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Lost Ark Main Quest List - Discover Your Path Throughout Arkesia

Lost Ark Main Quest List at MMOPixel

When you get ready to play a new game, especially an MMO, you’re not sure about how many hours it may take you to finish the game. Completing all the quests in Lost Ark can take over 100 hours, but the main storyline is around 40 hours, maybe a bit more. In this Lost Ark Main Quest List, we’ll address the main storyline of this incredible piece of art. 

What Types of Quests Are There in Lost Ark?

Just like in other MMOs, there are a lot of quests in Lost Ark, but not all belong to the main story. Anyway, the table below describes all these quests, including the secondary or optional ones. 




Lost Ark Main Quests

The main storyline takes you from Rethramis, just after the prologue ends, to East Luterra, the continent which is the stage for the last chapter of the game. You can recognize the main quests due to the fox-like icon in orange color. 

Side Quests

Lost Ark has plenty of secondary quests or side quests that do not contribute to the main questline but still are useful for leveling the character level. You can also get some items and accessories from them. The icon of these quests are similar to the previous ones but in yellow color. 

World Quests

World Quests are unlocked after completing the main storyline. These quests take place on many islands and continents, and you will have to complete them to reach level 50. World quests appear with a blue globe icon.

Chain Quests

These are interconnected quests that have a single main objective. You can find it scattered around the world and have a chain-like yellow icon. 

Dungeon Quests

As their name suggests, you’ll find these quests as soon as you enter a dungeon. It’s not possible to find this type of quest outside of a dungeon. 

Rapport Quests

These are special quests that you get from special NPCs in Lost Ark. Upon completing those quests, your relationships with them will get better and better, resulting in good rewards for you. 

Sudden Quests

These are quests with timers that are given to you by NPCs and must be completed in a certain area. If you leave the zone without completing the quest, the quest fails. These quests give you tons of experience, so they are fundamental to reaching level 50 quickly. 

Adventure Quests

These quests unlock pets and some trade skills, such as Fishing.

Una’s Tasks

Daily and weekly quests that you can choose to complete or not. These are great for farming currency and some special rewards. You can do a daily quest once per day and a weekly task once a week.

Co-op Quests

These are quests that you must complete with other players. Upon receiving a notification, the area where the quest takes place will be displayed on the map. As soon as you enter the area, the quest will begin. 

How to Access the Main Quests?

All the quests in Lost Ark are kept in the Quest Journal. To access it, press “Adventure” on the bottom right of the screen. A window will open where you can see the “Quest Journal” tab. Click on it. Now, you can see a list of all the quests you can complete. You can identify the main story quests thanks to the word “Main” written over them. 

Lost Ark  Main Quest List

Next, you can check all the main quests that exist in Lost Ark, from the first part of the game until the endgame. Of course, there is more optional content, but we're going to focus on the main storyline.

Rethramis Questline

Rethramis Questline map in Lost Ark

Rethramis is the first continent of the game, where everything begins. The Prologue takes place here, and some important events, such as getting your first mount and pet. 

  • Crossroads of Destiny

  • To the Forgotten Land

  • Bird in the Ruins

  • The call of the Ancient Prophecy

  • Released Light of Destiny

  • The Priest

  • Armen Besieged

  • Savior

  • Town Where Light Lingers

  • Varut’s Gift

  • Legends and Fairytales

  • Legacy of the Ancients

  • In the East Chapel

  • Traces the Stone Tablet

  • Words of the Stonemason

  • What the Robbers Want

  • Warning: Tomb Raider

  • Trouble in Kolsh Forest

  • Demons in Hell

  • Demons in Prideholme

  • Neria’s Story

  • Tablet of Revelations

  • Gathering Clues

  • Mountain of the Singing Wind

  • Holy Source

  • The Plague’s Source

  • A Command Post in Need

  • Belated Help

  • Snake Nest

  • They Will Be Remembered

  • A Mysterious Attack

  • A New Disease

  • A Possible Solution

  • The Snake Jewel

  • On the Border

Yudia Questline

Yudia map in Lost Ark

The next continent is Yudia, a very small one that only has two main areas. Here you’ll cover a small chapter of the main storyline.

