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Final Fantasy XIV Mining Guide
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Final Fantasy XIV Mining Guide

Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV is a continent rich in resources, both natural and man-made. But you'll need to put in some effort if you want a share of that money for yourself. This FFXIV Beginner's Mining Guide will teach you how to maximize your pickaxe-powered collecting career.

You will begin your adventure with a quest, just like any Job in Eorzea. You may pick up the way of the Miner quest from the front desk at the Miners' Guild in Ul'dah. Take note of the worn pickaxe you received from the guild master. The pickaxe is the preferred tool for the Miner position, at least initially. Later, you'll receive a sledgehammer to aid in purging the world of its mineral goodness. However, the dependable pickaxe will still be the critical tool during the entire process.

Basics before you start

You should make sure you have a horse so you can travel. You will go across hills and dales while mining, which requires a lot of walking and sporadic sprinting. Once you complete the Level 20 quest "The Company You Keep," which is part of the main questline, you will join one of the Grand Companies of Eorzea. To obtain your very own Chocobo mount, only finish the subsequent "My Little Chocobo" quest.

You'll be searching the environment for nodes for gathering resources, typically rocks, boulders, or other hard surfaces where minerals prefer to hide. Prospect will help you locate them, and Lay of the Land will show you where they are. Then, you right-click them when you get there to begin the gathering procedure.

Every item has two variations, regular and high grade, as in all gathering professions (HQ). Crafters benefit significantly from high-quality materials since they find it simpler to produce high-quality copies of the goods they create. Therefore, it seems that the HQ resources you collect cost more money. Take what you will from that.

Final Fantasy XIV Mining

About nodes and quests

The guild master will assign you to the "My First Pickaxe" class quest, which asks you to harvest copper ore in Western Thanalan. Pay close attention since the hundreds of hours ahead of you will be built upon what you learn here.

The goods in Gathering Nodes may be found scattered worldwide, just like with other Disciples of the Land. However, you're in luck since they spawn (and respawn) in clusters and various sorts of ore typically collect in the exact locations, saving you from having to go on the proverbial "wild goose chase."

Final Fantasy XIV Prospect ability

When you use your Prospect ability, the nodes appear as a helpful pickaxe icon on your minimap. You'll get the Lay of the Land ability after you reach Level 3; this is probably shortly after completing the "My First Pickaxe" quest. This skill will direct you to the closest node. You then leave for the races. Every few levels or so, a new class mission will become available; make sure to pick it up from the guild master. They often introduce you to new resources and regions and provide you with enough experience for a level.

Every Disciple of the Land and Disciple of the Hand Jobs, or collecting and making, collaborate harmoniously. You may either look for a craftsman needing raw materials or store the resources you're acquiring for future crafting projects. Check if they won't accept a deal for finished goods or Gil. In the process, you can meet someone or discover a free company. In the worst situation, you can always sell the supplies for some Gils on the market. If you still need more Gils for purchasing equipment and upgrades, you can always buy them for real money. 

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Final Fantasy XIV Mining Level Up

Above 50 Mining levelling guide

You'll get access to some special possibilities to shake things up after you reach Level 50. For example, mining has hidden things that make it even more of a treasure hunt because level 50+ collecting nodes include rare, unique goods. Then there are the pristine, legendary, and clouded mineral deposits, which are extremely rare.

The time of day and the weather are two factors that disclose these cryptic mining locations. As you level up while the Truth of Mountains ability is active, you could stumble into one of these rare deposits containing even rarer goods for you to collect.

Final Fantasy Mining - Collectibles

These secret mining sites can be found depending on the time of day and the weather. While the Truth of Mountains ability is active, you could come into one of these uncommon deposits that contain even more extraordinary items to acquire as you level up.

The target collectability level of the item must be balanced against the node's integrity. If you push the node too far, you won't have an opportunity to receive the item. Due to their high standards for quality, the types of collectors who are interested in such products will only reward you if it does. Increase the item's collectability to the appropriate level by using your minigame-specific skills, such as Scour, Brazen Prospector, Meticulous Prospector, and Scrutiny, but keep an eye on the item's integrity. Make sure there is enough left for you to benefit. Then trade it in at a Collectible Appraiser at any Scrip Exchange to receive Scrips that may be exchanged for special tools, supplies, and other benefits.

The miner rotation tactics

Approach a new region when Prospect is active, utilize Lay of the Land to locate the closest mining nodes, then start digging. Keep Truth of Mountains on to detect those rare nodes, grab whatever trinkets you find, and grind your way through the Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers regions.

The many materials you'll encounter, from ores to jewels and perhaps some surprises, are likely already recognizable to you. By now, you ought to be able to find some friendly craftsmen with whom you may trade, or (if all else fails), you can sell your wares on the Market Board for gold or save them for use in your upcoming projects.

Along with talents, you'll level up and pick up passive qualities that generally increase your chances of finding things and their yields or otherwise enhance your abilities. They automatically activate since they signify your growing professional competence and don't require special decision-making.

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