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NBA 2K23 Badges Guide

Are you familiar with the latest Badge system introduced in the NBA 2K23 game? If not, then today we will introduce it to you. Though, we won't be able to get into the complete detail in this article, as we are yet to explore some more aspects of this feature, but we do know and provide you with all the badges available in the game as of now. The badge system in NBA 2K23 has undergone a significant overhaul. Badges in NBA 2K23 now comes with extra slots for badges and these badges are further divided into different tiers. The developers have also removed or consolidated certain badges based on data analysis that revealed which badges were frequently used and which were not.

This page covers all badges, badge tier lists, badge prerequisites for both present and next-gen, takeovers, takeover rewards, how to unlock badges, as well as a description of tips, information, and more as you click on each individual badge. It is part of the NBA 2K23 game.

Activating Badges

The skill subcategories of finishing, shooting, playmaking, and defence/rebounding are used to categorise badges. By earning sufficient points for each skill category that become badge points, badges can be unlocked. For each skill category, acquired badge points could be used to purchase badges. A new system of tiers for badges Each characteristic category has sixteen badges: 8 in Tier 1, 4 in Tier 2, and 4 in Tier 3. Although Tier 1 badges have the lowest player power, they also need the fewest badge points. Costs increase as you advance through the tiers and earn badges with greater significance. The main concept is that before you can wear badges in the top levels, you must equip a set quantity of badges in the bottom tier.

There are four new “Core” badges, one in each characteristic category, that may be filled with badges that don’t contribute toward your badge points. There will be a challenge requirement for each core badge that, when satisfied, will enable the badge to be inserted into a core badge slot.

NBA 2K23 Badges

Guide to NBA 2K23 Badges & Requirements

The video game NBA 2K has a unique feature called MyPlayer, which allows players to create their own custom player. Along with the option to play a full season or build a team, this feature is one of the main reasons why many gamers enjoy playing this game. Badges, which can enhance a player's skills in different areas of the game such as shooting and defence, are available for custom players. In the latest version of the game, the badge system has been updated to a three-level system, with the lowest level, Tier 1, requiring the least amount of points but providing the least amount of benefits (this is only available on new-gen versions of the game).

Each layer after that becomes more expensive and powerful. This is intended to make players’ badge selection decisions more difficult, adding balance to game settings where many customized players are interacting with each other, such as The City, the game’s social hub. Also keep in mind that To excel in MyTEAM, it is crucial to assemble a formidable team. To accomplish this, it is necessary to acquire a substantial amount of MT coins. These coins can be obtained by purchasing them from a reputable website, such as MMOPixel.

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In the latest version of NBA 2K23, there are new "core" badge spaces that players can unlock by completing specific challenges. These spaces allow players to insert badges for different skill sets, such as finishing, shooting, playmaking, and defence/rebounding. However, these core badges do not contribute towards the player's overall badge point total. Additionally, the game has introduced 20 new badges, altered 12 existing badges, and completely eliminated 12 badges.


  • Anchor: A crucial badge for players in the last line of defence, Anchor improves their ability to block and contest shots in the paint.

  • Tired Gloves: Allows players to handle the ball away from opponents and strip players as they prepare to shoot, inspired by the playing style of Gary Payton.

  • Work Horse: A badge that improves a player's stamina for playing tough defence and fighting for loose balls, similar to the style of Pat Bev.

  • Boxout Beast: Helps players excel in both offensive and defensive rebounding by improving their ability to win boxout battles.

  • Challenger Enhances a player's effectiveness in making perimeter shots during games.

The defensive Leader was eliminated


  • The Killer combo badge is a new addition to the game, which combines the benefits of the Quick Chain and Tight Handles badges from the previous year. This badge increases a player's ability to dribble effectively.

  • Another new badge is the Vice Grip, which improves a player's ball security immediately after a rebound, catches, or ball pickup.

  • The Clampbreaker badge is also a new addition, which allows ball handlers to gain an advantage in one-on-one physical altercations against their opponents.

