.

Eternal Dark Accessories

You receive endgame gear after completing the initial set of Extreme Trials, much like it has since Stormblood. You combine parts from different clusters of gear sets and now brace yourself for the very first "Savage Raid Tier" after using these gear pieces to get ready for the first tier of regular raids.

These accessories can be enhanced with 1 Materia per item and have sub-state values that are relatively high. You should combine Astronomy Tomestones with available Classical accessories to get the best option because you can only receive 450 of them each week. You must complete the Main Scenario Quest to a particular point to obtain the job gear in Endwalker. "Old Sharlayan's The Agora," a shop close to the Aetheryte square, will be unlocked at this time during the 89th-level missions. You cannot skip this as a plot element but can disregard it.

Endwalker Job Artifact Gear

Once you've attained Level 89 in the right job, you can purchase these from the shop. You should be aware that there is an option to color them. When you reach a specific point in the 85th level of main Scenario missions, Radz-at-Job Han's Role Quests become available. The first set of Extreme Trials' minimum Item Level requirement is met with this Artifact Gear, which has a 560 score. Although fashion taste is always a personal preference, it also acts as good glamour.

Classical Gear

The components of Classical gear are available in the market on the boards as players create them. At first, the costs were incredibly expensive, but now have subsequently significantly decreased. Due to strong demand and complex crafting requirements, it has become customary for created gear to cost high whenever there is an introduction of a new tier for raiding. To get the best deal, make sure to explore all the worlds that are available to you through your data center. The item level of this category of equipment is 580. Item Level 580 is currently in the center, with 600 being the highest. Weapons made by Asphodelos (Savage) have the most significant overall gear score (605).

You can buy Gils using real money to get these weapons and equipment quickly in the game.

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FFXIV Gearing Guide

Limbo Gear – Pandaemonium: Asphodelos

It had a 580-item level when Pandaemonium was released, and it was introduced in the game. It presently has a weekly limiting, just like all other raid gear. Each raid only allows players to earn one item, so they should prepare ahead of time and know what they need to acquire the gear.

A minimum of 2 treasure coffers with a count of 7 loot items are dropped by each Circle of Asphodelos. By finishing all four regular raids, you can find the ensuing Unsung items in treasure coffers.

    • Ring of Asphodelos

    • Armor of Asphodelos

    • Greaves of Asphodelos

    • Gauntlets of Asphodelos

    • Helm of Asphodelos

    • Chausses of Asphodelos

To obtain the suitable Limbo gear for each slot, you require 2 of each of the gauntlets, greaves, and helm, 4 pieces of chausses, and unsung armor to complete the Limbo upper and lower gear. However, the Limbo attachments just need one unsung ring.

Radiant Gear

The debut of PandaemoniumAsphodelos coincided with the addition of this range of equipment (Savage). We've already mentioned that Tomestones of Astronomy is the sole way to obtain it. According to the way the FFXIV gear system operates, there exists just one type of Tomestone available following the arrival of an expansion. The second variant is available along with the introduction of Savage raids. The best gear following the Savage gear is acquired using this variation, which has a weekly maximum of 450.

Furthermore, materials earned from the first level of the Savage raids can be used to upgrade Radiant gear to the 600th level. Radiant's Coating, Radiant's Twine, and Radiant's Roborant are the names of these materials. The roborants and twines are made in use for armor parts, and the coating is needed to enhance your Radiant accessories.

Asphodelos Gear– Pandaemonium (Savage)

Players receive the Asphodelos gear as a reward for completing content offered from the highest tier. The gear you get from finishing Savage raids would always be considered the best for you, keeping in mind your category, as it always has been. However, there will undoubtedly be instances where its contemporaries will represent the best you should pursue.

The first stage of Endwalker's Savage raids consists of four encounters, each containing the armor for one of your armor slots. You receive the "Asphodelos Mythos I" after completing The First Circle, and Djole will exchange it for 600-level accessory items. These can also have two Materia added to them. Remember that each fight awards you with one Mythos for the next week. The weapons obtained from The Fourth Circle have an item level of 605, but the gear from Asphodelos comes with a level of 600. Due to their appearance, these weapons may not impress everyone, yet when it comes to stat numbers, they are the best you can get. Completing The Fourth Circle will also provide you access to the Phoinix mount. A lovely reward for all the pain we go through.

Final Fantasy XIV Gearing

Additional Points to Consider


In FFXIV discussions, skill and spell speed are frequently brought up. However, there cannot be a single best value for these two sub-statistics. This is because everyone has different values for latency. Furthermore, as is well known, latency is also prone to change, which can be problematic for online gaming.

Community Assets

Check out The Balance if you're unsure of how to create your setup or just want to select a ready-made option. The Discord server is community-run and has a tonne of information for all your professions. These resources also include the Disciples of Hand and Land libraries along with the Disciples of War and Magic materials.

Progression of Gear

On the such concept, FFXIV's gear system is founded. As soon as you hit the maximum level, your gear's item level starts to matter. This aspect is enhanced throughout patches until the launch of the new expansion, after which the cycle is repeated.

New gear and a new Tomestone gear variation were released with each raid tier. These Savage raid resources, later made available through allied raids, are used to augment this Tomestone gear. When a new gear variant with a weekly cap is released, the previous ones are replaced.

Prioritizing Stat

The stat priority structure should shift your attention from Main Stat to Sub Stats. After giving your main damage stat top priority, you must choose and concentrate on the sub-stats your job requires. You must prioritize Critical Hit and Determination as a Machinist while keeping an eye on your Direct Hit Rate. It is not your intention to ignore Direct Hit. In Final Fantasy XIV, there is discussion over stats divided into two categories: sub/secondary and main. After Dexterity, this particular stat affects the amount of damage to enemies.

This concludes our discussion on FFXIV's Gearing. We hope it has improved your comprehension of how this MMORPG's gearing-up system operates. 

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