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Lost Ark: How to Get Gold - The Best Ways to Farm Extra Coins!

Lost Ark is one of the biggest and most important MMORPGs ever released. The game is full of unique and awesome features that partly explain why the game is such a huge success. To fully explore all the game has to offer and discover all of its possibilities, one of the things players need most is Lost Ark Gold.

Lost Ark Gold and Other Currencies

Lost Ark has several different currencies. Special items with unique trading purposes may also be considered a “coin.” This makes the number of currencies in Lost Ark a little controversial. Some believe there are seven currencies only. Others say there are 10 or 11.

Some of them, such as silver and gold are free. Some others cost real-world money, so they aren’t accessible to all the players. The primary use for Lost Ark gold is for trading between players. It also is an important part of some gear upgrading systems and crafting materials. To complete, it is the money you will use to buy things in the auction house. Some of the main currencies in Lost Ark are:

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Blue Crystals

  • Royal Crystals

  • Phoenix Plumes

  • Pirate Coins

  • Providence Stones

  • Sylmael Bloodstones

  • Pheons

  • Harmony Shards

The Best Ways to Farm Gold in Lost Ark

Lost Ark gold chest

Players will always be chasing gold rewards. The traditional gold income is not enough, so farming gold is surely one of the most important things. Thankfully, there are many different ways to earn gold. Let’s discuss some of them in this Lost Ark Gold Guide.


One of the most common and reliable ways to get gold in Lost Ark is selling items. During your adventures, you will get many items that you can sell to win more gold. Every time you get a new item, you can check the amount of gold it is worth. Just mind that the prices change from server to server.

Farming foraging materials to sell is a good way. Once again, check which is worth more. Also, honing materials, such as stones and leapstones you get in a chaos dungeon are helpful. They won’t be bound to your account, therefore can be easily sold to obtain gold. 

Engraving books are another example of rare items you can sell. They are worth a hefty gold sack. To complete, an Adventurer’s Tome can also reward gold to players. They are generally used for adventure tome experience, but nothing prevents you from selling them.

Lost Ark Market List

Abyssal Dungeons

Abyssal Dungeons

The Abyss dungeons are a special type of dungeon where the gold rewards are received once a week for each character. There is no secret in abyssal dungeons. You can enter them and search for their rewards as they will give you from small amounts of gold to treasures.

And, since we are talking about dungeons, another interesting source of gold is the chaos dungeons. There, you will find secret rooms with gold and other items you can get and sell in the auction house. The same thing applies to guardian raids. Abyss and chaos dungeons will surely help you to get gold in Lost Ark.

Island Quests

Advancing through the story and all the islands, you will some missions that reward you with gold. Exploring these islands and completing the quest chains presented to you there will result in a great gold income. All the islands you can explore are White Wave Island, Lullaby Island, and Peyto. 

Adventure Islands

Adventure islands

Still talking about islands, A great way to get gold in Lost Ark is to explore the adventure islands. Not all of them will ensure you a gold reward but, with the Procyon’s Compass, you can find the right islands to earn gold. Mind that an adventure island is available only once on weekdays and twice on weekends.


Well, how a good relationship with NPCs could help us get more gold in Lost Ark? Simple: NPCs reward you for your friendship levels with them. That’s why building rapport is a great way to get some easy gold.

Rapport NPCs are everywhere, and having a good relationship with them is essential for your characters. Once you unlock Punika, there will be the place you want to go for a good rapport. 

However, NPCs on Rethramis and Luterra offer small amounts, so don’t go for them. Some of the best NPCs for rapport you will find can pay you 14,000 gold coins when you reach the level of “amicable” with them.


Lost Ark Masterpieces

The first thing to say here is that it will demand effort. Prepare yourself to put work into completing this task, as farming masterpieces take time. To get these collectibles, you need to complete Adventurer’s Tome, Sea Bounties, Island Tokens collections, and many other things. 

To get gold with these pieces, you will need to reach some specific milestones. The full amount of gold you can get is 29,000. Here’s how many of these items you need to unlock each reward:

  • 20 Masterpieces - 3,000 gold

  • 30 Masterpieces - 5,000 gold

  • 34 Masterpieces - 8,000 gold

  • 38 Masterpieces - 13,000 gold

Chaos Gates

Lost Ark events

These chaos gates can be done once per day, just like the adventure islands. Besides that, the thing is that these gates don’t give you gold directly. But, in the end, players will bid for a legendary map. 

In the end, someone wins the map. If you do, you can sell it in the auction house for a huge amount of gold. 

Una’s Tokens

Una`s Token exchange rates

You will receive daily and weekly quests. These quests are known as Una’s tasks. Daily tasks give you 2 points, whereas weekly tasks 12. These points are exchanged for Una’s Tokens. When you have enough Una’s Tokens, you can exchange them for gold.

These exchanges can give you valuable loot in the form of gold bars. If you are lucky enough, you can receive a thin gold bar, a thick gold bar, or even a giant gold bar.  These bars are worth 100, 1,000, and 10,000 gold, respectively. Just mind that even if you don’t have luck, Una’s tasks are still a great way to increase your income.


Another great way to get some gold in Lost Ark is through alt characters. Many of the ways listed here are weekly or daily tasks. Also, some of them have periods until they begin to reward players again. With additional characters, you have a way to repeat the tasks that give more gold. 

Mind that, among other things, your gold is attached to the Lost Ark account, not to the character. This means you can repeat the work to ensure you receive as much currency as possible. The secondary character's work makes the difference for the primary.

Real Money

However, the easiest way to get a considerable amount of gold in Lost Ark is through the expanse of real money. Well, a big part of MMO fun is to farm and run after the things you need to improve your character but a little boost is never a bad call either. 

For those feeling lazy or that just want to focus on other things, adding real-world money to buy gold is a way to jump some steps. You will avoid things like gathering ability stones and honing materials. You can use your real cash to buy crystals and, then, exchange them for gold inside the game.

The MMOPixel Offer

MMOPixel offers you a safe network where you can buy gold for your Lost Ark account and have a boost on your development inside the game. We have offers that go from small amounts of gold to offers that can reach millions. You just have to decide which is the best for you. 


Now, you know some of the best ways to farm gold in great amounts in Lost Ark. With that, trading, auction house, and crafting will never again be a problem. The best thing is that many of the necessary activities to get the shiny golden pieces are some of the funniest in the game. 

With that, we hope you already know everything you want about gold farming. To stay up to date with the latest news, remember to hit MMOPixel. That way, you will be able to keep improving your game level. Follow our guides, tips, and lists! Besides Lost Ark, MMOPixel works with many other MMOs you may also like, such as New World.

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