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How we can make more WoW TBC gold with Mooncloth

World of Warcraft is always exciting at the very start of a new expansion when everything feels fresh. That means that for many players WoW TBC Classic Phase 1 is likely to be the most important one because this is when you start leveling up your characters and start experiencing the new content that awaits you beyond the Dark Portal. Similarly, Phase 1 is also when you should ideally start thinking about how to make gold for the coveted epic flying mount and various expensive items you're going to need once you start raiding.

There are also other factors that you need to consider when going into TBC as well. For example, what professions are you going to be using? Which is the best for you in the long term? Which is going to be beneficial when you make the transition to the next expansion? As vital as these questions are, there isn't exactly a single straight answer.

Now, if you choose to straight-up buy WoW TBC Classic gold from trustworthy websites, you won't have to worry too much about your in-game finances. But if you want to farm the gold the old-fashioned way don't worry because we're here to help.

The likes of Mooncloth come into question here. Whether or not this should be stockpiled is something that a lot of players have been discussing as of late. Though there seems to be a general consensus, let's take a look into the Mooncloth debate.

Mooncloth – What is it?

Mooncloth is an item that is used in the Tailoring profession. The pattern requires the profession and teaches you how to purify Feltcloth, which then can be made into Mooncloth.

Will I need the Tailoring Profession?

Well, we need the Tailoring for the Mooncloth, of course. But that isn't going to be the only benefit to us having the use of the profession. It is especially useful if you are a DPS character, or if you are a character that has a class that uses the cloth to wear. For example, in WoW Classic the Warlock class Is considered to be one of the best DPS classes that are available to you. By using this profession, you will be able to provide gear that will be the best-in-slot that can be used for the Warlock. Pre-raiding gear is also a massive bonus when considering this profession.

With Tailoring, you can also make the most of three types of cloth, one of them being the highly sought after Mooncloth. You should always keep in mind that with these clothes there is a cooldown period that lasts multiple days. So, as you can expect beforehand the demand will be high. Of course, there are a lot of other useful professions besides Tailoring as well, but this is what we are going to need where Mooncloth is concerned.

Do We Need Mooncloth for TBC?

So, it comes down to the question of whether or not you should sell your stacks of Mooncloth now, or hold onto them for The Burning Crusade. As we mentioned earlier, there is a bit of a consensus on whether Mooncloth is a necessity in TBC.

That consensus seems to point towards no, you don't really need to hold onto it beforehand. With rumblings of the cooldown removal and its lack of efficiency with recipes, you aren't really going to need it going forward as much as you might think. There is the argument that you could save it to make WoW Classic bags, but you could also argue that there are cheap alternatives such as the Netherweave bags so you wouldn't need Mooncloth for this either.

Should I Sell?

This then brings up the importance of WoW Classic gold being a necessity in TBC. Of course, we are already aware that it is a very important commodity in the game, especially in the classic rendition of World of Warcraft. That said, there are no signs of letting up in terms of the gold that we will need going into the TBC. Making sure that you are getting a fair amount of goal is going to be pivotal going into the next expansion. With that being said, you should sell whatever you can to accommodate the expansion.

In the meantime, you should consider some moneymaking methods for you to use prior to TBC. You can use the Auction House for example to flip WoW TBC Classic items. Focus on raiding materials and buy them at the weekend when the prices are low. After this, you can wait until the raid resets on Tuesday where they will be in much higher demand from players. Crafting materials can also be helpful. By crafting items that players are looking for, you are bound to be racking up the gold in no time.

So, focus on getting WoW Classic gold in the meantime, rather than worrying about Mooncloth as we go into The Burning Crusade to find out what it has to offer us as newer players.

Have you been stacking on WoW Classic TBC Mooncloth? Follow us and we will share with you more neat tips and tricks for making gold in TBC Classic.

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