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Future of Star Citizen: Cargo refactors, Salvaging, New Ships, and More in Star Citizen 3.18

The latest 3.18 update of Star Citizen changed the game forever. It really defined the way things are going to be in the future with Star Citizen. There are tons of major changes now occurring in the game. There are Cargo refactors, Salvaging, New Ships, and much more in Star Citizen 3.18.

For you to catch up with all the information we compiled this Guide where we will discuss all of these things along with some other Major Updates you are going to love. So, buckle up and enjoy the trip.

Coming of Vulture and Corsair in 3.18

New Ships are for sure coming to the 3.18 Update of Star Citizen but did you know what these ships are? Well, for the boat part, Salvaging and Cargo Refracting are the main ones here, meaning the Ships that are coming are going to be related to them in one way or another.

Drake Vulture

This is the guaranteed new ship coming to Star Citizen in its 3.18 Update. It is used for Salvaging and only one person can use it without having to hire another person for other features. 

Using this ship, you can break open the Hulls of Ships through its stem, check the inside, gather the resources and then store them in its own Hull. 

Yes, it is also a miniature version of Reclaimer but Reclaimer isn’t used properly in the game. Before 3.18, the game didn’t have Salvaging, but after 3.18 is going live, you will have both Reclaimer and Vulture as Salvaging Ships in Star Citizen.

Drake Corsair

Unlike Vulture where you can fit only one person inside who pilots the ship and packs the cargo after Salvaging it, the Drake Corsair is another way around. It is a multi-crew ship that has a ton of space and guns to let you fight in space. Fighting is not the theme of Vulture and neither is Reclaimer, but here you get a decent defense mechanism. 

As of before 3.18 we don’t know that much about the Drake Corsair and the things we know aren’t sure because they can easily change around the updates. But, the only thing we know is that you can fight with this ship, as well as carry a ton of cargo. 

3.18 Updates on Cargo Refactor and Salvaging

Aside from getting new ships, the future of Star Citizen revolves around the stabilization of Salvaging and Cargo Refactoring. There are whole changes to these features and how you handle cargo now. 

For the people who were worried about the Future of Salvaging in Star Citizen, don’t worry because the developers got your back. The new Mechanics are Hull Removal, Cutter, Repairing, and so on. Let’s discuss them here!

Removing the Hull

With the updates of Salvaging, now you can remove the Hull of Ships. Using the new ships, Vulture and Reclaimer (Salvaging Ships), you can break open the Hull of Ships and take the Salvage materials out of them. This can also be done by hand using your Salvaging Tools in Star Citizen 3.18.

After collecting the Materials, it is sent to the Refinery that is on your Ship. There, they are converted into Cargo Boxes. You can use the Tractor Beams to move the stuff around because of the massive Multi Tool and afterward you can put them in the Storage room as well. 

Cutting Open with Cutter

Multi-Tool got a whole new attachment which is called a Cutter. Using this you can do welding on the Door Hinges, open the doors, and so on. There are two options; one is free cutting which allows you to make the cut yourself. 

Or you can use it with the Salvage Mechanics in the game, cutting out various components from the Ships like generators, weapons, and other parts. Then, you can sell them out.

Repairing Ships and Equipment

The best feature so far in Star Citizen 3.18 is repairing. Using the Repair Extension on your Multi-Tool, you can now Repair the Ships by hand. The stations that previously worked as means to repair ships are the groundwork for the new repairing features. 

We didn’t actually believe that it was happening, but now that the 3.18 is going live in a few days, we are pretty sure Repairing is an amazing feature being introduced. 

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Future of Star Citizen - What’s Planned after Star Citizen 3.18?

Looking at all the changes in Star Citizen 3.18, we just can’t help ourselves but ask the question. What’s the Future of Star Citizen or what’s coming after Star Citizen 3.18?

For the most part, we know that 3.18 isn’t the end, rather it is the beginning of something amazing for Star Citizen. There are going to be divisions for the 3.18.x like you will get 3.18.1, 3.18.2, and so on with it. There are even 3.19 rumors going around related to Vehicles and Multi Crew Experience. 

So, let’s dive a bit into those topics as well!

New Vehicles after Star Citizen 3.18 Update

This is a mere concept and is based on rumors. We are sure that there aren’t many vehicles except Track Race-related ones in 3.18 but we are sure that around about 3.19, we will be getting a ton of Vehicles. Below we got all of them covered for you.

