How to unlock blue mage & blue mage log in Final Fantasy XIV


ffxiv blue mage

Heavily influenced by the enigmatic blue mage job in Final Fantasy XI, the next iteration in Final Fantasy XIV takes things differently. This time around, blue mage is a limited job. As a limited job, blue mage has its own separate content in Final Fantasy XIV, including the blue mage log.

But just like its Final Fantasy XI counterpart, blue mage players can learn spells directly from enemies. With your arsenal of enemy-abilities, you can build your blue mage to be a tank, healer, DPS, or a hybrid. This job fits outside the mold of what the usual holy trinity structure allows.

However, there are several downsides to blue mage’s open-ended freedom. Limited jobs in Final Fantasy XIV are forbidden from matching with random players in the Duty Finder. Instead, blue mage focuses more on the solo play while leveling up before joining forces with pre-made party members for more challenging content. You’ll discover there are a ton of other unfortunate restrictions as a limited job, keeping you out of content such as The Forbidden Land, Eureka, as well as PvP battles. Blue mage also has a steep requirement before new players can unlock the job.

Head to Limsa Lominsa at the Lower Decks. You’ll find the Zealous Yellowjacket NPC (X:9.9, Y:11) just by the main aetheryte crystal. To pick up their quest, “Out of the Blue,” you’ll need to first reach level 50 as any Disciple of War or Magic. You also have to complete the main scenario quest, “The Ultimate Weapon.” Once you meet these requirements, you can accept the blue mage quest.

Follow this quest chain to the end, and you’ll receive your blue mage weapon and soulstone. You’ll also earn a level 1 set of special blue mage armor. Equip your new stuff, take a look at your brand new spellbook, and start hunting for blue mage spells out in the wild.

Blue mage log is a checklist of dungeons, trials, and raids available for you to complete with other blue mages. Completing these duties offers unique challenges and special rewards

Complete the blue mage job quest “Blue Scream of Death”
In order to unlock the blue mage log, you need to catch up on your job quests. Speak with the blue mage trainer Martyn at Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0), and finish the level 58 quest, “Blue in the Face.” Then speak with Martyn at level 60 and complete the next quest, “Blue Scream of Death.” You’ll unlock the blue mage log in your main menu.

How to use the blue mage log
When you open the log, you’ll find a list of available duties. Each duty has its own set of requirements and rewards. You can only earn the rewards by completing the duty with the requirements listed. Rewards typically include gil, Allied seals, and Allagan tomestones. You’ll also earn bonus rewards for first-time completion of duties within the blue mage log.

Any duties listed with a star next to them are special t argets. Weekly targets have a silver star next to them. You can get the bonus rewards for these targets once per week. Anything marked with a gold star is a prime target, which is much more difficult, but offers even greater rewards. You may have completed these duties on normal jobs, so the challenge will be coordinating your spells as a blue mage to tackle the content.For weekly and prime targets, you’ll usually find players recruiting for these duties in the Party Finder on your data center. If you have a pre-made group of blue mages, even better. Group up with other blue mages, coordinate your strategies and assigned spells, and take down your targets together.

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