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Island Tokens Lost Ark - Extra Content Special For Sailors

There are over 100 islands in Lost Ark. This unlockable content appears once you have reached Endgame and gives you the chance to explore this vast sea full of life with multiple plots of land.

Embark yourself with Lost Ark’s sailing feature into the majestic waters of Arkesia. Visit the islands in the game – with some being continents – explore and discover them while searching for over 90 Island Tokens in Lost Ark. 

Their locations are scattered throughout the entire map, but you don’t have to worry. We have prepared a Lost Ark Island guide to help you navigate through the seas and help you complete your tasks.

We hope you are prepared; this journey is long and entertaining but also requires you to use every skill point, skill, and knowledge if you want to finish your Island Tokens quest and get the loot and rewards.

What Are The Lost Ark Islands

Lost Ark Islands are tier 1 end-game content that you occasionally go to defeat some world bosses during certain events. All players who have completed the main quest can visit the islands and try to obtain what they hide.

Since there are so many islands, some don't really have anything you can loot or farm – like pirate coins, a golden chicken, a stone egg, chests, not even a random drop. However, others do have all that and more.

In those specific places, you can find juicy items that you may only get from special places like Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons, and more World bosses. And you can only obtain them during the event time.

One of the most interesting and demanded items are the Lost Ark Island Tokens. We will explain more of this later.

What Can You Do In Lost Ark Islands

There are more things to do than just collecting Island Tokens. Of course, before you can gain access to these adventure islands.

As such, the islands require you to:

  • Have access to Lost Ark ships.

  • Reach level 50.

  • Have powerful gear with item level 250 to complete the island quests.

Once you have these, the islands give you access to new content, collectibles, quests, NPCs, and vendors like you have never seen in the old continent before. 

You’ll get to complete Una’s daily tasks, find the Merchant Enigmatic Rosa, fight two elite enemies, participate in co-op quests, improve your hunting trade skill, and more.

But before entering here, you need to know that there are two types of islands.

  1. Static Islands: You can explore them any time you want.

  2. Limited-time Islands: These are randomized and timed islands that will appear during certain hours of the day.

Now that you know all you can do, let’s go to the main point. Lost Ark Islands hide over 90 tokens in their territory, which can give you great rewards. But before getting them, you need to learn what they are.

Lost Ark Island Tokens - What Are They?

Island Tokens are collectibles you can find throughout the islands across the seas of Arkesia. You can earn them by:

  • Completing quests.

  • Killing bosses.

  • Completing island dungeons.

  • After mobs randomly drop items.

  • With Rapport with an NPC.

As you gain tokens – 95 of them to be exact – you can collect rewards as you find them. For example:

  • Greater Stat Potions.

  • Uncommon Wooden Compass.

  • Greater Skill Point Potion.

  • Mount: Golden Moss Turtle.

  • Emote: Wave Dance.

  • Luminous Aquamarine.

  • Gienah's Protection.

  • Protections.

  • Masterpiece #22.

  • Secret Map.

  • Oceanic Aquamarine.

  • Statue of the Goddess Harmony.

  • Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle.

  • Secret Map.

  • Tidal Aquamarine.

  • Procyon Statue.

  • Card packs.

How To Get Each Island Token Lost Ark

Island Token

What To Do To Get It

Goblin Island Token

Find the Goblin Island coin and exchange it for a Goblin Pandora Box. 

If you’re lucky, you may be rewarded with the Token inside the box.

Giant Mushroom Island Token

Go to the island and get the Red Cashew Juice item from the Merchant Puspush.

Use the potion and find a secret location where you can cut down mushrooms. After a while, you’ll randomly collect the token.

Ister Island Token

You have to complete Una’s Daily tasks if you want to receive the token.

Anguished Isle Island Token

Go to the island’s dungeon and defeat the boss that appears there. You’ll get the token with its death.

Bamboo Island Token

Increase your Rapport with Bamboo Island’s NPC to get the token.

Whispering Islet Island Token

Increase your Rapport with Whispering Islet Island’s NPC to get the token.