SRV - Argo

Argo announced their new Ship that quite possibly isn’t related to 3.18, but within 2013 we could experience it. The name is SRV and it comes with a Tractor Bream. Some suggest that SRV is actually a Cargo Ship, but we aren’t sure about it.

The Transport Options, large space, tractor beams, and other design rumors suggest it is going to be a Cargo Ship.

Hull C

Again, we got a concept for the Cargo Ship named Hull C. It is not going to be a small Cargo Ship, but rather a humongous one with Tractor Beam, Massive Container, and Multi Transport options. 

Banu Merchantman

The name might be strange but it is something unique being introduced in Star Citizen after the 3.18 Update. It is more like a Market Centre flying around, having multiple ways to get in and players being able to purchase items. It is a concept and we don’t know what it will bring further on.

Origin X1

Did you love the Hover Bikes in Star Citizen? Well, now we are getting more of those. The one that we are going to mention here is Origin X1 which got rumors about its release. Using it you can go to Moons and even Planets. It might be implemented till 2023 mid (June) or we could get its details by that time.


Honestly, we all needed a Luxury Rover in Star Citizen. Yes, it will come in the patch of 3.18.x, roundabout February 2023 or March 2023. The name’s Lynx and it is a Luxury Ursa Rover. Using it you can rush on the planet's surface, showcasing your richness to other players.


We mentioned Cargo Ships, Luxury Vehicles, and even Hover Bikes, but what’s new for the Fighters? Well, there is a new ship named Santok.yai coming to Star Citizen which is a Medium Military Hunter. It belongs to the species of Aliens and has a ton of fighting capabilities. Nevertheless, it looks remarkable!

Multi Crew Improvements after the 3.18 Update

We already mentioned it in our Future of Star Citizen introduction. There are going to be a lot of Multi-Crew Experience updates rolling out that could change the game for good. Besides getting Vehicles, Ships, and new features, we are getting expanded interaction of crew and how they play beside you.

Three things are known for sure;

  • Resource Management Systems

  • Life Support Systems

  • Computer Blades

Let’s dive deep into them here!

Resource Management Systems in Star Citizen

Physical Components are quite less in Star Citizen, but after the 3.18 Update, we are getting reworked on those with the Resource Management System. In simpler wordings, you can now interact with various things more clearly like Generators, Shields, Coolers, and so on. 

Furthermore, the spectacular thing about this is that you can install parts manually and there is no need for a UI to do things. Along with that, the Crew can now break open ships themselves and put together the Salvage Mechanics. 

For Example, You are out there in a fight and the shield generator goes down. Well, with the implementation of Resource Management Systems in Star Citizen, the Crew got more aggressive, putting out fires themselves and repairing stuff.

Life Support Systems in Star Citizen

Oxygen was a factor in Star Citizen but now it got more serious. Your duty to Balance the oxygen level is essential now. When you are traveling to outer Space in your Ship, the Oxygen Level is distributed to all the areas. 

The distribution is automatic and goes to all the areas equally. But what if there are multiple people at a certain area of the Ship while they are getting Oxygen worth 1 person? This will put them in danger and that’s why you need to Balance the Oxygen Levels in Star Citizen now.

The same goes for the Ships when you take them out without closing them because Oxygen Levels can drop to extreme measures suddenly. The Ship damage and repair system is also affected by this implementation.

Computer Blades in Star Citizen

In the Ship’s Computer, you can go beyond the capabilities of your Computer using the Computer Blades. Using this you can Automate various Tasks. We all experienced this when to perform tasks on the Ship we needed multiple crew members. But now, it can be done alone through the use of Computer Blades. 

An example of it can be; getting a person to use the Ship Torrents before but now they can Automatically Fire around, defending the Ship without any manpower behind. Computer Blades are versatile and you can use them for the Target System and so on.

Final Verdict

The Future of Star Citizen is quite bright and it is in good hands. With the start of 2023, we got tons of news on the Star Citizen 3.18 Updates bringing us the things we gamers requested most. There are Cargo Refactoring, Salvaging, New Salvage Ships, Repairing, Cutting, and tons of updates to make the game truly better. 

When talking about the updates beyond 3.18, we got to experience a ton of new Vehicles and Multi Crew Updates. These things are surely well thought out and targeted by the developers, who want to make this game the best version available to Gamers. So, we can truly say that the Future of Star Citizen is without any doubt exceptional!

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