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Guide to Best Builds for Solo Play in Diablo IV

Diablo IV is filled with various characters, gameplay styles, builds, and combats to test your stats and abilities by challenging you in each step. There comes a build that is needed if you want to stand strong against the combats. A character’s build is nothing but the arrangement of stats, skills, equipment, weapons, armor, and other gears including various attributes. A strong often decides the outcome of a battle so it is very important to master and practice with a good and strong build.

In Diablo IV, builds define a specific set of playstyles out of many playstyles and it also highlights some certain natural strengths of your character during the battle time. To unleash your full power in Diablo IV you must have a good combination of stats, skills, weapons, armor, and other important aspects.

Finding a perfect build and managing all the strengths and powers of your character can be confusing because there are a lot of resources available in Diablo IV. Having a strong build is very necessary for Diablo IV if you want to maximize the chances of your winning all types of battles. This guide will help you choose the best build for your character along with having a basic idea of how a build works to make you select the best build for yourself.

Choose Your Class

Before you start building your character, you first have to choose a class you’d like to play as. There are a total of five classes in Diablo IV and they are Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, Necromancer, and Druid. Each class is different from each other and has its own pair of strengths and weaknesses. 

As there are five classes and each class has its own strengths and weaknesses so there are also many playstyles associated with each class. You can see a wide range of unique playstyles for each class. You can choose the class that suits your playstyle and the one you’re more comfortable dealing with.

All the classes have unique mechanics and you can also customize them the way you like. You’ll be provided with a character customization tool to customize your character and make it look and feel more different.

Diablo IV Different Classes

Select Your Weapon

Now as you’ve already chosen your character, it's time to select a weapon for your character to further proceed with creating a strong build for your character. Weapons play an important role when playing against enemies and bosses on the battlefield so be careful while choosing a weapon for your character. Your weapon should be adding strength to your overall build.

There is a huge category list of weapons in the world of Diablo IV and you will see a wide range of weapons. Weapons can be seen in different rarities and each weapon will be having some random modifiers. You can see Normal to Unique weapons there to choose from. Super-unique weapons are rare and can be found after defeating elite monsters.

Select Your Armor

Choosing a class and weapon isn’t enough because you also have to defend and save yourself from the attacks of other enemies and bosses. For this, you’ll have to improve your defensive stat by choosing the right armor that provides the maximum defense to your character and absorbs high damage.

In Diablo IV, armor consists of five pieces which are Helm, Chest, Boots, Gloves, and Pants. There is a slot provided for the equipment of each piece of armor. You can get armor as dropped items after defeating enemies or bosses and opening chests or crates. Like weapons, armor also has rarities in terms of additional modifiers.

Common armor has no specific modifier whereas Magic has one modifier, Rare has three, and Legendary armor has four affix modifiers. Keep in mind that unique armor has special effects that cannot be modified.

Stats & Attributes

Stats and attributes give a fundamental idea about your character in the gameplay. Depending on the class of your character, each stat grants you different bonuses on the battlefield making your build more strong and powerful. Stats affect your character’s level, power attack, armor, and life giving you an advantage over other players and their stats and attributes. You get strength, willpower, intelligence, and dexterity and they are totally depending on the character you choose. 

In Diablo IV, stats have been classified into basic categories and they are Core Stats, Offensive Stats, Defensive Stats, and Utility Stats. Each stat affects your character either directly or indirectly in some way. Keep these stats upgraded using Gold, the in-game currency of Albion Online. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Mastering the Skill Tree

In Diablo IV, skills trees unlock the abilities for your character’s build. Skills are the special abilities and powers that you can use for your character to combat enemies. Skill trees refer to the progression of your character using skill points. Diablo IV uses the node system which allows you to group your skills in clusters. Each character has its own unique skills that make you stand strong and different from all the other character classes in Diablo IV.

You get different amounts of experience points by fighting against enemies and defeating them and also completing the quests. The higher the threat you receive, the higher your reward will be. After gaining a certain amount of experience level, your character will level up. Every time you level up, some stats increase or decrease for the advantage of your character and you’ll get one skill point per level. So, mastering the skill tree is very important to create a strong build for your character.

Diablo IV Skill Tree

Understanding the Legendary Aspect

Legendary aspects are unique modifiers in Diablo IV that can turn your rare items into legendary ones adding more value, power, and strength to your character’s build. Legendary aspects could significantly augment your character’s abilities.

For each class, the legendary aspect is different and you can also equip an item that belongs to another class having a legendary aspect but it will deteriorate the performance and effect of that particular legendary aspect adding little to no strength to your character’s build.

In Diablo Iv, the legendary aspect is categorized into five categories which are Offensive, Defensive, Resource, Mobility, and Utility. Each of them is imprinted on a specific item to make it more enhanced and powerful. Like, Mobility Aspects can be imprinted on Boots and Amulets only with a 50% effectiveness bonus.

Understanding the Combat

Understanding the type of combat you’re about to hop in is very important because each combat demands a different playstyle, strategy, and mechanics that you should learn and practice to get the full advantage of your character’s build.

Whether you are playing the world bosses, PvP, Dungeons, or multiplayer, you need to master certain combat mechanics required for each combat. The strategy helps you a lot in dealing with different combat styles and fighting against your enemies. Building a build isn’t enough, you must have proper plans and strategies along with the proper understanding of the combat mechanics to increase the chances of your winning.

Experimentation is the Key

The only thing you don’t have to stop is experimenting with items, gears, and skills. Each item and skill are unique and you can experiment with them with each class to see what suits you best and makes your overall build strong.

 As you keep experimenting with items, you invite and unlock many new possibilities to your gameplay which can improve your gameplay and playstyle as well improving your overall stats and abilities. If you don’t experiment with items, gears, and skills, you’ll never get to understand how a specific build works and what you can do to make your build stronger and stand on the battlefield.


Diablo IV is a vast game having a vast number of items and game-related content and creating a build isn’t easy as it seems because you will have to choose from a variety of options and experiment with them to understand which build is better for you.

This guide will help you understand the basics of a build as well as how you can select the one that suits your playstyle. Even the same class has many builds and each build is different from another. After having a clear understanding of a build, skills, talents, stats, attributes, and gears, you can easily start creating your own build. The above-mentioned guide is not just for the beginners who are stepping into the world of Diablo IV, but also for those who are already playing it and have reached some level of advancement with their builds. Also refer to our beginner's guide to Diablo IV, to get a good hold of the game.

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