Tooki Corporation Island Token

You have to complete the “A Genuine Single-Digit Tooki” quest to get the token.

You should speak with NPC Ninav and make her your friend.

Gesbroy Island Token

You have to finish the Epona Daily 20 times to get the token.

Cradle Of The Sea Fermata Island Token

Collect 100 Pirate Coins and use them to get a Game Voucher. Then Get a Jar and get the tokens when they randomly drop.

The more Normal jars you open, the higher probability you get the token.

Unknown Island Token

Finish the coop quest A Veiled Entity.

Walpurgis Island Token

Defeat Rasakiel Boss in the Dungeon Night of Walpurgis to get the token.

Atropos Island Token

Start throwing gold coins multiple times into the fountain to get bags. Open them until you get the token.

Shangra Island Token

Buy the thousand-year-old jar and get the thousand-year-old Tree Bud. Plant it to receive the token.

Shadow Moon Market Island Token

Finish 5 tasks – any tasks – to unlock the token.

Azure Wind Island Token

Start and finish the Yellow Quest to get the token.

Phantomwing Island Token

Learn when the Adrinne boss appears on the island and kill him to get the token.

Twilight Island Token

There are two options to get the token:

Kill the dungeon’s Boss or loot the reward chest that appears when you complete the dungeon.

Promise Isle Island Token

Complete the Shattered Heart quest, also known as the Purple quest, to get the token.

Asura Island Island Token

Finish up the Gangwoon’s Rematch Quest.

Revelry Row Island Token

Find the Purple Quest, Unbreakable Beat to get the token.

Tranquil Isle Island Token

You can either start opening chests until the token comes out or kill the boss from the coop quest available on this island.

Golden Wave Island Token

Explore the island looking for chests and open them until you get the token.

Opportunity Isle Island Token

Complete the island’s quest to get a special Bag. Open it to get the token.

Alaker Island Token

Finish “The Best, Golden Chicken!” Purple Quest to get the Island Token.

Slime Island Token

Kill a Golden Bell Slime to get the token.

Astella Island Token

Explore the island and collect items on the ground.

Orvis Island Token

Learn when the level 425 Boss appears on the island and kill him.

Death’s Hold Island Token

Get the token by purchasing it for 60 Foul Sculptures from the Merchant Earthbound.

Sublime Isle Token

Get Rapport with Krissa or Ezrebet.

Hypno’s Eyes Island Token

Increase Rapport with the NPC to get the token.

Eternity Isle Island Token

Increase Rapport with the NPC Marie to get the token.

Lopang Island Token

Complete the Quest An Important Personage to get the token.

Hope Island Token

Find and finish the quest In Memoriam.

Turtle Island Token

Finish The Turtle and the Boy Quest.

Lagoon Island Token

Kill the island’s boss and expect him to drop it.

Glacier Isle Island Token

Complete the Elegy of Serenity Quest to get it.

Dreamgull Island Token

Get the token for finishing the quest Back To Work.

Harmony Island Token

Obtain the token after finishing the quest A Pure Sound.

Fantasm Island Token

Complete one Epona Daily.

Panda Pupu Island Token

Increase your Rapport to Trusted so you can get it.

Monte Island Token

It’s randomly dropped after opening chests lying on the island.

Notos Island Token

Finish Una’s daily Tasks, Whale Tale, and then the Purple Quest, With Didi – in that order – to get it.

Naruni Island Token

Get it by completing the Purple quest.

Wild Water (Torrent) Island Token

Kill the level 495 Boss that appears on certain days on the island.

Outlaw Island Token

It’s obtained randomly after opening chests in the Outlaw Isle.

White Wave Island Token

Get Rapport with Stranded Temma.

Serenity Isle Island Token

Complete the purple island quest Revenge Is Mine.

Crescent Isle Island Token

Talk to Merchant Aldridge and sell him Rabbits and 60 Crystalized Scale.

Wisdom Isle Island Token

Complete the A Giant Resonance quest.

