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Lost Ark Silver - 8 Tips To Follow To Farm Silver In The Lost Ark World

Lost Ark has different in-game currencies that you’ll use in your adventure to get gear, upgrades, purchase items, etc. One of the most important coins you collect is the Lost Ark Silver. 

Even though you’ll probably end up with over 1 million silver coins after you reach level 50, you’ll quickly realize that you need more silver as your savings go away.

If you want to progress after completing your story quests and reaching level 50, you need to know how to build a constant Silver income to improve your character. And it might sound ironic, but Silver farming is incredibly hard when you need it.

We have prepared a short guide that will help you know how to earn Silver, what to do with the Silver farmed, and show you the best ways for farming Silver in Lost Ark.

What Do You Need Silver For?

When you play Lost Ark, you use Silver for almost everything in the game. To put you in context, this is all you can purchase with your Silver rewards:

  • Buy weapons with a specific item level.

  • Get armor, accessories, books, and mounts.

  • Get Materials.

  • Buy Chests.

  • Cost most of your services.

  • Exchange it for another currency as an investment.

No matter what you do, you’ll always need a bit – or a lot – of Silver to complete your purchases.

Can You Buy Silver In Lost Ark?

If you need Silver, you probably have wondered if you can buy it in-game. The truth is that the only official way to get Silver is through farming methods, just like other games in the MMORPG industry.

However, you can buy Gold through Lost Ark's cheap gold services and exchange it later on for Silver. Below we explain how.

Exchange Silver In Lost Ark

If you are a player that saves gold and needs Silver, you can exchange one to get the other.

You only need to go to the Gold Shop and start speaking with NPCs Belmond or Halmond. The current exchange rate is 1 Gold/100 Silver.  Every city has this vendor, so no matter your location, you can use it to get what you want.

However, since Gold is a rarer tier item than Silver, we don’t recommend you exchange them, especially once you learn the best ways to farm Silver that we’re disclosing in the following lines.

Where Can You Get Silver In Lost Ark Fast?

No matter in which Lost Ark servers you are or if you’re playing alone or at a party with other players, you can gain Silver in specific ways. These options are the best compared to the other sources to collect Silver. 

Below, we explore some activities you can do to grind some coins.

Cube Dungeon

Cube Dungeons is not one of the easy-way methods to farm Silver. Cube events consist of you making your way on floors, defeating monsters, and earning valuable rewards once the floor is completed.

The monster hordes are harder to kill as you progress, and you’ll need to handle your characters perfectly if you want to survive. There’s no time to rest because there is also a timer.

Each level rewards you with a chest as loot, and they will drop different tier materials and items, including Silver. You can expect different chests according to the level you complete:

  • Level 0-3 - No rewards.

  • Level 4-7 - Bronze Cube Chest.

  • Level 8-10 - Silver Cube Chest.

  • Level 11-12 - Gold Cube Chest.

  • Level 13-15 - Platinum Cube Chest.

  • Level 16-19 - Diamond Cube Chest.

  • Level 20 - Diamond Cube Chest.

Among rewards, you can find Engraving Books, tickets, or even Starmetal, which will help you reduce the “failing chance” when you enchant equipment.

Note: You need a ticket that is dropped at the Chaos Dungeon weekly.

Chaos Dungeon

Chaos Dungeons are not like Cube Dungeons. These are smaller and are more like a horde mode in the game. 

These Dungeons consist of you killing all mobs during a specific time and traveling to another level before the counter stops. Each level brings new monsters. Your task – If you want to get lots of Silver – is to target mini bosses starting at level 2.

Chaos Dungeons should be completed in a matter of minutes. So it’s not only a fun thing to do but also one of the fastest ways to get some Silver. You can think of this event as one with small missions, infinite monsters that instantly spam, and great rewards.

Most of the time, you’ll also receive Bloodstones, which you can use later to get a ticket chest.

If you like doing Chaos Dungeons run, we recommend you to make Tier 3 runs so you can opt for the Daily T3 activity that could give you up to 120,000 Silver. You don’t need to worry about not having Aura of Resonance. You’ll gain enough Silver every time.

Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange: Ticket Chest

When you get Bloodstones after completing the Chaos Dungeons, you can exchange them for a Ticket Chest in the Bloodstone NPC to get weekly Silver Chest opportunities to gain up to 30,000 Silver.

Guild Weekly Silver Chests Exchange

There are other chest opportunities that you shouldn’t miss. One of them is the Guild Weekly Silver Chests. Whenever you join a level 2 guild, you can exchange 30,000 Silver every week.

Una’s Tasks

Una’s Daily Silver Mission is one of the best ways to get up to 100,000 Silver.

To unlock this Silver misson, you have to go to Logpang Island – You have to complete the Lopang Island Quest first. The quest is simple and requires you to answer an exam, the answer to which is: Arthetine Sea of Gienah Customers.

There are two weekly missions that you need to complete from Una so you can get up to 100,000 Silver.

One is in the Chaos Dungeon, and the other is in the Cube Dungeon. If you have time left, you can also complete the rest of the Lopang Island tasks.

As a recommendation, you can use Biofrost to store mission’s location and complete them at once. This will consume some Crystalline Aura and Bifrost slots.

Make Friends With NPCs

In Lost Ark, there is a “buddy” system that lets you improve relationships with NPCs. You need to complete some missions like special delivery tasks. Once you have improved your rapport with them, they could reward you – these side quests give you Silver coins more than anything else.

It’s not a fast way to get coins, but everything adds up.

For more helpful information about Lost Ark, please bookmark Mmopixel's news page.

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