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Guide to Diablo IV Runes and Gemstones: How to Use Them Effectively

Diablo IV is filled with various equipment, gears, and items that give players a fantastic experience of an action role-playing game. It is all about how you set a pattern and use each of them correctly to enhance your overall performance in the game and beat other players completing challenges and quests.

Runes and Gemstones are also a part of gears and equipment. The way you use them is what makes you different from all the other players because if you choose them in a wrong way then you might end up deteriorating your position and stats.

The better you get with them, the finer it becomes for you to quickly finish your enemies, complete challenges, and finish quests. You may find it hard to understand the concept of Runes and Gemstones if you’re a beginner and have just stepped into the world of Diablo IV, but understanding them isn’t a challenging task. 

This guide will help you understand Runes and Gemstones and how you can effectively use them in a proper way to enhance your overall performance. From understanding Runes and Gemstones to using them in the correct way, this guide covers all.

Understanding Runes & Gemstones

Before you start using them, it is very important to understand what Gemstones and Runes are actually about so that you can easily proceed further with your game. In short, gems and runes help you with character customization and progression in Diablo IV which is an essential part of the game. They provide bonuses and flexibility to your character on the battlefield.

Gems primarily enhance the attributes of your character while, on the other hand, runes modify and enhance the properties of items you are using and provide you with some new effects that are necessary for enhancing your character’s strength.

Gems contain magical abilities and there are multiple types of gems in Diablo IV and each of them is entirely different from one another giving many benefits when you sock them into different gear slots. Choosing the right gem for your gear slot is very important because a bad choice can lead to the degradation of your stats and abilities while a right one will increase the stats of your equipment making you stand strong on the battlefield.

Similarly, runes are also the special items that you can sock into your weapons and armor having sockets on them. There are two types of runes in Diablo IV and they are Condition Runes and Effect Runes. When you insert condition runes on any socketed item, they will provide you conditions for activating another socked rune whereas effect runes provide you powerful effects while they are in an active state but also require conditions on your condition rune.

Types of Gems

There are various types of gems in Diablo IV each having unique strengths and uses. A list of various kinds of runes that are available in Diablo IV is listed below to help you get acquainted with their names.

  • Sapphires

  • Skulls

  • Amethyst

  • Emerald

  • Ruby

  • Diamond

  • Topaz

Diablo IV Gems

Types of Runes

Like gems, there are also many runes available in the game which you can use for your own advantages. There are two types of runes and both the runes have some subtypes as well and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Vex: Condition rune which activates your next socketed rune when you use the healing potion.

  • Eth: It is also a condition rune that activates another socketed rune every 3 seconds.

  • Dot: It is an effect rune that gives you the gain of critical strike chance up to 50% for 7 seconds when get activated.

  • Thul: It is also an effect rune that gives you the gain of a 500 damage barrier when activated.

Diablo IV Runes

Using Gems Effectively

After understanding the basics of gemstones and how they work, you can now use them effectively in your gameplay to increase your overall performance. As there are multiple types of gems available in the game so it becomes very important to select and choose them wisely because a wrong pair of gems might end up deteriorating your abilities and performance. Below are some of the ways you can use your gemstones in an effective manner to enhance your performance.

Increasing Offensive Stats of Your Weapon

The use of gems can effectively help you in increasing the stats of your weapons which will lead to more offense on the battleground giving more damage to your enemies. In Diablo IV, weapons are categorized into groups and each group has different base abilities including different modifiers. When you use your gems to increase the offense of your weapons, your overall damage increases by using some extra bonuses.

There are different types of weapons available and each weapon has some sockets to insert your gems. As it is already discussed above that there are different types of gems so each gem that you’ll use for the offense of your weapon will serve you differently.

Ruby adds resource generation, Emerald adds damage to Elites, and Diamond adds ultimate damage to your weapon. So, while selecting a gem for your weapon, be precise with what you really want in your weapon because, again, the wrong choice might diminish your weapon’s strength.

Increasing Defensive Stats of Your Armor

With the help of gems, you can increase your overall defense by simply increasing the sats of your armor. In Diablo Iv, you get five types of pieces of armor and they are Helm, Chest, Gloves, Boots, and Pants. Gems will increase your Armor’s defense which will save you from heavy enemy attacks on the battlefield.

Like weapons, you have to be very careful with choosing gems for your weapons because each gem is unique and improves your Armor’s abilities and stats in a different way. Ruby adds maximum life, Topaz gives you damage reduction while control is impaired, and Amethyst adds damage over time reduction. You can experiment with each gem with your armor to select what suits you better.

Increasing the Resistance of Your Jewellery

Accessories provide you with random modifiers that can help you in increasing your stats. In accessories, you get Amulets and Rings which can be equipped on their respective equipment slot. Gems can be helpful to you in increasing your jewelry’s overall resistance. Here also, like in the above two cases, you have to be very precise with the selection of your gems.

Diablo IV Jewellery

Using Runes Effectively

Runes are also an important part of Diablo IV which can enhance your character’s overall performance by simply giving you bonuses. Each rune has a special type of effect on your weapons and armor. The better your combination is, the better your stats will be.

Runes can help you with increasing the attributes of your equipment if you choose them wisely. Below are some of the ways you can use your runes effectively in your gameplay to maximize the chances of your winnings.

Modification of Your Items

You can modify the properties and attributes of your items easily with the help of runes. It will help you to get an edge over other players and defeat your enemies and other players easily while playing against them. Runes can also help you with altering the attributes of your items along with giving them new attributes. Runes give you more versatility and customization of your character’s gears. These modifications will require you to spend Gold, the in-game currency of Diablo IV. So if you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Easy Adaptation

With the help of runes, it becomes quite easy for you to adapt to new environments and challenges that come your way. You can create rune words as well which is formed by simply putting and arranging some runes together to get additional advantage and increased stats. The uniqueness of each rune provides you more flexibility on the battleground and you can easily make a combination of runes to get maximum benefits from them.


This was all about choosing your gemstones and runes and using them effectively for your own advantage. Something that you need to keep in your mind is that experimenting with different gems and runes and arranging them in new manners will help you unlock more attributes and gain additional stats which will help you in fighting your enemies and bosses. The starting might be hard for you if you’re trying gems and runes for the first time but you will gradually get acquainted with their uses.

Combining gemstones and runes will maximize the power of your character which you can only achieve by experimenting with different combinations to understand what suits you best and matches your playstyle. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your gemstones as you progress through the game. Upgraded gemstones will provide you with more strength and power. With the above-mentioned guide, now you can start with gemstones and runes. All the best!

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