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Fractured Online Crafting Guide

Player crafting is a big part of Fractured Online. There is no random item drop from mobs; new equipment must be made or traded with other players. In addition, Fractured Online's implementation of crafting differs significantly from that of other sandbox games in that it is exclusively connected to towns and individual plots. 

First, there is no concept of making or resource-gathering abilities; therefore, any player may theoretically manufacture any item and gather any resource. The accessibility of the resources needed to create such a craft restricts a player. If your location has the technology, you might build those facilities on your plot or in a city that has developed the necessary technology.

Basic Crafting

The crafting window is available to all players right now. There, among other things, people can make arrows and bandages. You can also make various weapons, such as swords and bows, from this level. Unfortunately, using this panel for crafting, you can only produce crude, low-quality weapons, which is a shame.

Contrary to what is stated in the Book of Knowledge, it is theoretically feasible to update essential tools, yet, this will not impact how well our creations turn out.

It is straightforward to utilize the crafting panel itself. A list of the blueprints available for you to use to make products can be found on the left. A list of the raw materials required to make the weapon is listed on the right, along with a description of the weapon. You can make one or many copies using the buttons on the panel, which are also present.

Fractured Online Crafting

Advance Crafting 

"Advanced crafts" refers to all crafts that call for a crafting station. Over the simple ones, these goods have a few advantages. For example, there is a far wider variety of equipment; they usually have higher stats and greater durability. Depending on the materials used in the making process, they gain additional attributes and may be further charmed on an enchantment table. 

Visit the proper crafting station to begin crafting one of these things, and a crafting screen including all of the station's craftable goods will appear. The next step is choosing the material after you've located the object you want to make. Once you've found the object you want to make, you must choose the material. You can choose various materials by clicking on the ingot, fabric, leather, or wood displayed as a need. But some materials are not easily accessible or easy to obtain. So you can either go for the hard way or just follow our website to get the Gold coins to buy these items.

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City Crafting 

Player crafting is a big part of City Crafting Fractured Online. Only crafting and inter-player trading can be used to gain equipment. Advanced items must be created using crafting stations, which can be used once a player has unlocked them in a city. Every continent is separated into regions, and cities can be created in any of these regions.

A group of gamers can create a settlers group of 20 people to claim an unclaimed city in an area. Once the city has been established, it can start advancing in the tech tree by earning more ranks (via food and gold). Some of these technologies will open up new smithies and stations for crafting. All plots in the area will have access to technology once a city has unlocked it.

Fractured Online Town Hall


You must strengthen the mastery of your skills and use city-level technology to produce goods of a higher grade. You must utilize one of the city's crafting stations to access that city's technology. Alternatively, if you have a plot there, you can just use the crafting station in your home. Each time you utilize a crafting station, you'll have to pay gold for your creations. The minimal quantity of gold needed is:

  • Tier 1 armour: 100 (x2 for the chest)

  • Tier 2 armour: 300 (x2 for the chest)

  • Tier 1 weapon: 50 (x1.5 if 2-handed)

  • Tier 2 weapon: 400 (x1.5 if 2-handed)

  • 50 for shield tier 1.

  • Shield tier 2: 400

To symbolise the supplies used in the craft, this gold is merely sunk; it does not travel to the city. In addition, a tax may be imposed on it by the region's governor. This tax is determined as a percentage of the base gold price and is paid to the city:

Additional Gold Cost None 0% Governor Tax Level

  • Low 25%

  • Medium 50%

  • High 75%

  • Exceptional 100%

The gold costs involved in creating cannot be avoided; they still apply if you craft in your home. The only goods you can create from your inventory that don't cost gold are primitive ones, and even those are always of poor quality.

Crafting areas

On your plot, you can only make simple goods. Only municipalities are permitted to establish advanced crafting stations. Only some buildings are capable of performing advanced craftsmanship. If you grant access to other players, they can utilize your crafting facilities.