  • Looking for the Nomad

  • Burned Camp

  • Street of Bandits

  • Salt Works

  • Finding the Monument

  • Subjugate the Bandits

  • Another Monument

  • Aregal Salt Plains

  • Raid and Rescue

  • The Last Monument

  • First Things First

  • Nomad Meeting

  • Preparing the Rain

  • To Morai

  • Where is Armel

  • Foxfire

  • Armel and the Demon

  • Demon Submission

  • Let’s Go to Luterra!

West Luterra Questline

West Luterra map in Lost Ark

Upon completion of the quests in Yudia, you’ll have to complete the other quests that West Luterra has for you. A big part of the story happens in this zone of the continent.

  • Fortress Under Attack

  • Destroyed Sentry Post

  • To the Zagoras Fortress

  • Armel’s Request

  • The Decoration

  • To the Eastern Ruins

  • Song of Valor – Reward: Song of Valor

  • To Lakebar

  • The Village with a Lake

  • Still Undecided

  • The Burden of Death

  • The Iron Crown

  • The Spirit of Luterra

  • The Crown of Lakebar

  • To the Degree of Shimmer

  • Shimmer Level

  • To Medrick Monastery

  • Monastery Before Ruin

  • The Warpriests of Medrick

  • Thirain’s Wrath

  • The Bilbrin Militia

  • Pay Respect to the Hunters

  • Contact With the Militia

  • Militia Leader Castleford

  • Thirain’s Disappearance

  • An Unshakeable Determination

  • To the Battlefield

  • By the Demon Beast Legion

  • To the Hero Wall

 East Luterra Questline

East Luterra map in Lost Ark

From West Luterra you’ll have to move to East Luterra to continue the main questline. This is a big continent with 9 areas and where you’ll spend almost 10 levels. You can also unlock your stronghold to store items, have ships, and create your crew.

  • A Kingdom Reclaimed

  • Reconstruction of Luterra

  • Song of Return – Reward: Song of Return

  • The Inhabitants of Luterra Castle

  • Two Families

  • In the Name of the Elder

  • Brother Against Brother

  • In the Name of the Youngest

  • The Beginning of Reconciliation

  • United Once More

  • In Search of the Lost Sentence

  • Heroes and Constellations

  • Eerie Pumpkin Farm

  • Pumpkin Cleaning

  • The Deaf Bard

  • The Blind Bard

  • All Night Long

  • Royal Seal of the Eagle

  • The Dangerous Forest of Lastra

  • King’s Tomb

  • A Legend Reborn

  • The Wingless

  • To the Edge of the World

  • Destiny Guided By the Light

  • Full of Gratitude

  • Infested Garden

  • The Sweet Lure of Chaos

  • King Thirian’s Swift Reply

  • Spreading Madness

  • The Distant Ringing of a Bell

  • Above the Tendrils of the Black Rose

  • The Secret of the Cemetery Chapel

  • Disguise Preparations

  • The Conjuration of Madness

  • The Long and Dark Night

  • On the Trail of Kalkul-Saydon

  • Pureum and the Land of Purification

  • The Leaders of the Pureum

  • Seria’s Gift

  • Lighea’s Advice

  • Kalkul-Saydon’s Plan

  • Sad Foreboding

  • Drums of Resistance

  • Preparation for Battle

  • On the Verge of War

  • To Victory

  • Flare of Fire

  • The Wise

  • Everything Ready

  • Battlefield Wounds

  • Holy Inquisitors

  • In the Footsteps of the Saints

  • The Wind Stays, the Dreams Fade

  • A Fine Ship

  • Find the Sneaky Pirates

  • As Blue as the Sea

  • In search of Pirates

  • Intimidated

  • Shadow of Light Inn

  • Black Tooth’s Whereabouts

  • Find Black Tooth’s Crew

  • Heiho, Heiho, we are Happy and Happy

  • Big Flare

  • Make your Intention Known

  • The Rescue of Black Tooth’s Crew

  • Storm the Howling Storm Grotto

  • Half-Half

  • Set Sail!

 Lost Ark Main Quest Line Final Thoughts

As you can notice, the path from the starter point to the endgame content is full of different types of quests, each of them unique and special on its own. Besides, each quest of the main quest line will show you a piece of the main story of the game. Put attention, achieve the goal, and expand your knowledge about the lore of Lost Ark. 

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