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Lost Ark Powerpass - Level Up Your Character to 50 Easily!

Lost Ark Powerpass at MMOPixel

This Lost Ark Powerpass Guide will explain everything related to the Lost Ark Powerpass. This way, you can leverage this useful item and enhance your first character to level 50 in a blink of an eye! Make yourself comfortable, and let’s go straight for it!

Table of Contents

What is the Lost Ark Powerpass?

How to Get the Power Pass?

Power Pass Features

How to Activate the Powerpass?

What Is the Adventurer’s Path?

Are Alt Characters Important in Lost Ark?

What Class Should You Level with the Power Pass?

When Do I Have to Use the Lost Ark Powerpass?

Powerpass Final Thoughts

What is the Lost Ark Powerpass?

Vern Powerpass in the character's inventory at MMOPixel

The Powerpass is a boost that allows players to level a character to 50 automatically. In a few words, the Powerpass lets you level another class relatively quickly instead of grinding through all of the main story. This powerful item makes the process a whole lot easier!

According to Steam, the Powerpass “is to aid fast progression for alt characters so that the users can enjoy the contents with the various classes.”

Of course, this method to quickly level up a character is optional, so it's up to you if you don’t want to use it. You can always use other classic methods!

How to Get the Power Pass?

You'll receive the Powerpass via a in-game email in Lost Ark

According to the official definition of this pass inserted in the Launch Patch notes, there are two ways to get a Power Pass.

  1. Complete the main quest “Ealyn’s Gift” from North Vern, in the Vern Castle. Simply follow the blue World Quest chain through the continent until you finish this final quest.  After completing this quest, you’ll receive a single Vern Powerpass Token via in-game email.

  2. After using this first PowerPass, a second Power Pass is granted. It will be delivered to you again via in-game mail.

Note. After receiving the two Power Passes, you cannot receive a third Power Pass this way.

Power Pass Features

The Adventurer's Path in the selection menu in Lost Ark

You can start the “Adventurer’s Path” quest immediately after using the Power Pass on an alternate character.

The Power Pass compresses the level 10 - 50 segment for a second character through a story told by Beatrice.

The Power Pass will guide you on the progression and essential features of your class, which allows you to relive the experience and content from the new character’s point of view.

Completing the quest above will equip you with the gear appropriate for the Vern content.

How to Activate the Powerpass?

Character selection menu wher you use the Powerpass in Lost Ark

Once you have this elusive item in your inventory, you’ll want to use it. Doing this is very simple:

  1. Select the alt character you want to level up.

  2. Press the Powerpass button at the bottom of the character selection screen.

  3. Use the Powerpass.

  4. Complete the “Adventurer’s Path” quest to level up your additional main character from 10 to 50.

  5. Completing the quest mentioned above will equip you with all the gear you need for the late-game content.

In a few words, you’ll have access to three level 50 core characters, the main character, and two additional characters upon completing the process of leveling just one character.

This saves you a lot of time when it comes to leveling other classes and characters.

Rather than other two journeys through 10 or 20 hours to level your character to 50, now you can save your effort and begin to play with three alts almost immediately.

What Is the Adventurer’s Path?

The Vern Castle in the map in Lost Ark

As we mentioned before, the Adventurer’s Path is a condensed version of a path you should take to level up your character. It’s the main quest you need to complete to take your second character to their max level at that adventure point.

The Adventurer’s Path is a series of playable scenarios that integrate cutscenes and dialogue. Through this, Beatrice, the Angelical Spiritual Guide, recaps the main story. All the process of this first Power Pass takes about 30 minutes to complete.

When you finish this process to boost additional characters, you’ll be dropped into Vern at level 50 and with a gear at level 302. At this point, you’re ready to face the Lost Ark’s endgame content.

As you advance through the Adventurers’ Path, you can choose to skip every section to speed things up, but this way, you’d be losing a lot of items and more materials for your journey.

We recommend you get the Battle item Chest because it has free HP potions, which can be very useful in the last part of the game. Just remark that these are once-per-roster rewards, so you can skip the process in the second Powerpass.

Are Alt Characters Important in Lost Ark?

Three classes in Lost Ark

Advanced class alts allow you to perform extra runs and raids of chaos dungeons each day. Then you can funnel the resources you get to improve the grind. Due to this, this is the right time to choose which character is your main.

Besides, this is a good moment to develop a completely different style of play. For instance, you can choose to level up a fast character to complete trade skills or a support class to help you when you need to face a lot of enemies.

If you use your Powerpass on classes you don't want or experience not so enjoyable gameplay with these new classes, do not worry. You can always use the Knowledge Transfer mechanic at a later date to bring your class up to level 50, too.

What Class Should You Level with the Power Pass?

The Berserker, The Paladin and the Gunlancer classes in Lost Ark

Currently, there are 15 classes in total in the full release of Lost Ark, so choosing the right one for leveling up with the Power Pass is a hard task. But you need to know that you don’t have to redeem the Power Pass immediately. You can save it until you've tried out other classes, have a personal answer about each class, or watched some coverage of endgame builds online.

When Do I Have to Use the Lost Ark Powerpass?

In a few words, the decision is up to you. It’s not fundamental to use the Power Pass token immediately when receiving the email. The best moment is when you know which second class you want to level up.

Keep in mind that secondary characters, or Alts, are fundamental to progress in the game and unlock many of the game's features. Honing your equipment will require daily activities like Chaos Dungeons and getting materials with several characters. You can delegate these activities to a second or third character. This will significantly speed up your progression.

Powerpass Final Thoughts

Register menu in MMOPIixel

Lost Ark by Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games is one of the most popular games of this genre in recent times. It features a lot of content, hundreds of quests, items, equipment, and much more.

If you’re interested in reading other Lost Ark guides, do not forget to browse our web and read the pages we’ve written for you. Find the helpful links and check the latest articles we have for you. Here, at MMOPixel, you’ll get the answer you were looking for!

Also, create your account and be aware of all the news about your favorite games. We’re here to help with anything you need!

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