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NBA 2K23 Best Jumpshots Guide

Players may design their custom jump shot throughout the NBA 2K23 game, much like in earlier iterations. Most gamers do not give the creator feature sufficient consideration. However, this is the beginning of improving your jump shots in NBA 2K23. Players can modify their hop shot with the Jumpshot Creator according to their physical characteristics. In NBA 2K23, improving a jump shot seems to be undoubtedly the most crucial thing players can do when developing in their MyPlayer mode. The difficulty of choosing the ideal jump shot is increased by the fact that there are so many jump shot possibilities available. To mitigate this issue, we have prepared this NBA 2K23 Best Jumpshots Guide article. This article will let you know which jump shot is best suited for players of variable heights.

What are the Jump Shots?

Jumpshots are made when a player leaps into the air and shoots while still in the air. In addition to allowing the player to toss the ball with a lower trajectory, it also gives them an advantage over opposing blocks by giving their shot more height. Because of this, the jump shot is an important part of NBA 2K23.

Users must execute the jump shot exactly if they want to make a 3-pointer shot, in particular. Jumpshot's overall procedure includes a number of variables. The speed or looping of such a shot is determined by the angle of the hands as well as the timing of the ball release. Point guards often have quicker jump shots because they must move out of blocks faster than other taller players. It's crucial to always have your jump shot ready, regardless of where you play on the field. In NBA 2K23, you never know when you might need to ratchet up the pace and score more baskets.

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How does It work?

The dated generic numbered jumpers have been eliminated by 2K Games. Instead, we can choose among dozens of jump shots made by actual players. What are your top choices? That is based on the height of the MyPlayer. There are three separate sorts of jump shot options for players who are less than 6 ft 5 in tall, players who are between 6 ft 5 in and 6 ft 10 in tall, and players who are 6 ft 10 in or more. Because the choices are only available to individuals of a certain height, you can't connect a Steph Curry release to your 7-ft 3-in centre. The actual statistics and mechanics of jump shots in NBA 2K23 are another crucial point to be aware of. Your jumper's performance in the game is primarily determined by four factors:

  • Timing impact - how much your timing of the release affects accuracy

  • Defensive immunity - how much the player’s shot accuracy is affected by defence

  • Release speed - About how fast the player can release a shot.

  • Release height - This is actually about the height at which a player can release the ball while taking a shot.

Some of these attributes may be more important to you than others, depending on your playstyle, but because you can very much maximise them all in a single configuration, no sacrifices are necessary.

NBA 2K23 Jumpshots

Which NBA 2K23 jump shots are the best?

For Guards

Guards below 6 ft 5 in are privileged this season in terms of jump shots, given that they have access to the quickest and smoothest. The top jump shot base which makes the most of the 4 shooting areas is shown below:

Guard Player with the best 3-point Ratings is:

  • Stephan Curry is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Oscar Robertson (Animation Blending) and Trae Young

  • It seems to have fantastic ratings throughout the line, making it an incredible release for just about any guard with such a higher rating. Stephan Curry's base will become even higher if you receive a very good rating.

Guard Player with the average 3-point Ratings is:

  • Markelle Fultz is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Oscar Robertson and Trae Young

  • With only a low timing impact rating as a drawback, this jump shot is amazing for such a low necessary grade. However, at this level, there is nothing greater to be had.

Guard Player with the Low 3-point Ratings is:

  • Saben Lee is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Oscar Robertson and Trae Young

  • With this rating, you're definitely stretching it, but this jump shot is outstanding. With the exception of Timing Impact, it receives an A or higher, and it is also fluid.

For Swing Players

Any player between 6 ft 5 in and 6 ft 9 in is considered a swing player in NBA 2K23, and they each have a unique arsenal of jump shots to use. Here are the most efficient and quick ones we've discovered so far:

The swing Player with the best 3-point Ratings is:

  • Kevin Durant is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Oscar Robertson (Animation Blending) and Klay Thompson

  • Exceptionally fluid, outstanding jump shot and excellent overall statistics. The jump shot is so lethal that only shooters with the highest ratings would be allowed to use it, thus this is a positive idea.

The swing Player with an average 3-point Ratings is:

  • Caris Levert is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Oscar Robertson (Animation Blending) and Klay Thompson

  • There aren't many excellent options for shooters with a middle rating, but anything that is A+ in every category besides Timing Impact is fantastic.

Swing Player with the Low 3-point Ratings is:

  • Devontae Cacok is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Oscar Robertson (Animation Blending) and Klay Thompson

  • You presumably have a defensively-focused player or are grinding at this point, so there aren't many excellent options available to you. However, this is the greatest at this location, and it's really rather excellent.

NBA 2K23 Guide

For Big Men

This year's jumpers however are difficult to choose from the Big Men players because they are mostly bizarre ones with a few decent ones thrown in. The following are the top jumpers we've discovered for big players in NBA 2K23:

Big Men Player with the best 3-point Ratings is:

  • Chris Bosh is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Dirk Nowitzki (13%) and Tim Duncan (87%)

  • Simply an incredible jump shot for big men. Fast, snappy, superb pace and releasing height impact.

Big Men Player with the average 3-point Rating is:

  • Oshae Brissett is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Dirk Nowitzki (13%) and Tim Duncan (87%)

  • Although Timing Impact is just worth three points, it isn't possible to improve upon it while maintaining a quick release speed.

Big Men Player with the Low 3-point Ratings is:

  • Montrezl Harrell is the Base

  • For Upper Releases, you can go with Dirk Nowitzki (13%) and Tim Duncan (87%)

  • Even though the Timing Impact is terrible, beggars cannot be choosers. Regardless of your rating, an extremely good jump shot.

Ideal Jumpshot Conditions

In NBA 2K23, there are a number of new jump shot-related settings, most of which are geared toward providing you with a specialised shooting experience. Our top suggestions for these parameters are listed below:

Turn Off the shot metre: The shot metre hasn't been utilised by us in a while, and neither should you. You can learn no-meter shooting in the Practice Facility with just a few hundred shots, however, the online version is delayed.

Shot Timing: Layups and shots. You will at least need to use shot timing if you play online. We choose layup timing because it's actually quite simple and provides insane bonuses.


This will be all in this article. We have so far discussed the best players of each type and various height classes. In this guide article, we have also mentioned about the Jump shots settings. We hope this article has helped you to understand the game better. We will be sure to update this article with the latest information in future. Stay tuned with us till then.

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