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How Combat Works in New World

New World is an exciting game where you can witness great adventure and thrilling battles. The battles are tough and not impossible to win. If you want to stand out during the battles, you got to have a basic understanding of the New World Combat. Our Combat Guide will not only help you understand and equip you with the necessary skills and become one of the best in combat. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the combat system and give you the tools you need to succeed. 

Ranged Weapons in New World

The right mouse button is used to zoom in and aim with ranged weapons in New World, while the left mouse button is used to fire. Similar to other MMORPGs such as Final Fantasy XIV or WoW, the player can unlock abilities for each weapon with standard cooldowns through skill trees as they level up. However, only three weapon-specific abilities can be used at a time.


Threat will let you know which player will be attacked by the NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS (NPCs) and what will be the conditions under which it will attack. In New World, there isn't a specific tank class, but players who equip shields and swords can easily become the main target of enemies. To maximize your role as a tank, consider using the gem sockets in your weapons to equip the Carnelian Gem. This gem taunts enemies and increases the Threat you generate, making it easier for you to draw the attention of monsters and protect your allies.

Health and Armor

Players in the New World game have various methods to keep themselves safe during battles. One way is to use potions that instantly restore their health. Additionally, players can equip different types of armor - light, medium, or heavy - to defend themselves against enemy attacks. The higher a player's level, the more advanced armor options become available, offering greater protection and unique bonuses. Make sure to keep your character well-equipped and healthy to maximize your chances of survival in the New World.

New World Armor

Now that we have covered the basics tools and abilities for Combat in New World’s PvP and PvE modes let’s discuss this topic in much more depth. Meanwhile, if you think you don’t have a sufficient amount of weapons, you can always try to buy them with in-game currencies. But if you are not willing to grind for these coins, then visit our website to buy them at the best price.

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Basic Combat Mechanics in New World: Light and Heavy Attacks

As a player in New World, you will be able to wield different weapons capable of performing Light and Heavy Attacks. To perform a Light Attack, simply Left Click with a mouse or press the button assigned for controller players. On the other hand, to perform a Heavy Attack, hold down the same input for a Light attack. However, for the Bow weapon, you must aim to perform a heavy attack. Light Attacks deal 100% Weapon damage and are generally faster than Heavy Attacks. For melee weapons, Light Attacks typically consist of 2-3 hits that repeat in a chain. Certain weapons have bonuses or perks that trigger at specific parts of the Light Attack Chain.

Heavy Attacks, on the other hand, deal up to 140% Weapon damage, which varies depending on the weapon used. These attacks are slower but can be linked together and often cause some AI enemies to stagger. Some weapons have perks or bonuses that activate when performing a Heavy Attack, usually with just a single hit. Staves are a unique weapon as they allow you to move while charging the attack and only briefly stop when releasing the projectile. Light and Heavy Attacks make up the bulk of your combat and damage output in New World. Additionally, there are Weapon Skills that you can use to enhance your damage output further.

Unlocking Weapon Skills in New World

Mastery Points

In New World, as you level up your weapons, you will earn Mastery Points. These points can be used to unlock various perks and bonuses for the weapon, as well as its active abilities or Weapon Skills. Each weapon can have up to three active abilities at a time.

Weapon Skills

Weapon skills in New World range from powerful attacks to helpful buffs and even some defensive abilities. Each ability also has upgrade nodes that can further increase its damage or beneficial effects. More details about these abilities will be covered in our comprehensive Weapon Guides.

Keyboard Control

By default, the Weapon Skills are assigned to the keyboard's Q, R, and F keys. However, players can customize these bindings to make them more accessible and comfortable for their playing style. Many players prefer to bind the Weapon Skills to mouse buttons, especially in PvP situations where quick access is crucial without moving their hand away from the movement keys.

New World Weapon Skills

Mastering Ranged Headshots and Backstabs in New World

New World is an MMORPG game that combines elements from both RPG and FPS games, providing players with a unique and engaging gaming experience. In this game, backstabs and headshots play a significant role in combat.


Backstabs are a melee-exclusive feature in New World. Players can perform a backstab by positioning themselves behind an enemy. In PvP, backstabs can be executed by leveraging stuns or roots, resulting in massive damage. In PvE, players can perform backstabs easily as the tank is holding the enemy.

Ranged Headshots

Ranged headshots are similar to backstabs and require hitting the target in the head. These shots guarantee critical hits and are easier to land in PvP when using crowd control such as root or frozen, which prevent all movement and dodging. Weapons like hatchet and spear, which have ranged throwing skills, can also land headshots, but they may require additional passive bonuses.

Maximizing Your DPS

In PvE content, utilizing backstabs and headshots is essential in maximizing your damage per second (DPS). Although these shots are also useful in PvP, they can be harder to land consistently. With practice and the right strategies, players can master these skills and become a dominant force in New World.

The Importance of Grit Attacks

In the game New World, Grit is a crucial element that allows players to defend themselves against interruptions during combat. This feature is equivalent to Super Armor or Stagger Resistance and represents a white glow around the entity performing the Grit Attack.

New World GRIT Attacks

Dealing with Grit Attacks in PvE

In PvE mode, Grit Attacks from enemies are often strong blows that players need to either dodge or interrupt. If the enemy is big, interrupting the attack may not be possible, and players should instead try to dodge the attack. However, players can easily interrupt a Grit Attack for smaller enemies by using powerful crowd control effects, such as stuns. This tactic is also useful in PvP mode, making Grit Attacks a prime opportunity to use stuns or other hard crowd control effects.

Grit Attacks in PvP

Only specific Weapon Skills, such as Hatchet's Berserk and Rapier's Flourish and Finish, can carry Grit in PvP mode. However, builds with 300 Strength will also have all Light and Heavy melee attacks carry Grit, making high Strength builds very effective. This added bonus is especially helpful in PvE, where players can frequently interrupt their opponents.

Grit Attacks play a significant role in New World MMORPG combat and can greatly enhance a player's chances of success in both PvE and PvP modes. Understanding the mechanics of Grit Attacks is key to mastering the game.


In New World, it is important to select the right weapon to maximize combat efficiency against different enemies. If an attack appears yellow, it means the attack is hitting at full potential. Blue indicates a weak attack, white is a neutral attack, and orange is a critical strike. In conclusion, the type of damage dealt in New World depends on the weapon being used. Some weapons, such as swords, can inflict multiple types of damage through the use of different abilities and attacks. On the other hand, other weapons like Warhammers only deal a single type of damage. It is important to remember that players can equip two weapons at once, allowing for quick switching between different types of damage. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding combat in New World, as character builds, weapon combinations, and team compositions also play a role. However, this guide provides a strong foundation for those eager to start fighting and exploring the game's world.

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