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Hogwarts Legacy Plants Guide - Growing, Pots, Farming, and More

Hogwarts Legacy has a whole world that revolves around Herbology and Botany. You can pretty much take this path to get a unique outcome that is unlike anything else here in the game. But, the issue is that growing plants, learning how to farm, and understanding pots is kind of difficult. Don’t worry, here we have an amazing Hogwarts Legacy Plants Guide to help you out.

When you first take this path in the game, you have to get pots, and seeds, and even your location matters here. There are quite a lot of things that come to your mind, like why you are investing your time here, what would be the outcome, what will you earn from it, or even if the things you got were the correct ones.

In order to cover all of these things at once, we had to dig deep enough and take out all the knowledge related to Botany and Herbology in the Wizarding World. Let’s get you started with each of these details one by one, from beginning to end.

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How to Grow Plants in Hogwarts Legacy?

After you customize your character and choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy, you actually have the ability to grow plants and neither do you have the ability to do Herbology or Botany. So, how do you grow plants then?

In Hogwarts Legacy, everything is learned through some means and mostly you will learn each of the aspects from classes here at Hogwarts. Just like that, you will have to attend the Herbology Classes in order to learn anything about Plants or even do Botany in the game.

You won’t miss it because the missing itself is story based and unskippable. It is kind of a forced mission on you, but it is worth every second of your precious time. After getting the class, you will have the ability to grow plants, but the location is limited where you can actually grow them.

As of that moment, you will be able to grow plants at two locations;

  • The first one is the Herbology Class where you have the access to grow plants

  • The second one is the Room of Requirements which is also unskippable and part of the story's mission. Professor Weasley will be teaching you about Potting Stations and how to conjure them in the game.

So, that’s how you start with the Planting process in Hogwarts Legacy. After you get to the Potting Station, you will have to interact with the plants that specifically you choose to grow in the game onwards. You can actually go for everyone, but we recommend you stick with specific plants in the game.

Even for that, you will have to choose the Right Pot and put the Right Seeds in that Pot in order to grow plants. In case you don’t get this done, the game doesn’t even allow you to go ahead with this. The seeds won’t be planted in the pot and you won’t be able to grow your plant. That’s why after you get to understand how to Grow Plants in Hogwarts Legacy, it is essential that you learn about Seeds and then Pots. 

How to get Seeds in Hogwarts Legacy?

The game isn’t that heartless, but rather it will give you some seeds in the story mission like the ones we mentioned above in our Hogwarts Legacy Plants Guide. In the first class, you will be presented with the Seed-Dittany. But, just like any other game out there in existence, the good seeds can only be bought from Vendors.

As to where are these Vendors? Well, most of them are present in the area known as Hogsmeade. This area will sell you seeds for every plant in existence. It is a Wizarding World, so the amount of those is kind of many.

Keep in mind that there are two Vendors there known as; Dogweed and Deathcap, as well as Magic Neep. Both of them have different stocks in contrast to one another. The prices might also fluctuate in the game, so that is also something to keep in mind.

In the Magic Neep Vendor present in Hogsmeade, you can buy seeds for Shrivalfig, Mallowsweet, Fluxweed, and Knotgrass. It costs Galleons or in-game Gold of Hogwarts Legacy to purchase these Seeds. They aren’t expensive individually but once you start buying there is no coming back.

Therefore, you might be needing some Gold in order to move ahead here. In our recommendation, just get some Side Quests done and you are good to go. Sell the Gear that you don’t need to get some quick gold at your disposal.

In the Dogweed and Deathcap Vendor, you will get seeds for Mandrake, Chomping Chinese Cabbage, and Venomous Tentacula. This shop is a bit tricky to find in the game, therefore, you will have to go towards the North Edge of Hogsmeade and in the center of the village, in the above area, close to the mountains you will find this shop.

How to get Pots in Hogwarts Legacy?

Now that you understand everything about Plants, How they Grow, and what Seeds are all about. Let’s talk about the Pots that are used to grow these inside. First of all, there are three Pot Sizes in Hogwarts Legacy, specifically when we are talking about the Plants.

