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How to Find and Collect Hemp in New World

The gaming arm of digital behemoth Amazon, Amazon Games, has been working on New World for a while. Players in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) are placed on the mythical island of Aeternum, which has a mystical mineral that may both enhance and corrupt anybody who comes into contact with it.

You are not limited to a certain career or weapon class because it is a classless MMORPG. Dungeons in several MMORPGs have a cap on the number of healers, tanks, and DPS that can enter, but not in New World. You can queue up and engage in combat anytime, whether you're an archer, an axe wielder, or a brawler.

Not merely for raising your level of gathering, Hemp is a useful resource to gather. You can level up your weaving abilities by weaving Hemp into linen, which can then be used to create clothing and armor. This is a talent you'll utilize right away.

Fortunately, if you have a Sickle equipped, locating Hemp is relatively easy at low levels. Since Hemp plants can be harvested with zero skill points in the Harvesting trade skill line, even a Flint Sickle will do.

Level up Gathering

You should start increasing your gathering skills early because they are crucial to the game. Hemp gives you a lot of early harvesting-level experience, even though you could theoretically gather herbs and cultivate plants to improve your harvesting skill quickly. It is highly recommended that you invest in this talent as soon as possible because you need to improve it considerably to gather some rare plants.

There are still lots of advantages to beginning to craft. If you rely solely on loot drops or quest rewards, you might be able to obtain some weapons sooner than you otherwise would. If you intend to use ranged weaponry, you must create arrows or bullets. You will be able to sell your creations thanks to the Trading Post, albeit if you're only making things to sell for gold, you should first examine what sells best.

New World Hemp

Get a Sickle

You must create a sickle before you can begin harvesting in New World. You can instantly make a flint sickle at any campfire or in any town. If you want to make a flint sickle, you need the following materials:

  • Flint

  • Green Wood

Anywhere, you can find flint lying about. To view what appear to be pebbles, which are often quite brown or brownish in appearance, gaze in the direction you are jogging. Any nearby bushes can be cut down and used as green wood. Alternatively, if you have already made a Logging Axe for Logging, you can cut down young trees to obtain Green Wood.

You can purchase New World Coins using real-life money to level up faster and purchase resources like armor, weapons, and other stuff.

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The importance of Hemp


Fibers are a valuable resource for crafting and may be converted into cloth to make clothing and armor. Your first wooden fishing pole is also made with it. No matter how smart your New World leveling techniques are, you'll still require Fibers at any point in the game because you'll need them from Level 1 up to the level cap and endgame stuff. You must gather Fiber from hemp plants to obtain it.


You need four fibers, which can be obtained from wild hemp plants, to manufacture linen. Making a sickle is all that is required to gather fibers. Find a loom in the closest town to refine the fibers into linen. Since linen is a level 0 recipe, anyone can manufacture it. These things are made from linen:

  • Iron muzzleloader cartridges

  • 50th level Sateen Moving up to the next layer requires weaving.

  • Recurve bow of venerable, a Tier 2 bow.

  • Used to make several types of Iron armor.

Wooden Fishing Pole

Fishing line construction requires fibers. Therefore, you require a Tier 2 Workshop or a Tier I Campsite.

Wicker Basket

Wicker Basket is a Handy home furnishing for the player. This belongs to the furnishings category and can be created at a workshop along with some manually gathered Reeds.

Rusty Iron Lantern

Rusty Iron Lantern is another piece of furniture that the player may hang anywhere in or on their home's exterior. Additionally needed are oil and iron, which are obtained with a pickaxe.

Warm Iron Chandelier

A warm Iron Chandelier is a luxurious fixture in a modest house. You can only put this inside; it also needs oil and iron.

Round Sunny Rug

The round sunny rug is made from Fiber and linen and looks excellent in front of the fireplace or on the porch.

Cerulean Drapes

Use some blue color and a couple of iron ingots to produce gorgeous Cerulean drapes when your home needs that rich, weighty appeal.

New World Hemp Gameplay

Where to find Hemp?

Finding Hemp is not particularly difficult. Any starting zone, including First LightWindswardEverfall, and Monarch's Bluffs, has Hemp growing there in approximately equal quantities to that of herbs. You might have to run around the field for a while, but eventually, you'll find clusters of this pink plant. These nodes can be harvested because they respawn frequently and can provide you with more than enough Fibers to manufacture one or more armor pieces.

Hemp is most frequently found in open fields, densely forested areas, and close to places of importance on a map where many food crops are raised, such as farms, ranches, and plantations. In other places of the planet, such as First Light's tropical jungles, Hemp can flourish. The southern part of the map, which is more lush and green than the northern half, is where you should stay. Players simply need to locate one of these plants, approach it, and press the E button to harvest it to obtain Hemp and Fiber. Players can gather big groupings of hemp and related plants like silkweed at once because they typically grow in bunches.

We must concentrate on the following key areas to locate New World's ideal hemp cultivation location.

  • Primrose is the ideal location for growing Hemp in New World. This is located east of the Fast Travel shrine, close to the old man, and west of Windsward. You can harvest more than enough Hemp if you make a circle around Primrose, and by the time you return to where you left it, the Hemp will have respawned. Of course, if competing hemp farmers are nearby, you should check out New World PvP to drive them away.

  • Monarch's Bluff has one, and Windsward has the other. A farm on the fringes of Monarch's Bluff is indicated by the first icon, the icon to the southwest. On this farm, there are lots of Hemp spawns as well as some carrots and other agricultural produce. However, there can be a lot of foot traffic here because Fishermen's Bend and a nearby Corrupted Portal, so the fields are occasionally well-tended.

  • A quick stroll to the northeast will take you to Hemp Island if the Hemp Farm is empty or you've already cleared the resources. This island has a lot of Hemp, as well as a lot of herbs and bison. If you can track resources, this is considerably more effective, but even if you can't, it still works fine because you can almost always see adjacent Hemp spawns from the previous Hemp spawn.

Important tips to keep in mind

  • Although the top of the plant is light brown in certain places, it appears as a tall, green plant with purple flowers.

  • Open the map (M by default) and select Resource Locations from the menu that shows all the places with Hemp.     

  • When you gain level 25 in harvesting, you can monitor Hemp on your map so you can gather it while exploring Aeternum. Soon enough, you'll have gathered enough Hemp to raise your harvesting skill level and enable you to get more rare materials.

  • The moment you have amassed sufficient Hemp, you can produce some linen by going to the Loom in the closest hamlet. The linen can then be used to create armor in your neighborhood outfitting shop, giving your character a boost in strength.

  • Undoubtedly, there are many regions on the map that are largely hemp-free, but there are also many regions with a lot of Hemp. To easily get more Hemp than you can carry, it is advised that you set up camp close to one of these locations.

  • Even in the early phases of the game, players should be able to gather Hemp in large quantities. They are lighter than other materials like ore or wood, but MMORPG players know that packing space is a constant concern.


You now possess all the knowledge required to gather Hemp and Fiber to satisfy all of your needs. Learn how to play New World with your pals so they can assist you if you need some search assistance.

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