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How to Unlock All Hidden Classes in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen devs confirm there are four secret classes for fans to  unlock - Charlie INTEL

In the vast realm of Mournstead, Lords of the Fallen offers a choice of nine starting classes for new players embarking on their journey. Yet, hidden within the game are four secretive starting classes, awaiting discovery through gameplay. These concealed options provide exciting opportunities for players to craft specialized builds in subsequent playthroughs, enhancing the depth of their gaming experience.

However, the game remains silent about the existence of these secret classes, leaving players in the dark. But fear not, aspiring Lampbearer, as we're here to guide you. In the following walkthrough, you'll find comprehensive details on how to unlock each of Lords of the Fallen's secret classes. This guide not only outlines the steps to access these classes but also sheds light on the unique strengths and capabilities each one brings to your arsenal.

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Lords of the Fallen: How To Unlock All Hidden Classes

Unlocking the four hidden classes in Lords of the Fallen involves achieving distinct objectives throughout your gameplay. The path to revelation varies, with one class requiring completion of a specific questline, while the other three are intricately connected to the diverse endings achievable at the conclusion of the game. Delve into the details below to unravel the secrets behind accessing these exclusive classes in Lords of the Fallen.

1. Unlocking the Dark Crusader Class

Lords of the Fallen: How to unlock Dark Crusader and other secret classes |  Windows Central

Introduction to the Dark Crusader Class: The Dark Crusader, a formidable Strength/Radiance class in Lords of the Fallen, boasts heavy armor, a potent longsword, and a unique pendant providing additional stat points in both Strength and Endurance. To harness the power of this elusive class, players must embark on a comprehensive questline tied to Paladin Isaac.

  1. Obtaining the Flayed Skin 

Initiate the journey by acquiring the Flayed Skin item located in Abandoned Redscope. Positioned on the right side of the forked path leading away from the encounter with the Lightreaper boss, this item serves as the initial key to unlocking the Dark Crusader.

  1. Activating Stigmas in Umbral

Navigate through Umbral and activate four specific Stigmas — one in Lower Calrath, two in Fief of the Chill Curse, and one in Path of Devotion. These actions pave the way for the subsequent encounter with Isaac in the Path of Devotion area.

  1. Confronting Isaac and Obtaining Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin

Engage in a fierce battle with Paladin Isaac in the Path of Devotion area, utilizing the activated Stigmas. Emerging victorious will reward you with the coveted Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin, a crucial item for the Dark Crusader questline.

  1. Opening the Umbral Door

Return to the original location where the Flayed Skin was obtained and enter Umbral. Utilize the Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin to unlock a large door that materializes within Umbral, revealing a platform with Isaac's gear.

  1. Acquiring Isaac's Gear

On the revealed platform, secure Isaac's gear, a pivotal step towards unlocking the Dark Crusader class.

  1. Summons and Final Battle

Face the Lightreaper once again, summoning Paladin Isaac to aid in the decisive confrontation. Collaborate to defeat the formidable foe, ensuring Isaac's presence until the Lightreaper's demise.

Class Unlock

With the Lightreaper defeated, the Dark Crusader class is officially unlocked for subsequent playthroughs. Master the strength and radiance of this heavily armored class in your journey through the fallen realm.

Note for Deluxe Edition Owners

If you possess the Deluxe Edition of Lords of the Fallen, the Dark Crusader class is automatically accessible, granting you the power to wield its might from the outset of your gaming experience.

2. Unlocking the Radiant Purifier Class

Lords Of The Fallen - How To Get The Radiant Ending And Radiant Purifier  Class - GameSpot

Introduction to the Radiant Purifier Class: The Radiant Purifier, renowned for its elevated starting level, an array of Radiance spells, and an impressive 18 points in Radiance, stands out as the ideal choice for players seeking a support-oriented spellcaster. To harness the potential of this radiant class, players must align their journey with the Radiance ending in Lords of the Fallen.

  1. Understanding the Radiance Ending

The Radiance ending is characterized by its emphasis on cleansing the corrupted beacons scattered throughout Mournstead. Players are encouraged to embrace a path of purification, ultimately culminating in a confrontation with the formidable Adyr at the game's conclusion.

  1. Cleansing the Corrupted Beacons

Embark on a quest to cleanse all five corrupted beacons in Mournstead. This task serves as a pivotal requirement for unlocking the Radiant Purifier class. Each beacon cleansed brings you closer to the radiant destiny that awaits.

  1. Confronting Adyr

Having purified the beacons, face the ultimate challenge by confronting Adyr at the conclusion of your Lords of the Fallen journey. Adyr's defeat marks the triumphant conclusion of the Radiance ending, unlocking the radiant powers of the coveted Radiant Purifier class.

Radiant Purifier Unleashed! 

With the cleansing of corrupted beacons and the vanquishing of Adyr, the Radiant Purifier class is officially unlocked. Embrace the role of a support and buff-oriented spellcaster, wielding the radiance and power inherent in this exceptional class.

