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Lost Ark Founders Pack - Check all Rewards These Packs Bring!

Lost Ark Founders Pack

Many games offer rewards to those fans that buy the game in advance or who are part of the Kickstarter. On some occasions, these rewards can be unique characters, special end game items, incredible weapons, and stuff like that. You got the idea, don’t you? In this Lost Ark Founders Pack article, you’ll discover the rewards for the early fans of Lost Ark.

In this Lost Ark Founders Pack article, you’ll discover the rewards for the early fans of Lost Ark.

Table of Contents

What is the Lost Ark Founder’s Pack?

How to Claim the Lost Ark Bonus Founders Pack and Launch Celebration Gift

Founders Pack Rewards Contents

Exclusive Cat Pet

Exclusive Background

Exclusive Mount

Exclusive Northern Lawmaker Skin

Bronze Founder's Pack - Bronze Supply Crate

Silver Founder's Pack

Gold Founder's Pack

Platinum Founder's Pack - Platinum Supply Crate

What is the Lost Ark Crystalline Aura?

Lost Ark Founder’s Pack Alternative

What is the Lost Ark Founder’s Pack?

A white female warrior and a platimun Founder´s Pack of Lost Ark

The Founder’s Packs were a series of packs that you can buy to get early access to Lost Ark and exclusive goodies. This way, you had three-day early access to the game before the official launch.

The Founders’ Packs are not available since the game’s launch on February 11. But, do not worry, currently, you can buy Lost Ark Starter Packs instead.

Note. After you redeem your Founder's Pack, it will be applied to your Roster inventory and bound to your account.

How to Claim the Lost Ark Bonus Founders Pack and Launch Celebration Gift

All the items you can find in the Platinum Founder's Pack in Lost Ark

To claim this Founders Pack and all the bonuses it brings for you, you need to be a founder. If this is your case, the bonuses will be delivered directly to your inventory. This way, you can claim them on any server you want.

Keep in mind that none of these articles is tradeable, so the items are just for you. Besides, you can also use the second Founder’s Pack on another character and enhance their equipment.

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Founders Pack Rewards Contents

The bonuses of the Founder’s Packs are divided into tiers. Each of these categories has unique items, cosmetics, and others. Below there are exclusive items you find in Founder’s Packs. Many of them are not earnable in-game.

These packs provided different bonuses, such as titles, pets, and cosmetics, many of which are not obtainable throughout the journey. There were four tiers of Founder’s Pack, and each of them provided different rewards to players. These tiers go from the bronze pack to the platinum pack.

Now, let's take a look at some of the founder-exclusive items you can get.

Exclusive Cat Pet

The exclusive Cat Pet you find in the Founder´s Pack in Lost Ark 

Exclusive Background

The exclusive Background you find in the Founder´s Pack in Lost Ark

Exclusive Mount

The exclusive Mounts you find in the Founder´s Pack in Lost Ark

Exclusive Northern Lawmaker Skin

The exclusive Northern Lawmaker you find in the Founder´s Pack in Lost Ark

Bronze Founder's Pack - Bronze Supply Crate

The Bronze Founder's Pack in Lost Ark

The Bronze Founder’s Pack is available for $14.99 and offers the following benefits:

Head Start Period. You get three days’ head start at the launch of the game.

Exclusive Free Pet. You get a Founder’s exclusive pet that can help you to collect loot.

30-Day Crystalline Aura. You’ll get a lot of boosts.

Founder’s Title. An exclusive in-game title.

Silver Founder's Pack

The Silver Founder's Pack in Lost Ark

The Silver Pack is available for $24.99 and provides all the aforementioned benefits plus other ones:

1,000 Royal Crystals.

Silver Supply Crate.

1,000 Royal Crystals is not a lot regarding in-game currency. The Silver Supply Crate, on the other hand, is a big deal you should consider. This will reward you with the following:

30 Feathers of Resurrection. You can use these in-game items to revive your character.

10,000 Silver. The basic currency to purchase gear within the game.

Adventurer's Equipment Crate. It contains useful tools such as flame grenades.

Gatherer's Tool Chest. Some free tools you can get in the game.

Adventurer's Ascent Chest (Level 20, 30, 40, and 50). These chests give you Potions and Silver when you reach a certain level.

Gold Founder's Pack

The Gold Founder's Pack in Lost Ark

The Gold Founder’s Pack is available for $49.99 and provides some extra benefits in addition to the ones above.