Fractured Online Crafting Guide

Races and crafting

Due to their claws, beastmen can make some simple objects and gather resources without using tools. There are no disadvantages in crafting, but some races do have some advantages.

No matter what race made an item, it will look the same. For example, a steel longsword forged by a Beastman resembles a longsword forged by a Human or a Demon in appearance.

Any race can make any object. A Beastman can create a formula for a demon, and so forth. The only exception to this rule is magic, some of which are linked to particular gods and alignments.


There are metal alloys, of course. Resources don't have tiers. So there will be scarcer resources than common ones, but they probably won't be much better. Bosses and other PvE content are sources of materials, of course.


You can learn every recipe for creating. There are no areas of expertise. There are no restrictions on the amount of crafting careers you can have.

Only certain planets can teach you some recipes. Some recipes (and skills) can be discovered by studying artefacts and wisdom from the past. There will be some unusual recipes, but none will only be available to a certain number of players.

There aren't any exclusive, developer-controlled crafting secrets. Your recipes are private. To allow them to study it anyway, you might simply hand the completed object to someone else.

Fractured Online Guide

More details about city crafting

You require crafting stations to create an advanced item. It needs someone researching that technology before you can have a crafting station, and the cities will be the ones to do this.

There are regions on every continent, and cities can be established there. A group of gamers can create a squatter group of 20 people to claim an unclaimed city in an area. Once the city has been established, it can start advancing in the tech tree by earning more ranks (via food and gold).

After the city is established, it can start advancing in the tech tree by earning gold and food, enabling it to access new technologies. Some of these technologies will allow new forges and stations for crafting. Technology will be accessible to all plots in the area once a city unlocks it.


Items can be enchanted. Because the developers dislike RNG, enchants are not random. Potions, spells, and gems can all be used to enchant objects. Some enchantment types depend on your alignment or the deity you worship.


You are not required to play on a particular set of local servers. The developers won't launch regional servers until a sufficient number of players support them. The programmers won't force you to play on idle servers. The same server will host all three worlds.


Pledge packets cannot be acquired or upgraded using in-game methods. The only way to get or enhance things is to buy them. You cannot take from other players' inventories unless you kill them. You will freeze more quickly and endure more electrical harm if wet, among other things. Other players cannot steal your cart.

Building a station for making

Any crafting station that is three blocks to the left or right, three blocks below, or three blocks above the character's head height can be reached by the player. The overall reach, centering below the player, is 8 by 6 blocks.

The person's range for tools or chests, which is about 10 by 9 inches when centred on the player, is shorter than this. Moreover, contrary to the player's object reach, crafting reach cannot be increased with the help of accessories like the Architect Gizmo Pack.

The player's crafting capacity is not an exact quantity. For example, a crafting station 4 blocks away can be reached by pressing up against a wall. However, 2 crafting stations 4 blocks apart on either side are inaccessible. 

You can quickly test this by confining the player to a space two blocks wide with two crafting stations four blocks away; they can only access one station at a time. If the player is pressed up against a wall, their item reach will also increase to 5 blocks. In contrast to crafting reach, interestingly, extending item reach requires the player to be closer to the wall.

How to get to the crafting stations?

A city will probably start constructing crafting stations inside the city once it unlocks the necessary technologies. These crafting stations may be any of the following, subject to the governor's decisions:

  • Open to everybody without charge.

  • Available only to citizens.

  • Accessible to locals and citizens

The governor may also set a separate tax rate for each of these groups. A player who has applied to join the city and been accepted by the governor is said to be a citizen (or vice governor). They have access to all amenities but are typically expected to make some sort of additional contribution to the city.

Alternatively, a player can become a resident to obtain entry to a crafting station even without the governor's consent. The player will access all the city's technological resources if he purchases a private plot in a given area. He can therefore construct his crafting stations on the plot, even though the crafting stations are designed to be inaccessible to inhabitants. This does not stop taxes from being imposed.

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