  • Small - It is used for some plants, specifically the smaller ones

  • Medium - It has versatility, but still, you can only grow some plants in it

  • Large - The biggest Pot that has the capability to grow every plant in Hogwarts Legacy

When you first start the Herbology Lesson in Hogwarts, you will be given the Small Pot instead of the Medium or even the Large one. That is kind of strange, right? Well, the reason for that is to explore the Wizarding World, and the rule of thumb is that the game itself doesn’t give the best for free. 

In order to get your hands on the Medium or even the Large Pots, you will have to conjure them, which is only possible through the Room of Requirements. Go to the Tomes and Scrolls Vendor present in Hogsmeade, where you can get all the instructions. 

Through that instruction, you will be able to Conjure yourself a Large or a Medium Pot. Forget about the small pot, it isn’t even worth your attention in the game. Besides that, you can also get your hands on the Blueprints for Conjuring various items including the Bigger Pots. But keep in mind that there isn’t anything free.

Whenever you Craft anything related to Planting, you will be using the Moonstones. These are types of currencies that you require to Conjure stuff. That’s How to get Pots in Hogwarts Legacy, specifically the Larger Pots. 

Another thing to mention is that you can’t grow the Plants in Small or Medium Pots that are meant to be grown in Large Pots. This is a barrier in Hogwarts Legacy that you have to look out for. Yes, you can grow all types of plants in the larger pots, but that doesn’t follow for the other two.

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Hogwarts Legacy Plants Guide - All Plants, Seeds, and usability

Now that you understand How to Grow Plants, Get their Seeds, and Get the Pots through our Hogwarts Legacy Plants Guide, let’s talk about all the plants in the game, as well as mention their usability and seeds. 

Chinese Chomping Cabbage

This is a Seed in Hogwarts Legacy that you can use to attack the enemies around you. You can get it from Dogweed and Deathcap Vendor.

  • Requires Large or Medium Pot


This Seed is used for making Potions like Wiggenweld. You can only get it through the First Herbology Class in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Can be grown in all types of Pots


A seed that you can utilize to make the Thunderbrew Potion in Hogwarts Legacy, while you can only get it from the Magic Neep Vendor, present in the area of Hogsmeade. 

  • Requires Large or Medium Pot


This Seed is specifically used to activate the Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy. You can get it from none other than the famous Magic Neep Vendor.

  • Can be grown in all types of Pots


Through the Fluxweed Plant, you can make the famous Focus Potion, while you can get it only at the Magic Neep found in the area of Hogsmeade. 

  • Requires Large Pot only


You can use the Mandrake Plant in Hogwarts Legacy to specifically harm the enemies or even stun them. Kind of interesting, but you can get this only from Dogweed and Deathcap Vendor present in the area of Hogsmeade.

  • Can be grown in all types of Pots

Venomous Tentacula

Through these Plants, you can show Acid to your enemies, while you can get it only from the Dogweed and Deathcap Vendor.

  • Requires Large Pot only


Lastly, the Knotgrass Plant is used to make the famous Invisibility Potions that have a ton of uses in the game, especially the Disillusionment Chests opening part. You can get it from the Magic Neep Vendor present in the area of Hogsmeade. 

  • Can be grown in all types of Pots.

Usability of Plants in Hogwarts Legacy

Now from the list above, you can clearly see that most of the time Plants are utilized for making Potions in the game. Whether the Potion is related to Combat or not is a different debate and depends on the person's usability. 

Therefore, it is kind of essential to dive a bit into Plants as well because you will have a much better arsenal to fight enemies or explore the Wizarding World. Don’t forget to utilize Room of Requirements to its full extent by bringing in the Plants and turning them into a Greenhouse for your personal needs.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all the information about Plants, Seeds, and Pots that we could come up with in our Hogwarts Legacy Plants Guide. Just make sure that you are going with the Pot that is required by the Seed to grow in. You can start working on these things after you take your Herbology class and you can further expand it through the Room of Requirements Professor Weasley Classes. 

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