Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga's final Episode is coming to a close later this month

At long last, Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga is reaching its epic end. The fourth and final chapter of Episode 5 – Judgment – is expected to arrive on April 27, bringing with it plenty of dragon-related rewards and resolution to a story that's been building steam for the past 18 months.

“On April 27, join the fight to save Tyria from an elemental cataclysm – and tip the scales to ensure Jormag and Primordus can’t hide behind their mortal champions forever.”

Work your way through the main storyline in Judgment and you'll have the chance to max out your Dragon Slayer mastery and gain access to rare new item drops. You'll also find plenty of new unlockable rewards – including a new cape, a dragon eye infusion to channel your inner Elder Dragon, an icy greatsword skin, and new dragon-themed minis. As part of that epic showdown between the two mighty, elemental dragons, Guild Wars 2 will add a bunch of dragon-linked rewards and an enormous world boss encounter that’ll see up to 80 players dive into the action.

If you'd rather not take part in massive, public battles, the encounter will also be available in a "special private squad version" that lets up to 50 friends and guildmates tackle the same challenge.

With epic bosses comes epic rewards and this narrative high comes with plenty of extra rewards. Alongside the final update to this season’s Dragon mastery line, players will be able to earn new dragon-themed rewards: a new cape, a dragon eye infusion to channel their inner Elder Dragon, a special icy greatsword skin, and new dragon-themed minis.

The chapter drops on April 27, so please prepare some GW 2 gold in advance and get ready to get plunged into the epic finale battle between Jormag and Primordus soon.