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NBA 2K23 Best Center Builds

The release of NBA 2K23 has fans scrambling to create the finest MyPlayer possible. The NBA fans are getting ready for the upcoming season; hence, the videogame is selling out rapidly in its initial month. NBA 2K23's MyPlayer Builder has undergone a significant makeover with the latest attributes, badges, and takeovers. Instead of pie chart choices like the previous year, the Physical Profile has now become a part of the attribute list and there is no longer a Skill Breakdown option (2K22). In addition, "Eastern Egg Builds" have been added, which provide you with an identical reproduction of any NBA great rather than shades of some players.

When playing NBA 2K23, the center may not be the most thrilling position to play but are unquestionably very effective. They aid in glass cleaning, rim protection, and obtaining effective buckets inside the low post. Despite the fact that small-ball lines and frequent three-point shoots have been the standard, center and strong big players are making a comeback. In this post, we'll look at several excellent center builds for NBA 2K23.

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NBA 2K23 Best Builds

Two-Way Stretch Five

It is certainly among the strongest builds NBA 2K23 has to offer, this one will help you develop a powerful big man who can score a bucket from everywhere on the field and defend the paint. Stretch bigs are some of the finest centers in the game because of the three-point revolution.

  • 6'11" in height,

  • 220 lbs of weight

  • A wingspan of 7'5"

  • Body type to “defined”.


Configure Driving Dunk, Close Shot, & Driving Layup to 84, 57, and 72, respectively, under "Finishing." Post Control is unchanged, while Standing Dunk is maintained at 67. Maximize Three-Point Shot as well as Mid-Range Shot under "Shooting," but leave Free Throw to a maximum of 74.

Set Ball Handle with Pass Accuracy to 72 apiece under "Playmaking," and leave Speed with Ball to 67. Maximize Steal, Maximise Rebound, and Interior Defense under "Defense/Rebounding," while maintaining Block, Offensive Rebound, and Perimeter Defense at 85, 60, and 75 levels, respectively.

Last but not least, maximize Acceleration and Speed under "Physicals" while maintaining Vertical, Stamina, and Strength at 84, 90, and 76, respectively. If you still have any remaining attribute upgrades, utilize them to improve your free throw, close shot, or offensive rebounding ability.


You will receive about 73 Badge Upgrades for NBA 2K23 in this setup, including 13 for playmaking, 24 for rebounding/defense, 11 for finishing, plus 25 for shooting. In shooting and defense, you can select Hall of Fame badges like Catch and Shoot, Chase Down Artist, as well as Agent 3.


  • Pull Up Precision

  • Limitless Range

NBA 2K23 Two-Way Stretch Five

Diming 3-Level Scorer

  • 7'1" in height,

  • 235 lbs of weight

  • A wingspan of 7'6"

  • Body type “built”.

In contrast to many other stretch big men, Nikola Jokic—the current two-time MVP—is unique because he performs passing more effectively than the majority of point guards. With this build, you may have a playmaking-focused center in NBA 2K23 that can both make his own shots and help teammates make them.


Adjust Driving Dunk, Close Shot, & Driving Layup to 85, 91, and 75, respectively, under "Finishing." Post Control should be set at 77 and Standing Dunk left at 71. Make sure all three shooting-related attributes—the three-point shot, free throw, and mid-range shot —are maxed up.

Raise Pass Accuracy up to 87 under "Playmaking," as well as maintain Ball Handle and Ball Speed at 61 apiece (only if they reach the max limit at a lower score). Adjust Interior Defense at 53 and Perimeter Defense as well as Steal to their maximum values under "Defense/Rebounding." Block is left unaffected, while Defensive Rebound is set to 87 with Offensive Rebound to 58.

Finally, maximize Acceleration and Speed under "Physicals" while maintaining Vertical, Stamina, and Strength at 75, 93, and 67 points, respectively. If you still get any attribute upgrades available, use them to raise your standing dunk, close shot, or pass accuracy.