4,000 Royal Crystals.

Founder’s Exclusive Avatar.

Additional Character Expansion Slot.

Gold Supply Crate.

There is not a big difference between the Golden Supply Crate and the Silver Supply Crate. It has all the same items as the above. The real difference between this pack is the Founder’s Exclusive Avatar. The Avatars can make you loads of gold later on because right now, they are exclusive and later will be a rare item.

The character Expansion Slot will add another character slot. It sounds very useful. Remember that characters are very relevant in Lost Ark. 

Platinum Founder's Pack - Platinum Supply Crate

The Platinum Founder's Pack in Lost Ark

The Platinum Founder’s Pack is available for $99.99 and adds some extra benefits to those above.

7,000 Royal Crystals.

60 Resurrection Feathers.

50,000 Silver.

5 Adventurer's Equipment Crates.

Gatherer's Tool Chest.

Adventurer's Ascent Chests (Level 20, 30, 40, and 50).

In addition to these items you can find in the previous packs, the Platinum Founder’s Pack brings more benefits for those who have made an effort to acquire the game.

Founder's Exclusive Skin. This skin is only available for players who buy this pack. With this skin, you can broadcast to other players that you were happy to make a big investment in the game.

Founder's Exclusive Mount. You can cross Arkesia on a three-headed beast.

Founder's Exclusive Wallpaper. Your login screen will look different with this exclusive wallpaper.

Founder's Exclusive Structure. A special building project for your island stronghold.

Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest. With these items in your product inventory, you can develop better relationships with people you find throughout Arkesia.

Launch Limited Card Pack. You can use these cards to get offensive and defensive buffs.

The Platinum Welcome Crate.

The Platinum Welcome Crate will give you a lot of amazing stuff:

    • Free wallpaper for the character selection screen.

    • An exclusive structure for your island.

    • A legendary rapport box, a special gift for NPCs.

    • A card pack that will help you to start with your decks.

What is the Lost Ark Crystalline Aura?

Crystalline Aura in use and benefits in Lost Ark

Crystalline Aura is the real big one, a great deal out of the bunch. Crystalline Aura offers these benefits:

 You’ll get some free Triport trips every day, which are the game's fast travel mechanic.

  1. You’ll pay 50 percent less for Liner ship tickets. This way, you’ll save money as you try to explore the world.

  2. You’ll get one extra opportunity to increase your rapport or affinity with an NPC per day. This is perfect for completing quests and getting rewards.

  3. You’ll recover your life energy quicker. This way, you can spend more time logging, exploring, fishing, and expanding your adventure.

  4. You’ll get two extra Bifrost slots. This way, you can set two more return spots in any part of the world you want to help you get around easily.

  5. It will reduce the Song of Return cooldown by 50 percent. This way, you can cover distance and warp to any Portal Statue in any capital city.

  6. Island Stronghold Research time, Stronghold action energy recovery speed, and Craft time are all buffed.

  7. You’ll get an "Ultimate Stress Buster" in your Stronghold to increase your leveling speed.

  8. Crystal Benefactor Title. Another free title.

Crystalline Aura is essentially what you're paying the money for out of the options, and it does make the Bronze Founder's Pack worth it if you're going to be putting a lot of time into the game during the first month of release. Crystalline Aura is the premium membership for Lost Ark and can be purchased again at a later date.

Lost Ark Founder’s Pack Alternative

Lost Ark by Smilegate and Amazon Games is one of those games that grab the attention of many eyes. Due to this, when this free-to-play was released, many gamers wanted to be part of this phenomenon. To reward these fans, Founder Packs were launched to thank these gamers.

Unfortunately, these founder’s packs are not currently available, but still, there are other alternatives to get important resources within the game. For instance, buying Lost Ark Gold available at MMOPixel.

For the same amount you pay when you buy, for example, the Bronze Founder’s Pack ($14.99), you can purchase around 10,000 Gold. With this amount of Gold, you can acquire many interesting in-game items and resources you find inside the chest of Founder’s Pack.

Buy all the Lost Ark Gold available in MMOPixel

If you’re a gamer like the above and you’re interested in getting additional items within the game, it’s necessary to get extra Gold for your purposes. Click on the link above and check the offers we have for you!

Finally, if you’re interested in reading about related topics and more details about this game and others and improving your adventures, check the other guides we have for you on our site. And do not forget to register and create your account right now! This way, you’ll be attentive to all the news we have for you!

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