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Fractured Online Gold Farming Guide

There is always a charm in exploring the unexplored territory, to experience a world still developing and where few people have stepped foot. Fractured Online MMORPG, created by Dynamight Studios and released by Gamigo, is currently in beta testing with a planned release for later in the year. A modest player base already exists in the beta, even though it is not yet complete; new participants can join by purchasing the founder's packs from the game's website. Recently, Fractured Online hosted a free weekly event, making it an excellent time to explore this new world and what it might have to offer prospective adventurers.

In many aspects, Fractured Online is a survival game as much as an RPG. To function at their best, your character will need to eat, relax, and maintain a comfortable body temperature. Unfortunately, since there aren't any NPCs to sell them food or clothing, most of these necessities must be obtained by killing the local fauna and looting their bodies.

Gold, why do you need it?

Yes, Gold is necessary. Those annoying 4000 gold are needed to purchase your first home, and money is also required to make anything that isn't basic. Gold can be beneficial for buying those tasty items from a player's city market. How, then, do you acquire some shiny money, given that you start with nothing?

Defeat humanoid hordes

The answer is always to kill! However, in this instance, you should be cautioned that murdering boars won't get you very far (funny, we don't have boars), as no gold currency has ever magically made its way into their stomachs, and this is true for all animals on all planets. Additionally, there are no NPCs to exchange your worthless treasure for quick money. Instead, you must obtain coins from the icy bodies of intelligent beings if you desire any. This includes elementals, giants, goblins, bandits, trolls, and undead.

Instead of being targeted, combat in Fractured Online is skill-based. In other words, you can't rely on point-and-click fighting or setting targets; you must aim your arrows, swords, and other weapons or talents at the target correctly. Movement is crucial in skill-based combat since you must avoid your enemies' attacks and talents to survive. There are several skills that may be learned, some of which have unique status effects, making fighting always interesting.

Fractured Online Gameplay

Consider Looting

A usual objective for novice players is to explore the area, gather knowledge points, and make some gold to purchase a plot of land on which to build their home. This was promoted mainly because all new characters come with improved player safety from the start of the game, allowing you to explore without worrying about being killed. However, as was already established, Fractured Online is a full loot PvP game, so if you are not careful, doing activities in the open world will soon become perilous.

Purchase orders

Checking players' buy orders at the marketplaces is a significantly more straightforward and less bloody technique to obtain Gold. Orders for items that are readily available locally, such as plants, mushrooms, and local minerals (coal or stone, for example), are frequently found. Kill every rabbit you come across (challenging if you didn't start as an archer or wizard, those pesky critters always attempt to flee; rabbit feet are a highly sought-after item). You can sell a rabbit foot for a very nice price if you locate one (10% probability).

Important tips to consider

Yes, Fractured's PvE can be harsh. As previously mentioned, the game's difficulty significantly increases following the tutorial. It could be challenging to exit it at first, especially if you entered the fight as a melee. Here are some suggestions for things you can do better.

  • The answer is not in the equipment. The majority of new players make this error. A short bow won't improve your basic bow, especially for wizards. However, warriors will want to seize a metal weapon immediately because it will make a noticeable difference. However, equipping your character shouldn't be your priority if you want them to grow stronger.

  • Your PvE experience will be altered entirely by having solid skills. A character skill set comprises 15 memory points; however, after you leave the tutorial, your preset only has half of that amount. Thus you are battling at a reduced capacity. You want to acquire the skills that highlight your physical attributes.

  • Don't spend all your time learning new skills because your talents will greatly assist you. You cannot invest KP on talents for every KP you spend on skills. You will ultimately have more than enough KP for all 60 abilities and a variety of skills, but for the time being, you must set priorities. Take only the required skills, and spend the rest of your money on your talents.


Player crafting is a big part of Fractured. There is no random item drop from mobs; instead, the new equipment must be made or traded with other players. Fractured's crafting implementation differs significantly from other sandbox games in that it is exclusively connected to towns and individual plots. First, there is no concept of crafting or resource-gathering abilities; each player can create any item and gather any resource. The accessibility of the resources necessary to develop such a craft restricts a player. If your location possesses the technology, you could build those facilities on your plot or in a city with the necessary technology.

Primitive Crafting

All simple crafts are always available to all players. Most weapons, some consumables like bandages and arrows, some light armor, and some medium armor are among the simple crafts that may be made without special tools. Thanks to these crafts, the player becomes independent and capable of playing even without access to a crafting station. Simply open your crafting menu, choose the item from the list, and craft it to create these goods. Most of the crafts there just call for little stones, branches, and plant fibers. These resources are all readily accessible.

Advanced Crafting

Advanced crafts are any crafts that call for a crafting station. These products have a few benefits over the more basic ones. There is a far wider variety of equipment kinds; they normally have higher stats and greater durability, they gain additional attributes based on the materials used in the making process, and they can be further enchanted on an enchanting table. A crafting menu including all the items that can be created from that station will appear when you select the right crafting station from which to create one of these items. You must choose the material for the thing you wish to construct after finding it.

Fractured Online Crafting


Coal, other metals, and lumber cannot be carried in your inventory while being mined. Instead, these products are intended to be transported in a wagon or a handcart; both carried on foot (pulled by a horse). Create a wagon to hold the coal discovered next to a coal mine if you currently have a trained horse. Start mining after making the cart so you may fill it with coal.

Important points to consider while looking for Gold

  • Although fighting plays a significant role, Fractured strongly emphasizes travel and exploration. This means that to survive your travel, you must take the appropriate precautions since the environment will kill you if you are not ready.

  • Don't spend too much time in the tutorial area acquiring items. You only bring what you have with you, nothing else.

  • Acquire early horse-taming skills. Create a net so you can tame the first horse you come across and tour the world lot more comfortably.

  • Traveling on roads increases movement speed, but be careful—once the new player status expires, using roads may be hazardous.

  • Use the exploration and knowledge point systems as you travel to your primary destination.

  • If you intend to earn money by selling resources, create a handcart or wagon (if you have a horse) as soon as possible. According to research, settlements buy coal or other valuable metals to sell to them.

  • When you play, set a general objective.

Just in case you need quick Gold to make some purchases, you can always purchase it for real money.

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Fractured Online Mining


The advice mentioned above and techniques will unquestionably assist you, in the beginning, to grow your empire and make some riches. Fractured Online is a sandbox game that only relies on a player-driven economy. Every usable or equipable item in the environment results from player involvement, from harvesting resources to crafting. Players must travel to conduct trade because resources and markets are regionally and town-specific.

Therefore, even while there won't be any novel genre-bending ideas, original mechanics, or, heck, even distinctive opponent designs throughout your time with Fractured Online, that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to leisurely enjoy in this old-school sandbox MMO. However, because of its abundance, Fractured somewhat makes up for its lack of quality. Additionally, the community is the main focus of these games.

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