Atlas Island Token

Collect 16,800 Pirate Coins and exchange them with Merchant Black Marketeer.

Metus Island Token

Get it by completing the Purple quest.

Lush Reeds Island Token

Fight in PvP until you complete the quest and get a Bag with the token.

Liebeheim Island Token

Increase your Rapport with the NPC so you can get it.

Medeia Island Token

Finish the Medeia War Quest, which will grant you the Medeia’s Gift. This may – or may not – contain the token.

Runaways Island Token

Complete Una’s tasks until you reach Reputation level 2. You’ll get the token as a reward.

Pomona Island Token

Complete the Purple quest.

Erasmo’s Island Token

Kill the Erasmo Boss the day it spawns to get the token.

Distorted Island Token

Complete the Purple quest.

Little Luck Island Token

Get the Chest of Little Luck for 100 Pirate Coins from the Merchant Erin.

Toto Silver Island Token

Make Toto Elder your friend.

Totopia Island Token

There are 4 quests that make a chain of quests: A Great Discovery, Totopia Tutor for a Day, Her Name, & The Case of the Missing Totopian.

Illusion Isle Island Token

Finish the PvP quest Red Waves. Then, open the Illusion Isle Loot box.

Lullaby Island Island Token

Complete the coop quest Secret Entrance.

Starlight Isle Island Token

Complete the A Starlit Melody quest to get it.

Island Of Time Island Token

Get a Magick Jar using your Fishing trade skill. Kill the Boss Savnak and get the token.

Volare Island Token

Finish the Establishing a Plan & Operation: Cannonballs and Harpoons quests.

Tooki Island Token

Complete the coop quests Tooki Tooki Treasures & Invincible King Tooki.

Isle Of Yearning Island Token

Obtain the Setino’s Secret Bag by killing two elite enemies.

Facility X-301 Island Token

Complete all Yellow quests until you have a special mission named Serviceable Condition quest. 

Find the secret hideout access card, destroy the boss Experimental Tarmakum and get the token.

Alteisen Island Token

Destroy the Sol Grande Boss.

Kalthertz Island Token

Purchase a slave until you get the Released Prisoner’s Pouch or Chest of Reward.

Island Of Mist Island Token

Discover and finish 6 Yellow Quests and 1 Purple quest.

Ice Maze Isle Island Token

Complete the purple quest.

Argon Island Token

Break 11 Ice Pillars.

Frostfire Island Token

Slay the Brealeos Boss on certain days.

Aiwana Island Token

Complete the ”Island of Dreams” quest.

Shadow Island Token

Finish the quest Shadow’s Mark.

Fortuna Island Token

Break Golden & Normal Jars until you get the token.

Vairgrys’s Nest Island Token

Slay both the bosses Chuo and Chaotic Chuo.

Spida Island Token

Use the Stone Egg to summon the Kagros Boss. Defeat him to get the token.

Reminiscence Isle Island Token

Finish the quest My Truest Friend.

Forpe Island Token

Complete the coop quest Much Ado About Chickens quest and kill the Boss Batuark from the same coop quest.

Peyto Island Token

Finish Finally Finished & The Future Is in Our Hands quests.

Lost City Island Token

You’ll have to use the Worn Oblivion Key to open all the boxes on the island. 

Then, get the Splendid Key of Oblivion from the Fearsome Carnivorous Monster Quest. 

Finally, open the Special Chest with it.

Blackfang’s Den Island Token

Increase Rapport with Blackfang.

Gravis Island Token

Finish the Purple quest.

Opher, The Lonely Island Token

Finish the Island Token quest and get it as a reward from Grandpa Opher.

Sunflower Island Token

Complete Alfonso’s quest.

Freedom Isle Island Token

Exchange 60,000 Pirate Coins with Merchant Enigmatic Rosa to get the coin.

Kharmine’s Lair Island Token

Finish Dark and Pale quest.

Oblivion’s Valley Island Token

Fight and defeat the Boss Sea God Aporas. The token will appear as random loot.

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