  • Lastly, the Mismatch Expert badge is designed to assist smaller guards in overcoming taller opponents in one-on-one situations.

Bullet Passer, Downhill, Glue Hands, and Stop & Go were eliminated.


  • Agent 3 is a capability that allows players to dribble while at the same time making a challenging 3-point attempt.

  • The Claymore feature increases the chances of a spot-up shooter making catch-and-shoot jumpers by standing still before shooting.

  • The Middy Magician reduces shooting penalties when tired and when moving too much before shooting, and improves the ability to make mid-range jumpers off the rebound or out of the post, similar to the MJ Amped ability.

  • Hand Down Man Down increases the chances of the shooter making shots when the opponent is unable to put a hand in the shooter's face.

  • The Spaceback feature improves the ability to make perimeter jump shots while trailing in a game, making players more effective in comeback situations.

  • The badge known as the Space Creator, previously referred to as the Playmaking badge, has undergone an update that enhances the capability to execute hop shots and stepback jumpers. Additionally, it also increases the likelihood of defenders stumbling and falling.

  • Lastly, Limitless Range, a long-time favourite, makes shooters more successful with every shot they attempt from far 3-PT range.


  • Slithery – Facilitates gathering through traffic, preventing crashes and strips.

  • Bully – Capable of finishing strong by slamming through traffic, much like Giannis and LeBron

  • Masher – Improves ability to beat defenders on inside layups.

Hook Specialist was eliminated.

How to Takeover NBA 2K23

Takeovers are unique abilities that you may equip on your MyPLAYER and use once your Takeover metres are filled. In essence, similar to becoming hot in real life. The team takeover has been overhauled, however, the general and specific takeovers are unchanged. In the most recent iterations, after sequentially filling the primary, secondary, and Team Takeover metres, a player could trigger Team Takeover for the entire squad and turn everyone hot. Team Takeover for NBA 2K23 functions as a cooperative team system with each team member having access to a single metre.

Each member of the team has an equal amount that they must fill by contributing to the team’s success on the court and in the locker room. Team Takeover automatically begins for the entire team once every player has used up their respective piece of the metre.

Takeovers list


  • Advanced Gathers – Activates more powerful spin, euro, hop step, and cradle gathers.

  • Easy Blowbys – Improves slashers’ capacity to out-dribble opponents.

Capable of absorbing contact and finishing at the rim.


  • Advanced Post Moves: Post moves make it simpler to get past defenders.

  • Power Backdowns: When posting up, it is simpler to move defenders about.

  • Post Playmaking: When passing out of the post, help your teammates’ attacking prowess.

  • Post shot daggers: Increased potential with hooks, fades, shimmy shoots, etc. With post-shot daggers.


  • Extreme Clamps – Additional stone walls and lost dribble body-up locks resolves.

  • Interior Badge Drop Lowers the opposition’s score badges in the paint by one-tier.

  • Shooting badges: When you approach the perimeter, the shooting badges are dropped one-tier.

  • Enhanced Jump Shot Contests: Increases your capacity to compete in jumper competitions.

  • Stuff blocks: More grab, backboard pin, and stuff blocks are unlocked by stuff blocks.

  • Paint Intimidation: Improves your capacity to influence shoots close to the rim.


  • Team Rating Boost: Playmakers increase their teammates’ offensive team ratings.

  • Team Badge Boost: Moves the tier of your teammates’ badges up.

  • Team Takeover Boost: Accelerate the pace of your colleagues’ takeover metres.


  • See Into the Future – Projects the outcomes of missing shots.

Improves ability to block opponents for simple boards with a


Although a skilled NBA 2K player could logically infer the complete list of badges in 2K23 based on what is absent from this list and hasn’t been officially declared removed since the game’s release the previous year, we have refrained from creating such a list for the time being in case the team hasn’t yet decided on a final tally. We will try to add more information in near future. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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