Note: Likelihood of Attaining the Radiance Ending

Among the three possible game endings, the Radiance ending is the most attainable for players. By following the path of purification and successfully cleansing all corrupted beacons, you pave the way for a radiant destiny and the mastery of the Radiant Purifier class in Lords of the Fallen.

3. Unlocking the Lord Class

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get All Unlockable Classes – GameSkinny

Introduction to the Lord Class: The Lord, an Inferno counterpart to the Radiant Purifier, emerges as a Level 24 powerhouse with an impressive 22 points in Inferno. While sacrificing points in Agility and Vitality compared to its Radiance counterpart, the Lord class is an ideal choice for those seeking a character devoted to unleashing high-damage Inferno spells. Unlocking this class requires players to navigate through Lords of the Fallen and achieve the coveted Inferno ending.

  1. Choosing the Path of Inferno

Commit to the path of Inferno by opting not to cleanse any of the corrupted beacons scattered across Mournstead. This critical decision sets the stage for the emergence of the Lord class.

  1. The Rune of Adyr in Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

Embark on a quest to locate the Rune of Adyr within the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. This rune serves as a catalyst for empowering your journey towards the Inferno ending.

  1. Empowering the Rune in Bramis Castle

Locate the effigy of Adyr in Bramis Castle and empower the Rune of Adyr. If the Iron Wayfarer had taken it during the encounter with the Rapturous Huntress of the Dark, reclaim it by confronting him in Bramis Castle.

  1. Snuffing Out Corrupted Beacons

Utilize the empowered Rune of Adyr to extinguish all five corrupted beacons throughout Mournstead. This act marks a pivotal moment in shaping the destiny towards the Inferno ending.

  1. Confronting Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel

Engage in a climactic battle with Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel. Following their defeat, enter Judge Cleric's mind by interacting with her true form in front of the beacon within her boss arena.

  1. Interaction with Iselle and Adyr's Takeover

Inside Judge Cleric's mind, interact with Iselle—the blonde woman adorned with a crown of flowers. Witness Adyr claim her body, orchestrating his return to and takeover of Mournstead. This pivotal moment triggers the Inferno ending.

  1. Unlocking the Lord Class

With the Inferno ending achieved, the coveted Lord class is officially unlocked. Equip this formidable class in future playthroughs to harness the full potential of high-damage Inferno spells and dominate the fallen realm.

4. Unlocking the Putrid Child Class

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get the Putrid Child Armor Set – GameSkinny

Introduction to the Putrid Child Class: The Putrid Child class, tailored for the Umbral mage setup, excels in Vitality, Radiance, and Inferno. Armed with an Umbral catalyst and three Umbral spells from the start, this class allows players to wield effective magical prowess immediately. To unlock the enigmatic Putrid Child, players must meticulously traverse Lords of the Fallen, culminating in the elusive Umbral ending.

  1. Journey through Revelation Depths

Embark on the journey by defeating Harrower Dervla, the Pledged Knight, and The Unbroken Promise in the Revelation Depths area. Take note of the special well in this location, as it holds a key role in the unfolding quest.

  1. Acquiring the Scouring Clump

Invest 1,000 Vigor to purchase the Scouring Clump item from Molhu in Skyrest. This item becomes a crucial element in unlocking the Putrid Child class.

  1. Transport to Mother's Lull

Utilize the Scouring Clump at the well in Revelation Depths to transport to the unique location called Mother's Lull. Engage with the non-hostile NPC who provides Seedpods for Damarose, Gerlinde, and Melchior.

  1. Seedpod Ritual and Platform Creation

Use the Seedpods on the respective characters in the specified order, causing their demise and creating new platforms in Mother's Lull. Acquire the Rune of Adyr from the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters (or from the Iron Wayfarer in Bramis Castle, if taken by him) and transform it into the Withered Rune of Adyr 

  1. Umbral Parasite Acquisition

Proceed to Bramis Castle and use Melchior's Seedpod on his corpse. Locate the Iron Wayfarer in Fief of the Chill Curse while in Umbral, and utilize the Withered Rune of Adyr on him. This action yields Harkyn's Umbral Parasite, which can be inserted into a designated column near Molhu.

  1. Elianne's Umbral Parasite

Engage with Molhu and learn about Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal's Umbral parasite. Interact with Pieta and choose the Soul Flay option, transporting you to a boss fight against Elianne the Starved. Defeat Elianne to obtain her Umbral Parasite.

  1. Completing Mother's Lull Platforms

Insert Elianne's Umbral Parasite into the column by Molhu. Speak with Molhu and select "Enter Mother's Lull" to initiate a scene where Molhu uses his Seedpod on himself, completing the fourth and final platform in Mother's Lull.

  1. Walking the Platforms for the Umbral Ending

With all platforms established, traverse the platforms in Mother's Lull to achieve the Umbral ending. This pivotal moment unlocks the Putrid Child class for future playthroughs.


In Lords of the Fallen, the Putrid Child, Dark Crusader, Lord, and Radiant Purifier classes offer unparalleled depth and specialization for dedicated players. While unlocking these classes demands a strategic investment of time and effort, this comprehensive guide has illuminated every intricate step. Make sure to check the stats of these hidden classes and first unlock the one that is suited to your playstyle. 


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