You will receive about 71 Badge Upgrades for NBA 2K23 in this version, including 17 for playmaking, 17 for rebounding/defense, 15 for finishing, and 22 for shooting. In shooting and playmaking, you may select Hall of Fame badges such as Catch and Shoot, Agent 3, Quick First Step, and Dimer.


  • Post Playmaking

  • Limitless Range

NBA 2K23 Diming 3-Level Scorer

Paint Beast

  • 7'0" in height,

  • 250 lbs of weight

  • A wingspan of 7'6"

  • Body type “built”.

The supreme paint bully, who just intimidates his path to the bucket & puts the defender in awe. In NBA 2K23, this setup is practically unbeatable. Consider it a success if you pass the ball toward the man positioned on the low post.


Set Close Shot, Standing Dunk, and Driving Layup to 87, 82, and 82, respectively, under "Finishing." Post Control should be raised to 97, slightly below the maximum. Adjust the Mid-Range Shot up to 70, Free Throws to 50, and Three-Point Shot to a maximum of 31 under "Shooting." Configure Pass Accuracy at 65 & Ball Handle to a max of 57 under "Playmaking," and simply add some points to "Speed with Ball" to make it 27.

Set Interior Defense with Block to a maximum of 90 each under "Defense/Rebounding" while maintaining 65, 42, and 81 for Perimeter Defense, Steal, and Offensive Rebound, respectively. Keep on increasing defensive rebound till it almost reaches the maximum value of 95. Last but not least, set Vertical, Speed, Acceleration, and Strength to 73, 65, 51, and 85 under "Physicals." Stamina should be increased to slightly below the maximum at 95. Use any remaining characteristics to improve Standing Dunk, Interior Defense, and Close Shot


You will receive about 61 Badge Upgrades in NBA 2K23 with this setup, including 24 in finishing, 24 in defense/rebounding, 12 in playmaking, and 1 in the shooting. In finishing and defense, you can select Hall of Fame badges like Bully, Fearless Finisher, and Chase Down Artist.


  • Post Playmaking

  • Stuff Blocks

NBA 2K23 Paint Beast

Some tips to keep in mind

  • Regardless of position, Free Throw, as well as Stamina, are the least expensive stats whether unit-by-unit or overall to the max. Additionally, for each attribute to boost the player's OVR score by one point on its own, you would have to raise either Free Throw or Stamina to reach 96 (provided a build that allows it). The same is true for stamina; we are unable to think of a situation in which having a 96 free throw would be preferable to a 90 or even an 80.

  • Every time you wish to level up your ratings, invest a little amount of VC in Stamina and Free Throw. Or just take care of them both and use your maximum at the start of your career.

  • In NBA 2K23, the two most costly qualities, both at their maximum value and per unit, are mid-range and three-point shooting. This is probably due to the fact that they have a direct impact on a game and are independent of position or physical characteristics. A 7-foot-3 big with an 8″ wingspan will shoot three points as effectively as a 5-11 guard who has the same rating if you wish to give him a three-point shooting rating of 78. Jump shots are also made possible for players by mid-range and three-point attempts.

  • OVR does not just tally up individual attribute gains in a linear fashion. It functions by combining all qualities, which occasionally causes a player's OVR to accelerate quickly in the beginning and then decelerate after they reach a level of 90. By prioritizing the appropriate talents, players may have a more immediate influence at lower levels while the game still keeps inside the hard 99 OVR ceiling once they have maxed out all of their qualities.


In NBA 2K23 or basketball in general, the center is the first line of defense. The tallest individuals on the squad are often the center players. Because they must form a wall to halt the opposing attacks, they are frequently the heaviest and strongest.

We have covered the best builds NBA 2K23 has to offer keeping in mind the center position. Along with that details regarding their attributes, badges and takeovers have also been mentioned. This guide will definitely help players who are new or someone who is willing to play as a center in the 2K’s latest basketball video game NBA 2K23.

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