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How to Buy and Sell Pals for Gold in Palworld

Palworld is a massive world, having more than 100 Pals (creatures) even in the early-access mode of the game, which is just the starting. Thus, you can’t have all of them captured and available in your inventory. Here in this guide, we will share details on how to buy and sell Pals for gold in Palworld, so that you can get rid of your useless Pals, get gold in return, and use that gold to purchase new Pals. 

Your Pal Vault or Palbox in Palworld has a limit and you can’t put all those cute creatures inside. The game is also massive, which stops players from getting their favorite or even required Pal for specific tasks. 

There is a buy and sell mechanism in Palworld through a Pal Merchant and Black Marketeer Merchant. It can help you free up the backpack/inventory, in return for some gold. Furthermore, you can get the required Pal from those same Merchants. Now, let’s jump to the details on how to sell your Pals in Palworld, or buy Pals as well.

Ways to Buy and Sell Pals in Palworld

As of right now, there are only two ways to sell Pals in Palworld, depending on whether you are trying to sell a legal Pal or an illegally owned one. The same goes for the buying process, whether it is a rare Pal or a simpler one. These methods to buy and sell pals in Palworld are:

  1. Pal Merchants

  2. Black Marketeers

Who are those, and where to find them? Let’s get to the details below.

Pal Merchants

There are Pal Merchants across the world of Palworld, and you can interact with them to buy or sell your Pals in return for gold. These aren’t the red merchants called Wandering Merchants, but rather Dark Blue Merchants. You can find them in:

  • Small Settlement - Travel to the northwest side of the Plateau of Beginning, and you will find a town, where you can find this Pal Merchant. Go inside the house towards the right behind a specific guard.

Black Marketeers

Black Marketeer Locations to Buy and Sell Pals in Palworld

These are the shady black market dealers in Palworld that are hidden from plain sight. Just like the Pal Merchants, you can buy and sell Pals here in exchange for gold. But, these Black Marketeers also buy those stolen Pals or human Pals from you and give you an inventory of Pals that are not easily found in Palworld.

  • Abandoned Mineshaft - Just below the Desolate Church, you can find your first hidden in the Abandoned Mineshaft

  • Seaside Cliff - At the start of Starter Island, try finding a small island, and a bridge. Travel onwards following the cliff and drop down by glide-jumping. Alongside the tree, you will find the Black Marketeer

  • Fort Ruins North - Between the Sealed Realm of Frozen Wings, and Fort Ruins, there is a teleporter. Go to the forest, and you will find a tiny detour. Behind the wall of ruins, you will find this Black Marketeer

  • Snowy Peak South - Go to Palpagos Island and head to its center, just under the Snowy Peak, you will come across a ruin that has a small lake around it. In that same ruin, you will find the Black Marketeer at the corner side.

Note: The Black Marketeer is a merchant that randomly appears in different locations across the map of Palworld. We mentioned most of these, and you might find him here and there.

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Why Sell Pals in Palworld?

The reason behind the concept of selling Pals is inventory management and gold earning. There are various valuables you will find while traversing the world, and they might fill your inventory without having much use. Thus, you can sell them for gold and use that to purchase resources for your human character or base.

Why Buy Pals in Palworld?

Not every Pal can be captured with ease, and as you progress through the world, you will find much more usable and harder-to-capture Pals. You have to bring the health down to the last point to increase the chances of Pal capture, and sometimes it results in you accidentally knocking down that Pal.

So, the choice of buying Pals is always here, if you have the right amount of gold with you, and you are at the right merchant. It can save your precious time, and help you focus on the things that matter. 

Tips for Buying and Selling Pals in Palworld

  1. To buy and sell illegal or rare Pals (poaching/stealing) in Palworld, you have to find the Black Marketeer

  2. Black Marketeer changes the location randomly

  3. To sell Pals, it is advised or recommended to reserve a specific section of your Palbox, thus making it easier to know which ones you are selling

  4. The gold for selling Pals is always less in contact with the amount for Buying that same Pal. So, always try to find the Pal you need before buying it from a merchant

  5. Black Marketeer has a mix of both legal and illegal Pals or even rare supplies, but they cost a ton of gold


Palworld is a versatile game, providing players with a ton of creatures to capture and find throughout the map. But, it is quite impossible to maintain the inventory, as you have limited space and requirements. On the other hand, there are some Pals you can’t find easily and require specific tasks in your base. Thus, you can buy and sell Pals in Palworld through Pal Merchants and Black Marketeers. The latter one deals in rares, and illegal Pals while the Pal Merchants only deal in basic Pals, purchasing only legal Pals from you. 

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