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Gate of Harmony - Be Part of Great Sailing Event!

Welcome, gamer, to this Gate of Harmony Guide! Here you’ll discover all the secrets about this event in Arkesia, one of the most interesting and profitable sailing events in Lost Ark. 

What is the Gate of Harmony?

The Gate of Harmony is a co-op event that takes place in the vast sea and involves two teams competing in an in-game match. The winning team of this co-op mission is rewarded with some unique items that can be fundamental for the following part of the adventure. To enter the Gate of Harmony, you’ll need a prerequisite item: the Key of Balance, also known as the Key of Harmony.

Where is the Gate of Harmony?

Lost Ark Gate of Harmony is located west of Arthetine, in the Sea of Sceptrum. This sea event is only open on certain days of the week, and at certain times of the day.

Check the calendar on the upper left corner of your screen to ensure when this co-op event starts. Go to Available Content > Sailing to check if the Gate of Harmony is open. If you don’t want to miss the event, you can set the alarm within the calendar to indicate when the event is available.

Remember that to reach this event, you must first unlock sailing by completing the final quest in the East Luterra Storyline called “Set Sail Quest.”

How to Get the Key of Balance in Lost Ark?

Different ships participating in the Catch Jellyfish quest in Lost Ark

To get the Key of Balance, you need to participate in different co-op missions that take place around the North Vern, Annika, and Arthetine. You can get as many Keys of Balance as you want since these items can stack. Then you can use them all up on a single trip to the event’s location.  

To acquire the Key of Balance, complete the mission Drowning People, or the quest Catch Jellyfish. Both missions may reward you with the Key of Balance. Besides, both have definite start times, so you can also set the alarm in the calendar not to miss them.  

The Key of Harmony description in Lost Ark

How to Access Catch Jellyfish or Drowning People Quests

  1. Click on the blue stopwatch icon on the left-hand side of your screen.

  2. A setting icon should appear. Select the small cog in the top right of the menu. Then, scroll down until you see “Sailing.” Click it. 

  3. You’ll find two arrows heading in opposite directions, a black arrow and a white arrow. When you locate the missions, press the left-hand button to select the quest you want to complete first. The timetable and event’s location will be marked on your map.

  4. Choose either Catch Jellyfish or Drowning People and complete it. 

Completing the Sailing Co-Op Quest: Catch Jellyfish

Catch Jellyfish quest in Lost Ark

The goal of this mission is very simple: kill as many jellyfish as possible before the time runs out. The time for this event is 3 minutes, and the goal is to catch at least 390 of these undersea creatures. Every player that takes part in this event contributes to reaching this goal, so the more people participate, the better. 

Shooting undersea creatures involves using your harpoon (W Key) to deal damage to jellyfishes. Each of them will take you around three times. When you kill a jellyfish, flotsam will appear. You can grab it and get between 1-6 Gienah’s Coins.   

Entering the Gate of Harmony, How to use Key of Balance

Gate of Harmony location in Arkesia in Lost Ark

Once the Gate of Harmony is open, use the Key of Balance to enter the portal. Once here, you’ll be transported to the sea arena where the competition will take place along with other players. You and the other players will be assigned into two groups as the Harmony event begins. 

To locate this point of the vast sea, just approach Port Krona located in North Vern and Arthetine. From there, sail northeast until you see a round chasm in the middle of the sea. There you’ll find the Gate of Harmony. Just wait until the event begins but consider the Gate of Harmony spawn times: remember that this event is just accessible during a certain hours of the day.

You can use the Procyon’s Compass to maintain tabs on the availability of the Gate of Harmony. Just open Procyon’s Compass by clicking on the compass icon in the screen's upper right corner. Look for the “Adventure Island” activity tab menu which has “Appareance info.” Just set the alarm to when the event begins. 

What is the Gate of Harmony: Master of the Sea Event?

Several ships competing in the Master of the Sea activity in Lost Ark

At the beginning of this challenge, the sea arena will be split into two. Different creatures will start to emerge from the underwater. The objective of your team is to reach 4,000 points before the other team does. 

Each creature that emerges from the underwater provides a different amount of points, so you should focus on killing the larger creatures that reach the surface of the water. These creatures follow a pattern on the sea arena, so assume a position where you can easily shoot them as they pass by. Furthermore, some creatures mean challenges since they can take away your ship's durability. Keep an eye on these creatures and avoid them. 

The following are the creatures  you can take down in the Master of the Sea event:

  • Jellyfish – 5 points

  • Giant Squid – 30 points

  • Small Lucky Swordfish – 50 points

  • Large Lucky Swordfish – 350 points

Gate of Harmony Rewards

Once the event ends, both teams will get Gienah’s Coins and a decent amount of Roster XP. The winner team will get a bonus amount. However, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose; you still can open the Treasure chest that will appear in the center of the arena. This is known as the Chest of Harmony. Opening this chest will consume one Key of Balance, but it will reward you with 60-75 Gienah’s Coins. Besides, since you can carry multiple keys, you can have more than one. 

Opening up the Chest of Harmony after completing the Gate of Harmony event will provide players with the following rewards:

Gienah’s Coin: This will make up the majority of players’ Chest of Harmony rewards, and can be used to acquire the Lost Ark Roar Emote as well as Lost Ark Pirate Coins.

A Treasure Map: This only has a chance to drop.

Gold: Valuable Lost Ark currency that can be used for many purposes.

Additionally, you will get a one-time reward for the first time you access this event and for completing a sailing co-op quest in the Sea of Gienah for the first time. 

  • Sailing Co-op Quest – 5,000 Pirate Coins

  • Sailing: Gate of Harmony – 5,000 Pirate Coins

Final Thoughts

Among cooperative sailing missions, the Gate of Harmony in Lost Ark is one of those that will give you awesome loot and great rewards. We recommend you be part of this event as soon as you get the sailing skill. 

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