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Lost Ark Platinum Fields | Tips to Maximize Profits!

Platinum Fields Instances are special islands where endgame players can go to practice their trade skills without losing energy (the green bar above the trade skill menu). You will need an entrance ticket to unlock platinum fields in Lost Ark. When you get the first ticket, you will also receive the quest Public Announcement: Platinum Field. After that, you finally unlock access, and the secret island opens.

How Does Platinum Field Work

As mentioned, you will be able to practice inside it without losing your trade skill energy and yet all the trade skill resources you get will be yours. The downside is that you won’t be getting any trade skill experience.

 You also need a Platinum Field ticket every time you want to enter places like these. To ensure you will leave it and keep the feature balanced, Lost Ark allows you to stay only 15 minutes per time inside a platinum field. To enter again, you will need another ticket. These tickets are randomly won when you use your trade skills outside the Platinum Fields, but its drop chance is really low.

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The Different Platinum Field Types

There are two platinum field instances from which you can take many different rare materials and resources. Of course, it will demand different trade skills. 

The different platinum fields are Nahun’s Domain and Old Yudian Canal. They may give you different resource nodes and focus on other trade skills. You will use foraging, logging,  mining, fishing, hunting, and excavating. Let’s learn a little more about both Platinum Fields.


Nahun’s Domain

The Nahun’s Domain is the platinum field for foraging, logging, and mining. Therefore, the trade skills you will use will be only those three. Generally, the best is to enter with a party of four members to start gathering materials. 

Nahun’s Domian Strategy

The first thing you should do is divide the Nahun’s Domain field between the number of players. That way, no one will mine the same resource nodes. Some mining nodes have a wooden sign, which indicates that, from there, they will drop a special item. When you bring them back to the platinum field spawn, it will grant special buffs. Each player can bring only four items, and that’s why a bigger party is great.

Once four bonuses are brought to the spawn, all the items will be renewed, and secret zones will appear on the map. To make everything faster, you can always look for the cooperation bonus matter, so when the zone opens, you will already go to the cave entrance. It will maximize your long-term profits in the Lost Ark platinum field.

Old Yudian Canal

If the first platinum field example demanded three specific trade skills, now you will use the other three. In Old Yudian Canal, you will use fishing, hunting, and excavating. Once again, going with a party of 3 or 4 can be great, even though some players like to go with fewer numbers there.

Old Yudian Canal Strategy

This field is divided into two halves. On the top part, you will see the perfect place for hunting. On the bottom part, there’s a great spot for excavating nodes. Yudian canal offers fishing spots on the map. This is also a great way to divide a party if you entered with one.

The buffs you can get are not that good. Since a bigger party is great mainly due to these buffs, you will see that going alone is not that bad here. The best thing about the buffs you will find here give access to chests with special gems that can be traded for rare materials.

Tips, Levels, and Other Things to Consider

The most important thing to remember is to ensure you have the best results over all the work you did. So, you will need the level 30 on each trade skill, which will improve how much you get from different tasks on the Platinum Fields.

We also recommend focusing on items or skills that grant you paralysis immunity. You can use a whole set of things to ensure you will stay protected against it. For instance, you can get an adept mining tool or an adept foraging tool. They have the immunity you need to ensure that mobs won’t be hitting you.


One of the latest MMO releases, Lost Ark is revolutionizing the gaming industry. It offers many different features and possibilities in a giant open world full of things to learn and explore. MMOPIXEL wants to prepare players to have the best experience possible, taking advantage of all the game has to offer. To ensure you won’t miss anything and always stay ahead of the game, visit the site and hit some of our other guides, tips, and info from Lost Ark and many other MMOs.

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